Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Seems I have everyone in the house looking for a great deal.
Thanks for your help #OreoGang!
TAKEN: NOVEMBER 26th, 2023

Several years ago, we were given a rustic and colourful plaque for the cottage that reads... “Don’t be too busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.” It was truly appreciated at the time, because the truth of the matter is we have always worked longer hours than most. 

Though we've both worked a lot to acquire the little bit we have, I credit where we are at to the fact that we have never been shy when it comes to looking for a great deal. Take travel for an example, I don't think I have paid full price to get on a plane since we began all our galivanting without the kids in the winter of 2012.

Every year, I always seem to find that one gem that surfaces, for at least a day, book it, locking in the price. Did you know that there are some days better than others to book travel? It's true, and I have my discounted hotel and airline tickets to prove it.

Anyway, with our purchasing a boat, I figured that I wouldn't get to travel for my 2024 birthday. Then, as Black Friday approached I couldn't help but hunt for that one really sexy four night deal. Though I came close to hitting the 'BOOK' button on the Trip Central website, I refrained. 

I know my husband is disappointed but he is the one that wanted the boat, and there are only so many pennies in the piggy bank. I have always been adamant that we never travel using our line of credit, it must to be part of our weekly savings stipend; which has been allocated elsewhere.

I'm sure something will come our way so that we can get out of dodge for a few days next April. But until it does, we need to remain focused on the fact that we have made a really expensive purchase and didn't increased our debit load.

As I sit here and type, I realize that our new twenty foot girl still remains unnamed. That said, as I look at the picture I am sharing this post I feel we should be leaning toward "The Paw Patrol."

I think it's perfect.... Because I know there will be six of them thar thangs (4 black and two yellow) making sure everyone on Orillia Lake knows they are on high alert, with their new ride confirming just what lucky pups they truly are!

Tuesday, November 21, 2023


One of the prettiest morning sunrises I have ever experienced at the house (no filter)
TAKEN: OCTOBER 21st, 2023
Moving home from the cottage early, it was around the first week of September when I spied a skunk walking across the back yard, then continue to confidently toddle into our gully which is quite vast.

I immediately contacted the neighbours whose fenced in yard was where Pepe exited from. They nonchalantly informed me that they knew they had striped visitors at night, yet failed to mention the situation to us; which in itself really stunk!

You can imaging that the last thing we needed was our three dogs getting sprayed when out for a pre-dawn pee, so that weekend we put up motion censored spotlights around the yard and I purchased a 2000 lumen hand held spotlight so that I could survey for eyes glowing in the yard before the dogs ventured out.

We've lived in our home more than twenty years and this is only the second time I have seen a skunk at dawn. The last time was more than ten years ago. I know they surround us but until this fall, our 6 a.m. schedules never crossed.

Anyway, this morning I had been out with the pups before my husband left for work and after pouring my second cup of java, I spied the most beautiful colours rising on the horizon. I grabbed my phone and headed back outside alone.

The colours were muted at first but as the sun rose higher, the colours intensified. It was absolutely breathtaking.

As expected, social media filled up with similar photos around Muskoka of the beautiful morning sky with the 'red sky at morning' reference. 

Though I expect my red sky/skunk patrol will continue indefinitely, I don't expect to witness another sunrise as I did this morning for a very long time but there will always hope.

Speaking of hope, I hope we never cross path with them rascally striped smelly varmints we have been patrolling for every single morn...

Wish us luck on both counts!

Saturday, November 11, 2023


Well, we unexpectedly bought another boat. 

It will be our fourth motorized vessel in the twenty plus years we have owned Orillia Lake. It wasn’t a planned purchase but one we both agreed on. It is a twenty-foot Doral bowrider; in absolute mint condition with less than 100 hours of total motor use time.

Feel free to help us name her!

Greatful that Cousin Jim (rear seen here, with his grandson on the rod) decided to upgrade!

The first few years after our cottage purchase, we got by with a five-seater paddle boat, a row boat, and parasailing board the kids could dive off of. Ultimately, the first motorized boat we bought was an older SeaRay waterski boat. 

We bought it to encourage our kids to want to stay at the cottage more often. It turned out, we would float with the pups in the middle of the lake so that I could read a book in the sun and never used it for much more than that. 

Wrought with mechanical issues, we ended up giving her away to a friend of a friend as we were tired paying to have her repaired.

Our first...

Next, was our beloved Bessie Bowrider that we paid a whopping $300 for... and the trailer was included in the price.

Her saving grace was that her previous owner was a mechanic. Sure, she would take in a wee bit of water through the week but nothing a ShopVac couldn’t remedy. The pups loved her.

Spottie & Puddin' rocking Bessie bow rider!

A neighbour kept the road open a couple of winters ago, and she was stolen from the end of our driveway. Not wanting to invest in another, we replaced her with Stella the floating picnic table - which is propelled by an electric trolling motor.

Always a conversation piece on the lake, our bubble as well as the pups were grateful for Stella during Covid. 

Spending the afternoon on Stella
(l-r: Miya, Goob, Mac, Annie, Cappy-T, Puddin')

Now, we know better than most, that this (new to us) bow rider is far larger than we need, but our final decision to buy took multiple things into consideration.

Though older, it has been babied and has only had one owner. We know for a fact that they could have sold her online for far more than we are paying, but a good home was one of their personal criteria. That, combined that it is a familial sale made the price so good, we couldn't refuse.

Lastly, our decision came from the fact that we know that we will eventually be selling the cottage (not sure when but it will be sold) and this boat will keep us and the pups touring the amazing lakes in Muskoka for years to come.

To be honest, it isn't the $3,500 price tag that concerns us, it's the price of fuel to get her off the dock. 

So grateful we already own a killer trolling motor!!