Thursday, September 21, 2023


I honestly make an effort to watch the sunrise at least once a cottage season.
(This photo represents my 23rd year.)

Personally, I feel the one thing about owning a cottage, is that you yearn to be there whenever you’re not, with an underlying goal to never leave once you've arrived. 

One of the many silver linings for me, is that it's the bubble in my life where my peeps around the lake  simply know and love me as 'that cottage gal from town'

Over the years, they have come to the realization that I don't have much desire to use makeup, nor that I need to make any type of fashion statement. I don't think they even know how much effort goes into my hair in the real world;  which IS absolutely super spectacular!!

The negation of all of those time absorbing little things on a daily basis only scratch the surface of the perks of cottage living. I am much more in tune with the amazing energy that being next to the water creates, because that is how I spent my formative years. My husband enjoys it, yet I feel he would agree to sell this space I love, in a heartbeat. 

His internal loathing for the cottage is that my "Honey-Do Chores Together Lists" drives him bonkers - and every weekend, there are tasks that must be done. I swear the only thing that keeps him focused is that he knows there is a cold beer in the fridge waiting for him when we're done. So, even with retirement on the horizon, we continue to persevere.

As the days get shorter and colder, I have the time to reflect on how my cottage life this summer and my personal work life balance have evolved yet again. 

Me working from there full time and having (two out of three) dogs in need of a level of constant engagement, was more exhausting than I ever expected. I swear my right arm bicep grew this summer by throwing items to be fetched into the lake from the top deck... With double muscle growth happening on those peak days I had to endure the rain; ensuring my mature Annie didn't get lost in our puppy kerfuffle.

Either way, with my cottage office space in full gear, I believe I will be able to stay right up until it is time to winterize it. We have done weekends in the past but never lived there together through the week after Labour Day. 

And you know what? I am excited to try. We've never ventured into this territory in our twenty three seasons.... 

Should be interesting!

Thursday, August 31, 2023


Earlier this week, I brought the dogs into town as I had both in-office and site meetings, and moving them for the night made the most sense. On in-office meeting day, the gang of girls were as good as gold. Site meeting day, all freaking hell broke loose.

After I got the steam to stop rolling out of my ears, I cleaned the upper level disaster zone, then posted on social media:

Anyone want a dog or three?

Had an early site meeting on Lake Muskoka, only to return home to discover the dogs 'ate my homework!'

...AND my brand new sandals, two pairs of flip flops, three pens, and a jumbo role of toilet paper making it look like it snowed in here!!

#notimpressed #bad #katielulu #anniebananie #miyamaria #thissucks

Left: The Oreo Gang on National Dog Day
Right: Some home office evidence of evil!
Taken: August 25th & 29th, 2023
When I was going through the comments and reactions, I noticed our breeder responded saying  that her gang had been evil devil babies as well, noting, 'there must be something in the air.'

It was in that moment I had a genuine lightbulb moment. It dawned on me that the blue moon was upon us. Could that have been what made them all go batshit crazy?

So, I Googled, can a dog sense a full moon? This is what came back (via Your dog may seem to be much more alert, they may bark and howl more, they may growl, begin to chew things they normally would not, and may pace a lot if they are feeling restless and antsy. In all my years of having pups, I had no idea.

What I will say, is that when Katie came home in January, I was already working from home four days a week. I had a plan for her ongoing teething and had puppy proofed our home. As she grew there were challenges but nothing like what I came home to a couple of days ago. The difference this week was I knew all three participated; which has never happened before.

I will say, they do have a good gig living at the cottage but it's not like they are living in a van down by the river in town. They've got it really good. I will admit, now that I've calmed down, I think they are all beginning to suffer from a bit of separation anxiety as our routine is really quite regimented.

I start work an hour early every day so that I can exercise them three time a day, which they have come to know as recess. With three dog beds at my feet at my top of the stairs make shift cottage office, they tend to sleep while I work and talk on the phone knowing recess will eventually arrive. 

At the end of the day, I guess I'm just really pissed they ate my shoes. Even then, I suppose it's my fault. 

For whatever reason, I seem to keep buying their favourite flavours! 


Saturday, August 19, 2023


Can you believe this isn't even our trash at the end of our driveway?

As we headed home the Monday of the August long weekend, I witnessed something I hadn’t in out more than two decades of cottage ownership. It was the local garbage truck backing down our private road, offering the first shred of proof that my big tax contributions really DO pay for something.

When we initially bought on Orillia Lake, that first summer, our American neighbours invited us over for lunch. We thought it generally hospitable, then early in the onset of us sitting down we discovered they had a specific ask: Please, 'always keep your garbage picked up’ was their reason for our invitation.

Now we knew we were buying the place from a couple of hippies, that was a given based on the interior d├ęcor and paraphernalia, not to mention the Mexican sweat tent located near the water. It was a cash deal with a three week close, so we were relieved knowing they had to take all of their crap with then as part of the agreement of purchase and sale.

Well, we bought the end of November with a December 20th close. It wasn't until spring when we really got a good look at the lay of the land that we discovered there had been a garbage dump at the upper level where we would park our car.

Flashing again to our lunch date, the nice folks from Connecticut informed us that they had previously had terrible trouble with bears, skunks, foxes and other wildlife - as the upper garbage buffet was serving yummy meals, year round, 24-7. 

I remember we spent our first twelve weekends just tending with the mess and all these years later, shards of glass show up out of no where after a downpour, as a reminder of the shits show we willfully purchased.

Out of respect for the ask and our own common sense, we have never left trash out for the taking. The truth is that we have access to a commercial garage bin and are not charged tipping fees; which has made our habit an easy one to adapt to.

What I will say, is that as the driver backed by, he rolled down his window to comment that as first on the road, he recalls that we have always have out trash out. My husband let him know that we NEVER leave our trash at the end of the drive. It is always taken into town.

What we do, is we pay it forward. We've let our cottage road community know, that if they have extra trash, to leave it at the end of our drive. No need for them to pay tipping fees, when the only service we get for our tax dollars goes unused. 

I guess my point is if these were the only two bags of garbage left at the end of my drive in a year - they would have the value of a trip for two (all inclusive) to beautiful Jamaica.

FIRST CLASS.... and with a private car escorting them to the resort!!

Monday, July 24, 2023


Technically a 2nd cousin we consider her a neice.
We truly consider her father my husbands' brother.
TAKEN: JULY 23rd, 2023

In my life thus far, I have had the privilege to come in contact and get to know an above average number of people; and none compare to this sweet girl my husband proudly calls his 'very favourite cuz!'  (Slang for cousin.)

Due to multiple neurological surgeries as a toddler, she's technically classified as developmentally disabled - but I swear, if everyone on earth had her optimistic outlook toward others, the world would definitely be a much better place.

Anyway, home to do chores Sunday, in late afternoon I was sitting at the kitchen table and I could hear someone calling my name from afar. As I looked over my shoulder out to the street I glimpsed a grin from ear to ear. There she was, her arms waving with excitement that she would get to stop by for a visit.

When we arrived outside she noticed my Petro Canada glass I had in hand. She commented that it was pretty and I told her the stories about my collecting them. She curiously asked me, "did I ever meet your dad?" She continued, "do you think he remembered meeting me?" So into the house I went to get the photo albums.

Pictures of our families camping at my dad cottage. Photos of her mom (which we lost to cancer in 2004) with her dad and siblings, all of us having a blast with my dad. She loved looking at all the photos and said she enjoyed my husband and I reminiscing.

Then came the big moment. I asked her to have a drink of Sprite with my dad. 'It's tradition', I said. She was elated. 

As she stood behind her bike and held up her glass, he tone became particularly firm and serious.

Make sure you hold the camera up on an angle from above.... she said. 'I don't want people to see my double chin.'

A beautiful heart and soul that also knows how to take a proper selfie. Not gonna lie, I was shocked that in the moment she directed me so specifically - but just look at that smile. The photo is absolutely gorgeous.

Just like her!!

Sunday, July 9, 2023


When I moved to the cottage last week, I brought along items that could keep me occupied without an internet connection. Books I haven’t read, puzzles I haven’t done, recipes I haven’t made, and the Super Nintendo Classic that Jukebox lent me years ago.

Now, I should share that I am in no way a video ‘gamer’. 

The controller may be smaller but the level of frustration is not!
TAKEN: JULY 8th, 2023

Even though the mini knockoff (of the original full-size console we owned in the early 2000’s) is preloaded with twenty-one games, I have only ever played one - Super Mario World. Believe it or not, playing it holds some great memories for me.

You see, when Jukebox (who IS a gamer) first started playing as a tween, this is the one game we always played together. So, with my chores done and my husband on the couch with a bum ankle, I decided to take a step back in time. Using a smart TV that doubles as my second computer screen, I fired up this bad boy.

When the music came on I was immediately taken back to sitting on the floor in front of our old 20” coloured TV on Toronto Street. He and I in our jammies, on Saturday morn, where and when we always had fun.

Back then, when I struggled with the lower levels my son would sense my frustration and step in and help me move forward by completing the level, as he was worked toward beating the entire game; which he did multiple times before the system was sent to pasture.

Like I always say, you can’t stop change only manage it. More than twenty years later, when I struggled to remember how to access the secret worlds (back then I had my son) I discovered a had a new copilot to help me through: Google.

That said, playing this little gizmo sends the same message decades later confirming my efforts are consistent and equal from playing on Saturday mornings all those years ago... 

I STILL and always will suck at playing video games!

Important Notable: 

Though every five deaths Mario tells me my game is over, I am not going to give up. 

It might take me all summer to get through the first level but my glass half full will be very pleased it didn't take me until Thanksgiving. #yagottalaughaboutit

Tuesday, July 4, 2023


Poor Miya Maria. She drew the short Canada Day photo op straw.
(Don't feel too bad, she had a chunk of roast chicken as her reward!)
TAKEN: JULY 1st, 2023

When the Canada Day long weekend was approaching, it is safe to say my Weather Network app was getting ten times more screen action than everything else installed on my phone.

I will compare it to a flip of the coin scenario. Rain we stay in town. Sun we stay at the cottage. Well, sunshine prevailed for the entire weekend marking the fact that I officially got moved in.

It has been several years since I have lived here for 100% of the season. I am glad to be back and am very grateful that this is the first time in my entire career, that I only commute to the brick-and-mortar office with the fancy sign out front just once a week.

When I changed jobs a year and a half ago, I negotiated that I would work from home two days a week. Two led to three, then three led to four. I am hoping by the end of the year, everything will be done via ZOOM.

Though I manage my time well and my boss is pleased with my productivity, my workdays definitely last longer when working from my home or cottage offices. Why? This doggie daycare/obedience school thing-a-ma-hoochie I am running has a very strict schedule that must be adhered to.

So, I start an hour earlier everyday to ensure our 9:30am and 2pm breaks get rid of any excess energy, and they will sleep at my feet for the duration. With two puppies and a high energy senior on point, I need to keep them on track, or all hell breaks loose.

I am serious when I share that I will be working away and balls and toys start getting banged into my legs or dropped at my feet and I must firmly say, “Stop... It isn’t nine thirty yet!”

And believe it or not, they stop and settle until my phone pings that it’s time for recess. I’m not complaining just reflecting. Never a dull moment, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well, maybe the shitty internet connection because of all the rock that surrounds me, but that’s a post for another day.

Friday, June 23, 2023


As I mentioned in my A-Z Challenge posts, my husband and I had a milestone anniversary to celebrate the first week of June, so I booked us into a boutique hotel close to the airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

In years past we had spent a week in Negril, and a couple of years later a week in Runaway Bay, both over an hour from the airport. The last thing we wanted to do on a romantic four-night getaway, was to spend time riding an overcrowded resort bus. 

So, we both agreed Montego Bay was an experience we hadn’t had, and with our excellent flight times and the super cheap price tag, it was a travel no brainer.

Anyway, because we were staying at a 140 room hotel that offered very few resort-like activities, it would be on us to amuse ourselves. Because we both love to snorkel that was an early morning given. I love kayaking so I was pumped, however, my husband had never had any desire to try... So he was left to sit on the beach.

 For 90% of our visit the sky was overcast, and it was perfect.
(As we ran 40+C with the humidity without direct sunshine.)
TAKEN: JUNE 9th, 2023

Day one, out I went. It is hard to describe how amazing it was with the planes flying over me while I paddled. When I returned in, I asked if he wanted to try and he worried he would lose his new glasses. (Lamest excuse ever but I respected his decision.)

Day two, out I went again. When I returned, he commented on how fast I was paddling and how far I was going (code for me to tell him more so he would have the confidence to try). I explained that they weren’t tipsy at all. If he kept his core in the centre of the floating plastic entertainment center, he wouldn’t fall out.

Day three, he decided to try. By now, I knew when most of the planes were overhead to offer him the best experience. I brought my phone in my waterproof camera case that morn, as I knew this was a pretty big milestone for him. Before we knew it, over an hour had passed.

I don't know about you, but I love trying new things (except when it comes to food). I won't put myself in harms way but I definitely like living in the travel moment. So as silly as this may read, I am proud of my husband for going out of his comfort zone.

Kayaking may not be a big deal to most... But I love that we both had a blast touring around in the clear waters of Montego Bay!

Monday, June 5, 2023


When we brought our wee Katie home at the end of January this year, we knew that we would have to budget for the added expense of having three pups. Little did we know that our second biggest expense would be due to unusable toilet paper!

My point being, look at those eyes. She definitely has a mind of her own.

Working away at my home office desk, I turned around to catch her in action.
TAKEN: May 31st, 2023

When I first met our two options from the litter of Miss Minnie’s nine littluns, I asked our breeder which she would recommend we select. Her choice was the other yellow female.  When I asked why, her response was one word; “her personality.”

“It depends what kind of dog you’re looking for,” she continued. “She will definitely be high energy". At the time, with Miya being so young, 'high energy' wasn't a deal breaker. 

The truth is I chose her because when we'd visit, she would immediately come to my husband and sit on his feet. Cute at the time, but now I am pretty sure she was terrorizing others in the pack and needed a safe spot for protection based on her mischievous tactics. 

The night we paid for her and we brought her home, we were told she would challenge the weaker male dogs in the pack. As we head toward her seventh month birthday next week, I have come to realize that those early behaviours have evolved, translating her into a bit of a bully.

With me in charge and Annie as our four-legged pack leader, Miya is a very competent co-captain. Yet our Katie insists on continually trying to run the show. Both the other ladies allow it to simmer on low until she crosses that evolutionarily line... Which is when all hell breaks loose.

Because I work from home four out of five days a week, I see and hear it all. Sometimes it is comical, other times painful to watch as both the big dogs run her until she barrel rolls to take her down a peg and back into her place in the pack.

Don't get me wrong, she is a beautiful and very intelligent dog. Though her dad was an award-winning retriever and her momma a beautifully bred gem, I am beginning to think she may have a couple of screws loose. Either that, or she is crazy like a fox!

A fox that loves to shred two ply toilet paper... that I am pretty sure she hopes I didn't buy on sale!!

Sunday, May 28, 2023


We landed at the cottage Friday night to a couple of pleasant surprises. First one was that we weren’t carried down the hill by blackflies and mosquitos. Second was, when I opened the kitchen door, my view was filled with a wonderful sea of blue.

Not sure what type of bloom they were, I snapped a pic and reached out via social media in search of some help. The consensus came back that they were a flower called Forget Me Nots

Per Google, I discovered that they are a short term perennial which are a symbol of true love and respect. A wonderful cottage tribute with perfect timing as I approach the first anniversary of the death of my beloved Puddin’.

This pre-covid polaroid pic of her (taken by a friend of the kids) remains on the cottage fridge.
I will never forget her.
TAKEN: MAY 27th, 2023  

I don’t think my heart has been this hollow for the loss of a furbaby since my yellow lab Toby left us in March of 2007 at the ripe old age of fifteen. He was so special that we were over two years before we entertained another pup.

Back then, I didn’t want another yellow lab as I truly felt the space he took in my heart could never be replaced. It was only after our beagle rescue Daisy was hit by a car that we agreed it may be time for another yellow.

From the day in 2012 when she landed home, we knew that Puddin’ was special. Even as a wee bit of pup, her outgoing personality shone through from the beginning. She was forever by my side and really chill until her one true flaw kicked in. Which was when out of the blue, she would haphazardly run up the drive to confront people on our street.

She was never malicious or vicious, her outburst of random barking and jumping up and down in the same spot was just super annoying and it always ended up being a tad embarrassing having to endlessly apologize to the passerby.

I have always professed it was an ingrained effort to protect her home and her pack. My husband always chose to believe it was a simple set of loose screws!

Anyway, when we purchased Miya’s sister Katie in December, our third yellow, it was never to replace my girl.  It was a specific set of circumstances that fast tracked having another in our pack. 

As she settles into her first summer on Orillia Lake, I think the flowers Friday were just Puddin’ stopping by to say hello. Just as we bloomed with daisies the summer after Daisy's death, the yard is filled with a sea of blue for my sweet girl.

She can rest easy knowing I could never forget her, she was a very bright light in my life.

So much so, that when my time comes, both her and Toby's ashes will be buried with mine.

Sunday, May 7, 2023


As life would have it, my hair began to grey prematurely in the late 1990’s. As a result, I would book an appointment and off to the popular high priced salon I’d go.

Then, when I went into business for myself in 2004, I began doing my own root touch ups to spare the expense. The trouble with that, is that for the last decade it has become an ‘every third Sunday afternoon’ ritual.

I will openly admit that during the pandemic, I came very close (multiple times) to growing the chemicals out of my hair, then would ultimately fold like a lawn chair and get the touch up brush out.

As a matter of fact, if I am being brutally honest, though my mindset for going grey was always there, it just wasn’t as strong as my inner voice of vanity and personal pride not to.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I went to get my haircut. Granted, it had been a while, but my stylist was generally worried about the state of my already dead hair that was forever entertaining the grim reaper; so I launched the 'next steps' dialogue.

Well, at the end of my workday Friday, a two-hour ritual to begin my transition was set in motion.

This is what a heartbroken smile looks like.
Stood next to the dark wood siding to cut the glare.
(Yep, my eyes are closed.. because even I couldn't stand to look!)
TAKEN: MAY 5TH,  2023

Though I am certain I was specific that I wanted to take a year to transition, and our starting point would be a warm caramel shade, the one mixing the bleach personally decided full on blonde (with white clumps - you can see the frizz on the right) was the way to go.

Suffice it to say, when she finished, I cried. And cried. And cried. And cried. My husband, the wonderful man he is, quickly and quietly hid!

With tears streaming down my face, I went home to my personal salon, plugged in my gadgets, and took a half a can of coloured root touch up spray to the white hair that framed my face. Then, freshened up my make-up and forced myself to go outside and take the selfie I am sharing here.

As you can see, my eyes are closed. It wasn't intentional, yet I am posting it because I suspect subconsciously I couldn’t stand to look at what I had just done to my already dead mane.

Well, as I have said here before, I will say again. You can’t stop change, only manage it.

Though my stylist did offer for me to return the following day and add low lights to offset, I turned her down. Not only did I not want to incur any more expense, but I also didn’t want to add anything else to my already dead and overbleached coif.

Instead, I decided to wait until after I've returned from the Caribbean in a couple of weeks and see where the sun and salt from snorkeling have my hair colour and I landing.

BUT if last Friday night were any indication, I would say there are going a couple of bars in Jamaica that are going to meet a blonde woman crying in her glass of spirits, with a man quietly hiding under the table sipping a beer.

Then again, maybe not. It’s not like anyone knows me there. 

Because hell... When I looked at myself in the mirror again this morning, I still didn't recognize the person looking back!!


Sunday, April 30, 2023

Saturday, April 29, 2023


As I’ve written before, it’s not always easy having two places to maintain a mere 15 minutes apart. I’m in no way complaining, rather just pointing out that the weather has so many things happening on the fly. If we stay home there’s work to be done and if we head to the cottage its offers the same loaded buffet of chores. 

That said, all these years later, I have never focused my energy on the work. For me (in either instance) it keeps me outside and exercising, or inside with the tunes cranked cleaning; until I can get outside soaking up the sun.

After the work is done, we literally let the games begin. 

That's fifty points baby!
TAKEN: July 2013
If you recognize game pic I’m sharing, you’ll know it takes little skill and a lot of luck to play. It tends to be what we easily agree on playing first.

It always seems neither of us want to think too much after chores are done. To make it a tad more interesting, we play an entire Yahtzee page, which is six games at once.

The other side to that coin is that I very rarely ever win. It can’t be because I have less skill, because you’ll agree it take none to play. 

My issue is in the luck department I have absolutely none!

Friday, April 28, 2023


Land's End - at the southern tip of the Baja sur in Cobo San Lucas, Mexico
...An amazing place where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.


Thursday, April 27, 2023


March 8th was when we celebrated this year!
Cartoon (c)

In recognition of International Women's Day, I posted this to my personal Facebook page this year with a song link (which I have added to my post at the bottom): 

In celebration of International Woman's Day I am sharing a song that has carried me though a male dominated sector, to which I believe I belong. Truthfully, I've seen it all as a mature woman in Muskoka construction. 

I've been told what to wear, coached on how to manage men that should have been let go, and had my intelligence diminished by bullies that hated the outgoing personality of an well versed woman. 

Most importantly, for being unconditionally loyal,  I was totally gaslighted as the internal political climate changed. 

The point of my story is I have never given up - and I am really very proud of that.

PS: If you truly know me and you've read this far.... AND you've listened to the tune I am sharing; you know who was on the other side of this exit interview!

Sara Bareilles - King of Anything (Official Video)

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Tuesday, April 25, 2023


My Uncle Roger and I. One of my best buddies growing up!
TAKEN: JUNE 27th, 2005

I have always loved this photo of my Uncle Roger and I. 

Though we are both smiling in the moment, it was a day surrounded by sorrow. It was taken in my side yard, the afternoon after we buried my dad.

Growing up, I really didn't understand that my uncle had special needs. It never crossed my mind why, as a grown man, that he still lived at home. 

I just knew that I loved spending time with him, and at the end of the day, he has always rated at one of my favourites.

Later in life, I learned that he weighed over ten pounds when he was born, and the home birth had been a hard one. I believe the prognosis was that he would never mature mentally past that of a young tween. Which was perfect for me growing up!

He passed away in October of 2019 at the age of 86 and their is no doubt that he immediately went straight to heaven.

After all, look above his head... He was already boasting his halo in 2005!!

Monday, April 24, 2023



Believe the hype. It really is..."Better in The Bahamas"
TAKEN : FEBRUARY 8th, 2018
Melia All Inclusive Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas

Saturday, April 22, 2023



Helllloooooo Rhondi!

As any of my avid readers know, I live for, and love to travel. 

People often ask how we can afford to hit as many destinations as we do, and it is simple. We set a budget for the year and stick to it. Any online deals I come across are simply a much appreciated bonus.

One of the best deals EVER, was booked on Black Friday in the fall of 2017. 

Five days and four nights, all inclusive, on beautiful Cable Beach in Nassau, Bahamas. Less than a three-hour flight and an oceanfront king room, for $805pp via West Jet. 

Anyway, not knowing much about the island, other than Baha Mar was usually out of our price range, I figured I should research. My first entry into Google, things to do in Nassau Bahamas included the date ranges of our mid week stay.

I immediately discovered that the filming of the morning show Live with Kelly (Ripa) and Ryan (Seacrest) was being filmed live at the Atlantis Resort while we were there. I filled out all of the online paperwork to get free tickets, including submitting our photo which was a prerequisite; and the tickets arrived via email a couple of days later.

We arrived early, in the hopes to get near the front but little did we know the seats were filled from back to front and we were in the very last row. Not a problem, as that gave me the ability to stand on my chair and take great photos.

As the show was about to start (you can see Kelly signing an autograph above) I held up my camera and began to yell my name.


How shocked was I, when he toward me and yelled back HELLLLLO RHONDI

And just like that, I got what I would classify as my only great photo, whilst acting like a member of the crazy paparazzi culture!

Definitely a travel moment I will remember forever!! 

Friday, April 21, 2023


My hubby walking the beach (with me and my Blackberry) taking in this great vibe.

In September 2021, the morning my husband was to be admitted into Toronto General Hospital, he sat on the sofa in our hotel room and sang a loud 'Three Little Birds' with Bob Marley. Needless to say, he was understandably emotional and scared. 

As we walked hand in hand to the hospital at dawn, I promised him that our first adventure once all of this was behind us, would be to get him back to Jamaica; his very favourite travel destination.

I know that yesterday was 4/20 but that has nothing to do with his connection with this beautiful island. He loves the people, their culture, the cuisine, but first and foremost he is truly connected to the music.

The first time we travelled to the island was back in 2012. I was given a $3,000 travel voucher as a bonus at work. We had never been to the Caribbean and decided to spend it toward a destination we had both always dreamed of going.

For the allure of seven mile beach we chose Negril, Jamaica, and the experience didn't disappoint. We returned again in 2014 to Runaway Bay, and he has wanted to return ever since.

But, him dealing with my wanderlust has always been a challenge, as I have always ultimately convinced him to open his mind to new adventures we haven't previously taken. 

Yet, our bond will never forget that life changing morning walk, when a simple promise is made. 

It may be only 5 nights and four days (to celebrate our upcoming milestone wedding anniversary) but guess what?

Weeez a goin' back to Jamaica MON!

And I am pleased to report my hubby is ecstatic to finally to be going back 'yard'... In the non residential sense.

Thursday, April 20, 2023


Great coworkers can transform common days to thanksgiving, 
routine jobs into joy, and ordinary opportunities into blessings.
                                                                                  ~ Google Quotes    
The perfect way to end the day in Beamaris. Skating at dusk on Lake Muskoka.
TAKEN: March 2022

Have you ever had one of those days where you landed at work and you realized two minutes in that you were going to need a do-over? 

Jokingly, the morning I returned from Las Vegas, I asked my leadership team of coworkers (in our Monday morning meeting) for a show of hand of 'who did my job' when I was away. No one raised their hand. 

They did laugh, a lot, which told me what I was coming back to. My glass half full kicked in and it simply reminded me what job security actually looks like.

That said, whining about how far behind I became and time change complaints aside, I chose the word because I work with a really great group of people.  

If there is one observation I will make, it's that we communicate really well, and no one goes rogue to get themselves ahead in the company. In all my years of work life experience, that is a rarity.

Oh, the other thing is that this is the first company that I have worked where the President has surrounded himself with four very intelligent women to help him lead.

Even rarer than no one scratching their way to the top? Zero drama!

All in all, our quorum of leaders loyally serve the greater good of the company as a whole. 

Which on so many levels, makes going to work every day extremely easy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023


From left to right:
My beautiful Dottie on Toby's Rock (RIP July 2019) ~ Taken 2014
My Puddin' (RIP June 2022) & my Annie Banannie (11 years old October 2023) ~ Taken 2020
The amazing Miya (Born 4/9/21) and wee Katie (Born 12/5/2022) ~ Taken March 2023

Now I lay be down to sleep,
The king-sized bed is soft and deep.

I sleep right in the centre groove,
my human beings can hardly move.

I've trapped their legs, they're tucked in tight,
and here is where I'll pass the night.

No one disturbs me or dares to intrude,
'til morning comes and "I want food!"

I sneak up slowly to begin,
and nibble on my human's chin.

For morning's here, it's time to play,
I always seem to get my way.

So thank you Lord, for giving me,
this human person that I see.

The one who hugs me & holds me tight,
...And share their bed with me each night
                                   ~AUTHOR UNKNOWN~

Tuesday, April 18, 2023


Leading up to the summer of 2016, my then boss at the time use to brag that he was the 9th Canadian to put his name on the list for the purchase of a Tesla electric SUV. 

Well, the photo shown here was the day it arrived at the office. 

I disclosed that a close friend of mine (also a P. Eng.) was envious at his purchase and he offered to take my picture in front of it for me to share with him. He even offered to let him come to the office and take it for a drive.

After it was all said and done, I praised the ding dong on his new car and his ego couldn't help itself. 

He said, "If you work hard, set goals, and put in long hours, I can get an even better one next year!"

OBVIOUSLY, I was an full blown idiot. Why?

This photo was taken in July of 2016, and I allowed his chauvinistic, misogynistic behaviour, to gaslight me until I walked out the door never to return; nor look back and be treated as such ever again.

That life changing day for this cat was September 11th, 2021.

I may be smiling in this photo, but for years I would wake up in the night and suffer panic attacks.
Again, obviously, I WAS an idiot.
Past tense!

Monday, April 17, 2023


 At the beginning of my A-Z challenge this year, I came across a poem by Erin Hanson. 

As an aside, I began never worrying about how I am defined by others after my father died.

Yet, the poem is so relatable by so many, I immediately knew it needed to be my 2023 letter N. 

To my electronic friends... Stay strong and always know your worth!

Reading (with some friendly company) at Poppa's Camp
TAKEN: Lake Temiscamng ~ Summer of 1996

NOT ~ by Erin Hanson

You are not your age,

nor the size of clothes you wear,

you are not a weight,

or the colour of your hair.

You are not your name,

nor the dimples in your  cheeks,

you are all the books you read,

and all the words you speak.

You are your croaky morning voice,

and the smiles you try to hide,

you're the sweetness in your laughter,

and every tear you've cried.

You the songs you sing so loudly,

when you know you're alone,

you're the places that you've been to,

and the ones that you call home.

You're the things that you believe in,

and the people that you love,

you're the photos in your bedroom,

and the future you dream of.

You're made of so much beauty,

but it seems that you forgot...

When you decided that you were defined,

by all the things you're not.

Saturday, April 15, 2023


The statement above is a mindboggling, albeit accurate statement.
...Something I will never be able to laugh about!

Friday, April 14, 2023


 “The line between disorder and order lies in the logistics…” ~ Sun Tzu

The dynamic duo chillaxin' taking in the beautiful topography.
TAKEN: APRIL 6th, 2023

When you’re traveling as far as we did for four nights, to ensure you can experience as much as possible, there needs to be a lot of planning involved. 

Our first step being getting us from the airport to the hotel. When we were leaving LAS and headed to grab a taxi, a group of guys heading up the escalator yelled down in tandem, “YOU GUYS NEED TO DOWNLOAD UBER!”

I wanted to yell back, “didn’t your mother teach you not to get into cars with strangers!?!” Instead, we just smiled and waved back.

Unlike some, I refuse to install apps on my phone that house my credit card information. Therefore, using Uber, Lift, or Samsung Pay has never been something I have ever entertained.

What we did include in our carefully planned trip, was a car rental for the day to take a road trip and save on the large fees tour companies charge. 

We knew we wanted to hike Red Rock Canyon. What I missed when hatching the plan was that we needed a reservation to enter; as they only let so many cars in the park at one time.

Rather than trying to reschedule our logistically planned ‘just in time’ day, we made the best of the situation at hand and enjoyed the views from the periphery, before heading toward the Pat Tillman Bridge and the Hoover Dam.

The fact that when back on the road we went over an hour out of our way, went south instead of north on 215 taking us toward LA... Before my driver would listen to me telling him we were going in the wrong direction?

Not even worth mentioning! #yagottalaughaboutit

Thursday, April 13, 2023


When I returned to work last Monday and was asked about my birthday trip to Las Vegas, I gave a one-word answer: Meh.  (You could also insert a sarcastic shoulder shrug in there for visual effect.)

My underwhelming response was followed by an immediate, "I’ve been to much nicer places, and had far better experiences." 

Reaffirming our thought process which was, "It's VEGAS baby... You've got to go at least once just to see it!"

That said, I did enjoy the varying levels of architecture and attention to construction detail in the grand casinos on the strip, but my solstice of trying to enjoy those few moments was interrupted by the ‘ding-ding-ding’ of the slot machines that were situated absolutely everywhere.

Neither my husband or I have the desire nor ever developed the skill for gambling. We are both smart enough to know that’s it not there for you to win.

I lost everything and my husband did not.
Here's the photographic proof!
TAKEN: APRIL 7th, 2023

My only attempt at the jackpot was a five-dollar bill in a slot machine in the Bellagio. I did get my investment up to $12.95 in winnings and should have cashed out. Instead, I kept pushing the button, rolling the odds, until it was all gone. The entire entertainment experience lasted less than ten minutes!

My husband tried his luck while we waited for our table at Tony Roma’s in the Golden Nugget. His investment was in the three singles he had in his pocket and his chit shows where he landed.

To which I immediately told him, ‘I thought he may have developed a gambling addiction and may want to seek out help’. We both burst into laughter and headed into the restaurant.

On a scale from one to ten, the moral of this post is... Our knack for gambling, negative two. Our knack for investing in great running shoes,  positive twelve. We walked and walked and walked. 

Thanks goodness there wasn't a charge for that. After all, we lost a whopping $7.83 USD gambling.

Which is like $117.45 CDN these days!

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


When I look back at how dark I was when I started this journal, all I can say is “you’ve come a long way baby!”

That said, even when I am not participating in the April A-Z Challenge, I try to set a little time aside to write something every single day. 

Sometimes I vent about things I can’t share with anyone. Sometimes I type until I cry, then generally feel relieved.

The accomplishment comes in the times I actually a finish my initial thought process, and post the crap to this silly electronic journal.

More than ten years later, I still find it empowering at how my looking inward (smashing these little black keys) can still produce something creative and free. 

No matter what, I believe it all comes back to mindset. I swear a solid and clear mindset is the ultimate ignition switch to accomplishing whatever you put your mind to.

That, and a true desire to share mumble, jumbled, gobble-de-gook, with the masses! #yagottalaughaboutit

Puddin' and I zipping around the Orillia Lake in the bowrider.
Coming up to a year without her, and I still ache because I miss her so much.
TAKEN: JULY 6th,  2015

Tuesday, April 11, 2023


When the kids were growing up, there was never an abundance of extra cash lying around for me to get to celebrate my birthday. So, when the nest finally emptied, I decided that every year I would take a birthday trip.

The first couple were week long jaunts but then I discovered I could have a higher end experience for less if I crammed everything into a long weekend. 

Below is a neat snapshot and snippet of the my born day adventures since 2015.

2015: A quaint cliff top resort in Samana, Dominican Republic

This Gran Bahia was an amazing experience but not a resort meant for those with mobility issues. 

One of the main reason I selected it was to walk (daily) the "Bridge to Nowhere" seen taken from my poolside deck chair. 

Great food, Salsa dancing at night, and loved experiencing the beautiful Barcardi Island with friends.

Great shot of the 4 km Bridge to Nowhere 
2016: Wanting to learn to surf in Sayulita, Mexica

Sayulita is a village on the Pacific coast backed by the Sierra Madre mountains, known for its beaches and strong surf. 

For this bornday trip, we rented a house with an infinity pool and were joined by friends as well as Jukebox. To this day, my husband says it is still his favourite spot. I snapped this pic in the morning after hiking to Playa de Los Muertos.

In all of my adventures, this is the most time I spent in the ocean. Almost all day everyday. My son was the only one that really got the hand of surfing. I traded my surf board in for a boogie board mid week, 

A great time was had by all!

Heading back from Playa des Los Muertos.
What a view!
2017: French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana

This was the first of the 'long weekend' celebrations. With Architect friends living in New Orleans, one if the French Quarter, they thought I would really enjoy the festival, and I did.

Landing Thursday, flying home Monday, I got to experience a weekend of music in the French Quarter with seven hundred and fifty thousand of my closest friends. Stages set up everywhere with all genres of music imaginable.

My buddy Darin took me out for my birthday with all of his coworkers at his firm, and though he only joined in the festival festivities Saturday afternoon, we got to spend a lot of quality time together. 

If you've never been GO. The pic I am sharing I took at the big band stage. On the plane ride home, I met the trumpet player for the band Chicago, which began my quest to see them perform live.

... But that's another post!

Darin, my hubby and I enjoying a bevie at the Big Band Stage.
One of my favourites for the entire weekend.

2018: The NBA, South Beach, and Burgers - Miami, Florida

This trip was planned with the intent of seeing the last regular season Toronto Raptors game (so grateful we went, because Demar DeRozan was traded to Houston that summer). 

The photo I am sharing is a storm moving in on game night, and I said to my husband, "something is coming though South Beach." He is laughing because I continued with "we both know it's the Toronto Raptors headed in for the Miami Heat tonight!"

In the days we were there, we walked the beach for miles, and I headed into the art deco district on my birthday to celebrate. I chose to have the best burger in South Beach. 

Burger and a Mojito, $125 USD is not for the faint of heart.

Out on our balcony, we were joking that there was a storm coming. 
I said, 'it was the Toronto Raptors landing!'

2019: We did so much that I had to rest from my vacation in New York City, New York.

What a whirlwind birthday vacation. Landed in Newark NJ and took the train in Thursday afteroon.

1. Headed to Brooklyn Thursday night to see the Nets vs the Heat. Dwayne Wades last game before he retired. LeBron was there. What a night.

2. Live with Ryan and Kelly at ABC Studios in the morning, Central Park in the afternoon, Book of Mormon on Broadway Friday night.

3. Statue of Liberty, Wall Street Bull, 911 Memorial all day they I headed solo to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden Saturday night.

4. Slept the next two weeks to recover!

Jukebox taking in the eerie surroundings of the fallen twin towers.

2020: Lockdown had me having coffee for my birthday at home in Muskoka, Ontario

A photo to capture the exact morning birthday moment in a global pandemic

2021: Still unable to travel, I bought myself a dog for my birthday ~ in Muskoka Ontario

Born April 9th (seen here at 4 weeks of age) I named her Miya.
Because she was Miya Birthday Present!

2022: Roadtrip to the Southernmost point of the USA - Key West, Florida

The price of the post pandemic Air Canada flight was so good we decided to land in Miami and drive the Florida Keys. 

What we didn't know is how expensive the birthday weekend would be. For starters, our hotel room at the Almond Tree Inn was just shy of $1,000 CDN.

A great experience all around but something I have no desire to do again.

Me standing on the retaining wall at the Southern most point.
Too impatient to wait a couple of hours in line!

2023: Per my letter D. D is for DECISION. We did Las Vegas Baby!

Thousands and thousands of steps later, we did the Strip, Freemont Street, and drove to Red Rock Canyon, walked the Pat Tilman Bridge, and toured the Hoover Dam. 

NEVER going back. 

We work to hard for our money to gamble it away... and that is primarily all that people did.

By 6pm we had walked well over 24,000 steps.
Highly recommend staying at Paris. We received 5 star service.
Thanks Air Canada!