Sunday, March 29, 2015


You know the saying... "Weddings & Funerals"
It was a little more than a year ago that I stood at the base of this stairway and snapped this picture. When I posted it to my Facebook, my caption simply read, “It’s a beautiful day for a February wedding!”

Well, last Friday had me standing at the base of the stairway again. Except this time, I was faced with attending a Celebration of Life for the Mother of the Groom from that very memorable day.

Though the Priest tried to explain who she was & how loyal she was to her faith, I left the church feeling he'd not done her legacy the justice she had ultimately earned.

For instance, though he mentioned that she sang in the choir and was a member of the Woman’s League, he failed to mention was that when she was healthy, she walked up the hill from her home and never once missed Mass. She also attended every funeral, to pray for those that had passed and to pray for the grieving families in their time of need. What he didn't say, was this stairway was a very large part of who she was her entire life. 

Friday, the fourteen of my first cousins that flocked in attendance (three that had flown in) wept. You see, what he failed to mention was that she had affected all of us in a very positive and supportive manner during our formative years and beyond. Though I'm sure we all have different memories, I found her home, and my memories surrounding it, to be some of the most cherished for me. Why? Whenever I was there...She always made me feel that I was loved. 

I have to believe that with a heart as big as hers, St. Peter wasn't waiting for her to let her in; I'm positive that once she passed, he instantly arrived at her bedside and immediately gave her a personal escort to a place she'd envisioned her entire life. I have to believe, that my photo simply illustrates the memorable journey they took together, via her personal stairway to Heaven. 

Rest In Peace Auntie Phyllis. We all love you and will miss you very much.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Sitting in a local coffee shop at lunch today, enjoying a bowl of homemade soup, I realized that I was parked in the exact chair I was three months ago, whilst enjoying a pipping hot cup of coffee. The only difference was that today I was alone and not across from the certain someone that had kept me company on that cold winter day. As a result, I immediately felt the need to email them and tell them that I missed seeing their face. Before I could respond, my phone rang. I was elated to discover it was my very good buddy Glenner. He was calling from Grand Caymen Island. 

I suppose because we worked so closely for so long we immediately felt the need to make sure the other was on solid footing and moving forward in a positive and productive manner. Though pleased to report that both those things instantly got great big red check marks; a couple of red ticks didn't change the fact that I truly miss him. 

Between the two of us...We really do have the silliness figured out!
I've missed the intelligent Business conversations we use to have at his desk and I've missed the laughs we used to share (which were usually produced at my own expense). His contagious laughter fueled my need for humour, which always got us through the crap.

Yup, without a word of a lie, day in and day out, I was the gal responsible for cleaning up the multitude of unending shit at the circus. Yes-sir-ree, my wheelbarrow was endlessly filled by the white elephant I followed after every single day: the inheriting son!

Sharing aside, there truly is something cathartic about hearing a certain persons voice that immediately puts you at ease. Truth?

It felt like he was sitting across the table from me, rather than sitting at a Boardroom table, on a land line, in the sunny Caribbean.

He's a very good man... and I am a very fortunate that he is my friend.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


After a good jump on spring cleaning this morning, I decided to take the pups and trek into the cottage this afternoon. We’ve had such a long and shitty winter that I’d gotten in the habit of heading over to the golf course with them, rather than packing them into the car for their favourite jaunt. Truth of the matter is, I've only walked in to check on my favourite place once since ringing in the New Year there almost three months ago.

A couple of things have me hopeful that it’s going to be an early cottage season. Firstly, because they weren't needed, I left my snowshoes in the trunk of the car. Secondly, after walking in, when I got to the top of the stairs, I immediately noticed was the red steel roof was shining bright; cleared of its winter blanket. That vision right there is something I look forward to each and every spring. Simply makes me all warm 'n fuzzy inside.

I spy with my little eye... A GREAT 2015 Cottage season!
TAKEN: March 22nd, 2015

Standing on the deck outside the upstairs bedroom I couldn't help but admire how much has melted, as a result, my imagination ran away with me. I could envision the pups jumping in off the dock. I could hear the May showers hitting the steel roof and I could see me curled up in bed with my newest book. I could smell bacon cooking in the cast iron fry pan (on the BBQ) on the deck below and could feel my thumbs texting my kids, reminding them exactly what they were missing.

I don’t know what it is about the place but as silly as it sounds it's a part of who I've evolved into. I know they say that you should never get attached to Real Estate, so I suppose my only response to that would be… 

WHEN the hell have I ever made some else's opinion my own?! ? 


Thursday, March 19, 2015


I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t think I have experienced a smear of what the majority of  the successful people I went through High School with have. I’m not complaining. I chose to return home to care for my Mother, as well as get married and start a family at a young age. Nope, no apologies here; much more importantly no regrets.

Working at the Mike's Mart downtown the winter before I left for school.
TAKEN: March 1984
Out of a sad set of circumstances, I came face to face with one of my closest high school friends today. We had only seen each other once (at a wedding) since graduating. Suffice is to say, seeing each other after all this time was a tad surreal. 

Once he noticed me, he instantly made his way through a crowd of people to wrap his arms around me, greeting me with a very heart felt hug. Though glad he'd remembered me, I immediately felt myself in uncharted waters. You see, I simply couldn't identify with the person that was standing in front of me.

It might be because I don’t think I have really changed. Sure, I’ve evolved but I think the core of my personality is still the same. I guess I am just disappointed that I can’t say the same for the person whose locker was a “do you need a ride home” holler away.

Makes no matter. We're never going to see each other again. Which is clearly my loss, based on how he focused on chatting about his financial success. Though I'm happy for him, I really did want to stop him and point out that it doesn't take much money to have it better than a gal that loves living in a Town where everything is a five minute drive and a fifteen minute walk away. Didn't bother, I just told told 'em to 'take care' and went on my merry way.

Guess today proved to me... once and for all... that I have missed yet another boat. 

At my age, here's hoping the next one that happens along is wheelchair accessible!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It was another sunny day in Muskoka today but yesterday was the brightest day that I’d experienced in a very long time. I was in the middle of a conference call when a knock came to the door. When the receptionist opened it to let me know that there was someone to see me, I was elated to see my buddy Brock. He knew by my reaction and how tightly I hugged him, that I'd suffered a really long winter of not hearing what he had to say to me face to face. 

Folks... Meet my buddy Brock Napier!
Photo (c) Muskoka News Watch ~ All Rights Reserved
I don’t expect 99.999% of you to know who the heck I am talking about (let alone recognize him) but rest assured when I boast that he has steadfastly been philanthropic within our small community and within the District of Muskoka. 

He’s donated millions of dollars and personally raised millions more in an effort to keep our current infrastructure solid and self-sustaining. It’s not only the hospitals and local charities that have received support; he and his wife donated the land, as well as spearheaded the fundraising to build our state of the art OSPCA. They truly are... amazing people.

Friends with the both of them since 2010, it was my love for my dogs that had us stay in touch after they’d renovated their cottage. Brock would bring his four pups by to see me at work when he was in town, which would ultimately always lead to a parking lot chat about the state of our economy.

Yesterday, once we finished saying hello, I immediately invited him in. I pulled him up a chair so he could openly share in our Team call. When we headed outside so I could say hello to Wendel and the girls, he took it upon himself to say he was impressed at what's been built in a very short period of time. “You certainly have a lot going on,” he commented. “I am happy for you...” he said. I humbly thanked him.

I feel truly blessed that he is my friend. His respect means a lot to me.

I do know one thing for sure,  I’ll never too busy for Brock. My only complaint may be that though he has a brilliant Business mind, he has a great big fat hairy thorn in his butt for the evolution of technology. I kid you not, he doesn't own a computer, which challenges my most comfortable method of communication. Wondering how I'll share this post with him? I'll print it off and I will FAX him.

Seriously... Who sends a fax anymore? I do.... Exclusively, to my buddy Brock!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


GOOB and his Momma!
The picture I am sharing today was taken Thanksgiving Sunday in 2011. Goob was home from school for the weekend and I realized (after the fact) that his being away was affecting me more than I was willing to admit. 

Though his twin sister was home every weekend, as an 'official empty nester' I could feel myself unraveling. I can only describe what I was going through as a full blown identity crisis.

So, in an effort to combat the darkness of the process that surrounded me, I started this silly little blog. That was 475 posts ago, with this offering being number 476. That said, the heart of my angst is that I haven’t written in 18 days, which is the longest stretch I have ever gone. I don't think I'm blocked but I do believe I am stuck.

You see, in the last few months, I’ve been taken advantage of, been lied to, and just plain used for an others personal gain. Lately, no matter how many times I look at my keyboard, I just can't find a stitch of humour in any of it. Frankly, it’s all just plain sad. Heartbreaking actually.

As a result, I have to ask myself; what do I do with this silly little outlet I used to use to ensure that my glass half empty didn’t win? Truth is, I’m not sure. I guess the even bigger question is…. Could this be the end of the blogging road for me?

I hope not, as it’s a hobby I enjoy. Though I do feel lately that I am lost in the forest, I realize that I'll have to dig really deep in hopes of finding my way. Here's hoping while wandering about I find and whimsically discover a great group of pine trees, that can show me my way; whilst joining me in solid kick ass rendition of 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon'.

After all, they have to be just as pissed at that old Oak tree, as I am at the gaggle of varying peeps that hoodwinked me, right?