Friday, April 1, 2022


What a difference 9 years makes. Can you tell I am out of practice taking a selfie?
TAKEN: March 31, 2013 & April 1st, 2022

It’s hard to fathom that I started this wee electronic journal over ten years ago.

That day was Sunday November 20, 2011, and a grand total of thirty five people read my very first sentences stating: ‘Okay, so it’s apparent that I’ve set this thing up without a plan. Once again, the cart is before the horse. 

Whatever, I’ll pat myself on the back, call it forward thinking and move on.’

With views over a million cumulatively over all platforms, the back story is that prior to deciding to write, I had been following two other writers of blogs. One was a gal I'd gone to high school with, the second a chicka whom truly inspired me, known as Cold Lake Cathy 

It was her encouragement that gave me the confidence to take my first April A-Z Blogging Challenge which began April 1st, 2013. Exactly nine years ago today.

From 2013-2020 I did my best to participate and post. But when April 2021 rolled around, my personal life as well as the entire world was in limbo and I just couldn’t motivate myself to participate. 

Then, after leaving my job last fall to stay home and care for my husband, I went back through all my offerings and did a “from the archives” hybrid version. 

I chose posts that resonated with me when I first wrote them and reposted each by backdating them into April 2021 using the exact day (stating the year) they originally appeared. 

That lengthy exercise last fall, the reading of all offerings and choosing twenty six posts, made me realize that I didn’t want to stop writing. It actually helped me understand how cathartic the process can be and how emotionally attached I am to this silly little journal.

By the way, the photo above on the left is what I looked like the night before my very first A-Z post on April 1, 2013. The photo on the right, what I look like today.

These days, my coloured gray hair is thinner and much shorter. The dreaded waistline is regretfully wider, and the lifelines on my skin more apparent. Peeps, middle age is unquestionably my vibe. 

The only thing similar is my overall optimism and a couple of important factoids that remain instilled since the start of my journey (as avid readers will relate):

A) The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

B) When arguing with a stupid person, make sure they aren't doing the same thing.

C) Never push a loyal person to the point when they no longer care.

D) Always tell the truth, it gives you far less to remember.

E) Smile, it improves your face value.

F) Lastly, a great neighbour is definitely a found treasure. (For those reading, feel free to stop by the house next week and pick up dog poop. Free dog* to the first three that arrive!)

Chuckles aside, wish me luck peeps. Nine year later... I am at it AGAIN!

*Important caveat: The three dogs available upon 'great neighbour poop pick up day' are not mine - and most definitely shall be named later.

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