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Ya Gotta Laugh About It
By the way, this shot took four cupcakes!!
TAKEN: April 2, 2022

Today is the amazing Miya Maria’s first birthday and I can’t begin to express how much joy this little rascal has brought to us and everyone she meets around her.

I knew I would be away to celebrate with her in person, so I planned a little party and photoshoot before we left. Excited at the thought, I told my husband what I wanted to do. As expected, he rolled his eyes, told me I was crazy, then drove me all about town to shop for props.

My first stop, Dollarama. I immediately made a beeline for the party section. As I perused the plethora of beautiful birthday hats that man with the ever-rolling eyes whom refused to stay in the car piped up with, "you know, she’s not going to keep that stupid thing on her head.” Knowing he was right, I made a second purchase of the headband you see here.

Next stop, Dollar Tree. For better candles and the hope for a nicer hat. No hat but I scored the candles for a buck then headed to Wal-Mart in search of the perfect cupcake. Only packages of twelve mini ones there, and my driver and I agreed we did not need to eat the leftovers. Grabbed what else was needed and back to the car we went.

Open the hatch and there you have it. Miya had shredded the hat, ripped apart three of the four headbands (which now simply read APPY RTHDAY) and the candles were missing. All I could do was carry on my quest. All my husband could do was laugh!

Not to take my eye off the ball, into the grocery store I went and headed for the bakery. What the hell, they wanted $1.99 for one stinkin’ cupcake?

Again the man with the ever-rolling eyes who officially named it Let’s Laugh At Rhondi Day chimed in yet again, “there is no way she is going to do this thing in one cupcake.” 

Dang, he was right again. So this time I rolled my eyes and bought a pack of four.

There really is no handbook for what stupidity looks like. But on that day, this quest officially deserved to post my picture next to the word in the dictionary. 

Over six attempts, with three dogs, four cupcakes and one headband left I did it. Not proud of the journey but happy with the result.

Please join me in wishing the beautiful Miya a Happy Her-Day. We celebrate her today as she was the perfect gift I gave myself last year at this time.

You see, on this day last year, she was MIYA BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

...Thanks again for reading.

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