Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Just like that, the month of April is gone.

Having paid homage to the twenty six letters of the alphabet in thirty days, my annual A-Z Blogging Challenge is officially complete. As expected, I am completely exhausted.

That said, what a difference a year makes. I really struggled to finish last year. Had a big plan (including a spreadsheet, with multiple options for inspiration) that turned out to be complete and total crap. I totally focused on the goal of finishing, rather than enjoying the experience. I am not proud to admit, in search of the perfect post last year, my competitive nature produced tears.

This year, there were no tears. I didn't give a single letter the time of day until I woke up and my feet hit the floor. The bigger personal challenge, was trying to meld my chosen photo, to the letter of the day… & vice-versa. Today, I had a word, but no photo. So, before I began to write, with an appreciation for how quickly the month blew by, I asked myself, “…what was I doing exactly one year ago today?”

The Girlz making the best of seasonably
COLD North Myrtle Beach weather.
Taken: April 30th, 2013
Turns out that I was spending the day on the ocean with my three favourite girls. 

I looked at the photo's from that day and they were both amazing and memorable.

Oh, how the four of us ZOOOOM'd that day. 

Dogs after a Frisbee, my daughter and I after a couple of off leash bat shit crazy dogs... And me, back to my laptop to finish my final post of the challenge.

Thanks again for reading. It really does mean a lot to me and it truly is appreciated.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Today's effort is brought to you by the letter Y and the number 4!

My afternoon view from my home office window. Holy crap load of rain BATMAN!
Taken: April 29th, 2014

What a day. I diligently spent the majority of it on the phone.  Sitting at my desk, the sound of the torrential rain, was louder that the radio playing in the background at times. The trees were bending to-and-fro and I couldn't help but watch the dreary day slowly pass.

Dark and gray outside, I pouted about how badly I needed it to be bright and sunny. At least in the dead of winter, I got the benefit of the blanket of white, as the bright sun reflected upon it. Today was just one of those days that I wanted to take a spoon to my wrist.

You know deal? It's the only option I'll entertain. Just good cutlery rationale!

Never use a knife because it will cut, a fork with puncture and pierce, but a spoon gets rid of the pent up frustration looming inside. Best practice is to press the spoon to your wrist, then head upstairs and have a great big bowl of ice cream with it. If it's a really bad day, I suggest you go with a tablespoon rather than a teaspoon. Simply because it mathematically holds more ice cream!!

It’s my 25th letter and my second last post. I truly wish I was sharing YIPPPEEEE.

Instead... YUCK will have to do!

Monday, April 28, 2014


In this world we have created, that has a focus on what's written rather than what's spoken, X’s and O’s have to be what I look forward to receiving most. You may think it silly, but when there's distance between you and someone you love, there’s nothing better than a text message ending with a bunch of those silly little letters in a row.

Santa's Village -  Labour Day Monday (Photo Credit: Auntie Andrea G)
Taken: September 6th, 1993
Case in point, my daughter moved home last weekend. 

Well, not home per say, but back to our hometown, where her parents can pick her up for grocery shopping and return her to the comfort of her very own rented space.

Organizing the big move was a tad challenging, as it was done at odd hours and primarily using instant messaging. It was an  emotionally trying time all around and it was tough to let her know that there was no anger toward her in any frustration we may have been feeling. Let's just say that both our thumbs got really quick texting each other in the ‘xoxoxoxo’ lane.

It's hard to explain...

I don’t care if I’m in my office and I get a message from GOOB (who's upstairs in his bedroom) ending in a great big XO, or a quick Facebook message from Jukebox, (after sharing a bottle of red wine and some amazing music) reporting he’s made it home safe & sound.  Admittedly, instant messaging may not always be ideal, but it's an important part of how we communicate as a family.

My husband? Though he does text, he's not a big technology kinda guy. Instead, he kisses me every single day... and his hugs? Amazing! 

I am pleased to report that with those... He's got me on his unlimited plan!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014


You heard me.... VAMOOSE!

What are you waiting for? Good riddance... Scoot, scram, zip and get the hell outta town!!

Friends... Meet my buddy John.
Taken: SPRING THAW 2008
(The above photo is property of North45 Communications)

Just so we’re clear, I'm not talking about my good buddy Johnny (JW) Wright: on the contrary. 

My bellowing is for the ice on the lakes to get the heck going, so that winter can officially be deemed over.

We all may be a little stir crazy here but JW has taken a different approach to the lunacy. He's made an effort to document the winter from hell from a positive perspective. You see, he's one of the lucky ones. He both lives & works here.

I've had the pleasure of dealing with JW professionally for about a decade and I consider him a personal friend. Out of sheer selfishness, I've been after this lad to start a video blog for what seems like forever. I may be what is considered a social media junkie but I never click on a link for the sake of clicking. My time is very valuable and online I use it wisely. Never once, have I not truly enjoyed what John's had to say and/or share.

If he were smart, we'd tag team and get him a segment deal on Cottage Life Television. Uh-Oh... I just heard his beautiful wife Pam drop a dinner plate on their kitchen floor.

What can I say Pam? We both know talent when we see it!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


That's  a buffalo behind me... NOT a horse's ass.
Simple question: what makes someone unique? 

Do you label the one person wearing red, when everyone else is wearing blue, unique? 

Have you given them such a label because of how they made you feel? Or, is it simply because you'd heard a friend of a friend call them that and you’re conforming? 

Seriously, I'm curious.

From a very young age I knew that I was different than others my age. I understood then, that my life at home was much more unique than most, so I guess I've always compartmentalized why my personality evolved the way it did.

I truly believed (at that time) that it was because my parents were so much older than I. Yet, all these years later, I believe that I am simply me, because I was born with a creative soul.

What can I say? Feel free to rib, label, roll your eyes and look at me anyway you see fit.

Because... Damn it... I AM UNIQUE....

Just like every other interesting person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I’m not talking about my personal 12 Step Chocolate Program (the one where I'm never less than twelve steps away from a chocolate treat) I am taking about how spoiled my dogs are. Right or wrong, I've always given our four legged furry children people food treats.

Growing up, I had the pleasure of watching my Auntie Cai and her pack of pups. They literally shadowed her every movement 99% of the the time. As a tween, I use to stand in her kitchen at Camp, watching her strategically prepare their meals. It was definitely a site to behold.

These girls know how to exercise restraint much better than MOI...!
TAKEN: MARCH 9th, 2013
Just as she did, I now do the very same thing.

Most teach their dogs to fetch and sit, I've taught mine the specific meals of the day, not to mention the name of all the treats that need to be refrigerated!

The human rule sets precedence here right?

You know the one, that anything in moderation makes any guilty pleasure acceptable? WHEW... Miss Vickie's just about lost a loyal a sea salt & vinegar customer!

Joking aside, no matter what stage of your life you're in, there will always be people that disagree with whatever personal choices you make. Truth is, you can't please all of the people all of the time. Which is the complete opposite to the fact that I've never met a single pup that didn't love one of the many treats I was dishing out.

Hmmm... Maybe I should start a human 12 Step Chocolate Treat Program. Don't laugh, it totally worked for Sheldon (with Penny) on Big Bang Theory.

OMG... Now I'm such a 'Poser'...!

Go ahead. Google both the episode and the funky italicized word ... I know you want to. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I’m not a person that is easily shocked or surprised. I guess that's why this moment had such impact.

I hadn't heard from my closest confident in a few, so I fired them off an email to simply check in. I quickly got a reply. It didn't have a subject title, so I instantly knew that something was wrong. I opened it and read the news in disbelief.

After almost twenty five year of marriage (with two grown daughters, in the final stages of University) my soulmate announced that they were separating from their spouse. Apparently, one wanted things the other didn't and it seems that neither wanted to continue working in the same direction. I was shocked.

Worried, I automatically picked up the phone. I listened, yet offered no opinion; after all, this was ultimately their journey, not mine. Listening to the explanation of their situation truly broke my heart. I do feel compelled to share that this is the very same friend that listened endlessly to my woes, telling me that ‘communication's key’ and that ‘talking about what the issues are will get you through anything!’ 

I don’t believe we have any idea who will (or will not) impact our lives until it has happened. Right or wrong, I believe that we marry our true life partner and differing souls flow in an out of our lives as well. Zack is most definitely a soul mate. I will unconditionally support him on his journey, as he supported me on mine.

That doesn't mean that I couldn't slap the living crap right out of him for not taking his own advice but I love him just the same. Men: they can be so gosh dang stubborn sometimes.


Monday, April 21, 2014


For the first time in more than three years, we hit the road (as a family) for a day trip this past weekend. I don’t know about you, but getting the exclusive time of five full time working adults coordinated, can be a real pain in the ass. We were going, we weren't… We were going, we weren't. Ay Carumba!

With everything finally aligned by mid-morning yesterday, I was excited. We were all going to have some serious family face time...and not the kind you receive courtesy of your iPhone.  

L'il ole me capturing a moment... While my husband captures ours.
TAKEN: APRIL 20th, 2014
You’ll be proud to know that even though I brought the camera into the restaurant where we had lunch, I held my extreme picture taking urges at bay.

A couple of hours in, with beautiful Lake Simcoe as our backdrop, I began to snap away like a drug addict in need of a hit.

The tricky part for me's that I never usually take just one picture with one camera. As I worked through the stash in my purse, I realized that my kids have become conditioned to my affliction. 

I just can't seem to help myself!

Being the last of four children with older parents, my mother passed and there was little evidence of my childhood. (The biggest item missing, was a family photo.) I'm not suggesting that my children live in the past... but I would like them to have the ability to reminisce together once we're gone. 

Besides, yesterday was an official reunion right?

Who the hell am I kidding... my kids could be embroiled in a full out round of fisticuffs and I'd still want to take their picture. Because in my books,  'remember the time when...?' 

Is always a PERFECT Sunday Supper conversation starter!

My final effort.... Aren't they all just absolutely amazing!!!
TAKEN: APRIL 20th, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014


Closing up the Cottage... as well as a Chapter
In the summer of 2005, I was leading the Marketing efforts for a large land development on the Lake of Bays. 

As the bulldozers began to tear down the old resort, I asked if I could buy one of the 5-Seat Pedal boats they were anxious to get rid of. The entire lot were already well worn, yet I still made my difficult choice.

Though a real beauty in my eyes, my girl was anything but attractive. She’d been tattooed with silly goofy stickers all over her ass end but I didn’t care. She needed a home and her asking price was right. I don’t know about you, but for me, FREE, made us a perfect long term match!

From the get go she never steered very well (which I suspect was her eyesight) and her innards made a terrible grinding noise as she moved forward (which I have to think may have been an intolerance to algae). Without a single complaint, she provided tons of hours and summers of fun!

As the kids moved on, the pups and I took her over. When I lived at the cottage the summer of 2012, I exercised her every single day. Sometimes at dawn, sometimes to catch the high noon sun, but mostly to watch the sunset. She experienced my tears, my anger, my laughter, not to mention some of my really terrible singing!

How crazy is it that I'll admit that the only two that really know how I survived my midlife crisis is my computer keyboard and this amazing pedal boat?

I may have to sneak Christian Grey in there as a close third... But that's another post!

Thanks for the memories GIRLFRIEND!!

TAKEN: 2005 - 2013

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I believe as people age and accumulate more life experiences, their true sense of who they are and what they want tightens. At the risk of sounding corny, I feel every life experience, no matter how small, becomes a part of who we are. Which is why, it takes a combination of both time and experience, to become objective and develop a compass for perspective.

Professionally, objectivity has never been an issue for me. I’ll lobby for my beliefs, but at the end of the day, it’s the person that I am reporting too that signs my paycheck. So, being objective has always been, pretty much a no brainer. Unless of course, it effected my personal well being.

The opposite side, to the ease of that slope, is how I have to dig deep to find that same fairness toward a situation, when it comes to my husband, my children, my dogs (hell, any/all dogs) or our home. I’m sure it has something to do with the need to nurture and protect but that's not my point.

Their bond is so very strong and powerful. It's amazing to witness.
My daughter is going through one of the toughest challenges that she’s faced in her life to date. 

As a family, we've all unconditionally rallied to her support, but that still doesn't change the shitty situation at hand. Which is, it involves a person... that we all want to shake the living snot right out of! 

Verrrry... Slowly... Enters ...OBJECTIVITY. 

I’m proud that it’s me that has taken the lead on this one. I've never been this calm, which tells me I'm still evolving. My husband and she are so fiercely close, that some days I feel that he is taking this as hard as she is. Her brothers, the same. Each have a different resolution in mind, but none will help our daughter heal any quicker. Which goes back to my opening ramble.

It’s been my personal experience that one can only gain objectivity from a series of life changing events. The sad part is, the ones we learn the most from?

…Friggin’ SUCK experiencing!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


How do you know your wife is dead? The sex is the same… but the dishes start to pile up!

All I can say is, it’s a good thing I have my dishwasher on a timer. My husband does them at the same time every night, so he won’t notice I’m gone for months! ….Ba-Dumb-Bum!

Seriously? I love to laugh and there's usually naughty sarcasm attached just for fun.

There's a small handful of people I've met that can keep up with my warped pace. So, it's not very often I'm caught off guard. Truth is, my husband has always been my best sparring partner.

A while back he landed home in good spirits and decided to make an announcement... “Honey… Guess what I want tonight?”

Preoccupied, I rolled my eyes and asked ..."What?”

“I want some BUSCH...!" 

In that exact moment, he held up a six pack of American beer over his head and we both roared with laughter. Just like that, I was instantly pummeled into naughty thought submission. What can I say, there really is nothing better than laughter, to ease my mind...

Well, there is,  but I never registered for adult content, so we'll just leave it at that!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I read somewhere that the first sign of menopause is a broken thermostat. 

Could that be why my hydro bills are through the roof? Just my luck, not only are they over billing me for my hydro, the jerks have placed a delivery charge on my hot flashes… DAFT PRICKS!

Over and over, since I began writing this silly blog, I have conceded that nothing could have ever prepared me for midlife. 

As I struggled to pick my M word, I discovered that there are a lot of life changing words for women starting with the letter M (and they are kind of chronological).

Words like menstruation, marriage, motherhood, midlife and menopause, all fall in cycle, surrounded by another M word... MEN.

Which leads us to the most famous ‘Mmm-Mmm’ reason why 99% of all women my age buy copious amounts of high test Duracell battery stock…. 


What the hell were you thinking?

Monday, April 14, 2014


I honestly believe that if I threw my life problems into a heap with everyone else’s that I’d quickly scramble to get mine back. Not because I wouldn't have preferred to get rid of the entire lot of hooey… but because surrounded by the mound of everyone else's problems, mine would seem pretty insignificant.

The point of my story? Life lessons are labelled exactly that because they are LESSONS. You either learn from them, or you don’t.

What may seem like a boulder in front of you (stopping you from moving forward) may really only be a simple pebble in your shoe. Draw on the lessons you've learned. Use those lessons to help you push through every single dilemma and keep moving forward.

That last bit of advice is based on personal experience. Though it may seem simple, Life Lessons are very tricky. Some offer relief, as if you've only scraped your knees. Some feel as though they've truly broken your heart and spirit; while others, bring and offer wonderful opportunity. 

I'm a simple gal, that was lucky to marry a man that makes me laugh. As a result, I greet each new day, with the hope that it teaches me another life lesson and today did exactly that.


Then, my husband stopped home about 11am because he'd worn odd shoes to work. Sad part? One was a boot!

Life Lesson Averted... Laughter Inserted!!!

Ya Gotta Laugh About It...

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Twenty five years ago next month, I was told by our family physician that the rabbit had died and we were to expect a delivery from the stork the following February. I’ll admit that the pregnancy wasn't planned and unexpectedly becoming a first time mother, was the largest learning curve I ever recall enduring.

Then, a little over two years later, two more seven-pounders arrived, just about two minutes apart. Their names had been chosen prior but once we officially met them, we had to go back to the bazillion baby names we’d already discounted.

I remember those first few days fondly. I remember the look on Jamie’s face the first time they met and how he confidently turned down the hospital bedding saying…“Let’s go Mommy… It’s time to go home!”

Hopping the bus to MMO for their first day of school.
As I look at my photo of their first day of school in 2002, I can't help but wonder (yet again) where the time has gone.

Right or wrong, we always ran a very tight ship. So, it's only natural that I'd struggle with being downsized. No handbook prepares you for midlife... NONE!

If I'm being honest with myself, I'd have to admit that it's our current transition that has been the most comforting. 

We've all moved onto the next phase of our lives, which in itself, is another exciting time. As a parent, I find it comforting that though they may have officially closed their ears to our advice, they have officially opened their eyes to our example. 

Every single tool we have, we have given.

So, something tells me, if they follow that compass...They'll all be just fine!

Friday, April 11, 2014


For the second day in a row, I got to eat my lunch out in the sun. Hell, the UV rays were so spot on, that at high noon, when I opened our front door and sat on the sill, the aluminum was heated enough that my butt got very roasty n' toasty. 

I kid you not… I truly had one hot piece of ass at lunch today!

In keeping with that thought process, I find it hard to believe that we returned from Jamaica a little over a month ago. It feels like it's been a little over a year. Yet, instead of complaining, I’ll just count my blessings. I’m pretty sure I would have jumped off the bridge downtown by now had I not gotten on a plane this past winter.

Ah.... the memories. Jamaica is always a great idea!
As I start to fill up my empty piggy bank for February 2015, Jamaica is on my mind.

I know it’s more expensive than a lot of other destinations in the Caribbean but once you arrive it truly is amazing.

We were there in 2012 and again this past winter and from the time we climbed into bed that very first night, we talked about returning a third time.

I love their culture and that the country (in general) love Canadians. There's no language barrier and for a very picky eater there's lots of flavours I truly enjoy. But, the one thing I love most about Jamaica is their attention to safe drinking water. The bottled water you drink comes from a Jamaican filtration plant and you can drink the water right out of the tap with confidence.

Seeing as I won't have a moments peace until our 2015 jaunt (out of the harsh Canadian winter) is booked, I have to ask. What's best winter holiday you've ever taken? 

I promise I'll report back. Because together, we'll leave no great Expedia deal unturned!!


Thursday, April 10, 2014


There really is no such thing as a bad one.

What is the IMPACT of a great IDEA being executed?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Over the years, because of the industries I've worked in, I've worked alongside far more men than women. I've worked with the odd Herb Tarlek, a ton of Les Nessmans' and only one Johnny Fever. Oh, there’s been the whole bunch of ‘God’s gift to Women’ men, which I willingly admit are the absolute worst.

I remember one such idiot about fifteen years ago. He always made a point of sitting next to me. Then, in this particular Board meeting, he made his move. Without warning, he took a deep breath and whispered into my ear “you smell amazing.” To which I quickly locked my eyes with his, approached his personal space bubble and whispered into his ear… “I don’t do charity work.” Mission accomplished: he never bothered me again!

I guess my point is that someone that's typically defined as good looking by society, doesn't automatically make them handsome in my books. A truly handsome man is the complete package. Not only in how they treat women (both socially and professionally) but that how they outwardly appear, only scratches the surface of what’s on the inside.

I am so blessed to have some truly handsome men in my life. My husband, my boys, (Michael, Timmy, Zack) are all at the top on the top of my heap. However, the most handsome man to ever enter my life, left before his time, in 2005. 

My Dad & I soaking up the sun.
Athletic by nature, he was fiercely intelligent;  he had charisma and a great sense of humour, as well as a very true love of people. 

He was caring, giving, with a heart so big I am surprised it didn't burst from sheer goodness before it stopped beating on its own.

My late father Herve was the most handsome man I’ve ever met and suspect I ever will.

He WAS the complete package. Not only was he handsome, he was my friend.

...and I miss him every single day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The Ole Gray Mare, she ain't what she use to be...
OR so you may think!
TAKEN: April 2014
When I started preparing the sauce for dinner this evening, my son walked into the kitchen and said, “Whoa there Mama… You really need to dye your hair!” 

Not wanting to suppress his extremely keen sense of observation (forever embracing the fact that we are cleverly disguised as a normal family) I smiled and reinforced the obvious.

“No shit, Sherlock!” was all I said.

My hair started to go gray shortly after I gave birth to the twins over twenty years ago. It started with the odd lone white curly cue sprig, that would pop up on the crown of my head. Then, before long, it became readily noticeable that I was in need of colourful help.

For the last year or so, I've debated what to do. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that the stress of the last few years has thinned my locks but that doesn't mean I want to throw in the towel and shave my head.

Some advise me to just let it go white and embrace its magnificent hue and my curls; guess I'm just not sure if I'm ready for that. I do tire of the tri-weekly ritual of doing my roots but at this stage I am getting pretty efficient at it. I guess I'll just continue with the status quo, staying far away from harsh chemicals, as well as a brush and comb.

At the end of the day, I don't see my gray hair as a hindrance, I see it as a reward for finally embracing who I am. What can I say, change is exactly that... CHANGE. You either embrace it or you don't.

I may be good and gray but when it comes to my overall outlook the math is a 95/5 split.

95% GOOD n' 5% GRAY!

Monday, April 7, 2014


I’m not a superstitious person by nature but today is April the 7th and I almost gave my chosen word a second thought for fear of jinxing my optimism as well as the long range forecast.

For the last couple days, the mercury has risen above zero and the sun is starting to finally melt the godforsaken snow. I am pleased to report that we hit our expected high of 9C here today (that's a balmy 48F for all of my American friends). So, it's with some serious trepidation, I admit I have some hope.

Hope, that the snow might finally be gone, before May the first!

Havin' a beer and finally catching some rays!
TAKEN: April 6th, 2014
Just to prove that I'm not feeding you a line of bull, I snapped my husband's picture around three o'clock yesterday afternoon. 

As we finished our weekend chores, we decided to soak up a bit of the sun. 

Thanks to a lot of elbow grease, our front deck had been rid of ice and snow since last weekend. I had prepared myself for my husband to rant, telling me the sun would eventually melt it. Then, verbalizing my passionate rebuttal, explaining why I'd finally had enough. 

Every year I do the rid the ice exercise (both here and at our cottage) and every year my husband tells me 'I need to get my head examined...' Actually, every year, before this year.

This year, he grabbed a shovel and helped move the large pieces of ice and snow, as I hammered them loose with the back of a splitting ax.

I guess you can say, for the first year ever... He'd FINALLY had enough!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I am willing to bet money, that if I asked two hundred people (100 I knew and a 100 I didn't) if they ever felt the need to escape from their everyday life, one hundred and ninety eight would say YES. My best guess would be that the two undecided would be women.

I'd also bet, that those same two women would have to ask me to repeat my question.Why? Because they’d have been too busy talking to each other (about the need to escape from their everyday lives) that they would have completely missed my question being asked!

A beach, a book & a camera.
Taken: March 2012
Let’s face it. Before your mind races to the negative, every person has a unique idea of what their personal ‘escape’ might be. 

For me, I lean on time alone. A great book, a movie in bed, or a long walk whilst singing my very favourite songs aloud.

In many ways, this silly blog is probably my most frequented escape.

Yet, my latest escape actually happened this morning. I unexpectedly headed to the laundry mat and I didn’t know a single soul in a town where I thought I knew everyone. I loved the sound of the water swishing around in the washing machines and rumble of the clothes in the dryers. I suddenly found an inner calmness in everyone minding their own business. It was in that very moment, I knew I'd escaped. I opened my notebook and chose my word.

Today was the very best kind of escape I live to experience: the unexpected kind.

Who knew that a plethora of well heated Bounce dryer sheets could smell so good?

Friday, April 4, 2014


I have been surrounded by so much skepticism of late, I decided to blog about something that is in fact incontrovertibly true. I AM the crazy dog lady!

Puddin' riding high... while Dottie & I ride shotgun.
Taken: September 19th, 2013
I’d never had a dog as a child because my mother was a cat person. The first dog we ever got as a couple was when I was about to start my maternity leave with Jukebox. 

I thought, ‘what the hell; I’ll be home for 16 weeks, I’ll have time to train it. Seriously, how hard can it be?!’. 

Well, the baby slept through the night after three weeks and for the next six months I hauled my sorry ass out of bed in the middle of the night to let the dog out for a leak!

Though we've had very few dogs over the years, the two I have now truly have my heart.

For lack of a better saying, we are a pack. The kids tease me that the only reason they respect me is because I feed them but I also think they gravitate to me (before my husband or children) because I have a constant energy with them. The three of us seem to have a unique approach new situations. We do it together, calmly, and with trust.

If there's one thing I have discovered over the last couple of years it that you’re never truly alone when you have a dog. I would suffer so if anything happened to either of my girls but after all, if I didn't have them, what the hell would I spend my money on?

Like I said... D is for .... the DOG's MA!


Thursday, April 3, 2014


What can I say? You either gravitate to that kind of energy or you don’t. Matter a fact, I am probably one of the few people I know that strive to surround myself with as much of it as much as possible. I consider it to be an essential balance in every single area of my life.

When I began dating my husband (almost thirty years ago) my mother was terminally ill. We've always had a  lot of natural chemistry but I believe we have stood the test of time part and parcel because of how well we get along. Hard times have always be overcome because we've always been the best of friends. 

From the very beginning, our life together has
always been filled with a love for sarcasm, humour and camaraderie!
Taken: June 2002
In my eyes, one of his most valued traits is his ability to make us all laugh. 

Intense by nature, he can make me laugh at the stupidest situations imaginable. Silly ones I may end up fixated on. Some days our mutual love of humour is what literally pulls me through.

With our children fully grown, it warms my heart to know that they have all embraced our philosophy. They love to laugh and live to nurture great friendships; with each other, extended family, co-workers and many facets of varying people. 

I must admit, as they were growing up, I'm confident that we were probably labelled the strictest parents. All these years later, I also know that when you flipped that disciplined coin, we've always been the most fun!

What can I say? The Peacock's LOVE FUN... It's how we roll!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I had a great call with a very good friend and respected colleague this morning. He’d sent me an email commenting on my first blog challenge offering, so I picked up the phone and gave him a call. As always, it was great to hear his voice.

Over the course of almost an hour, we talked in detail about the overall economic climate here in Cottage Country. We also spoke of what our hopes and aspirations are going forward. From a market perspective, it’s always interesting here as the seasons change and the big lakes finally open. It's a very exciting time.

Taken: June 1996
As we chatted this morning, we absolutely and unequivocally agreed (that for a goal to be truly achievable) not only do you have to be happy, there has to be belief.

Belief in objective facts of what you're working toward rather than subjective opinions of others. That, and the sheer belief in your journey. Those are the true keys.

Which brings me to my boys. In the moment the shutter snapped, you can tell that they were both very happy. I can assure you (in this moment) they personified BELIEF. 

It was the first time I'd ever convinced them that they should let me shave their heads. They trusted me but they had questions. Oh my goodness, there was doubt, not to mention that they were definitely a couple naysayers. In the end, my well thought through explanation as to why they should take such a drastic step for change resulted in their consent to move forward.

Do you want to know what the most amazing part of my story is?

It took place in my kitchen this past Sunday afternoon. I fired up my set of clippers and I shaved Goob's head. Yup, eighteen year later he still has the solid belief that this look is great. 

Know what? He's absolutely right... They still both embrace the approach and it still looks perfect.

Guess some things were just meant to be!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


DOT's PIC TAKEN: March 31st, 2014
Just so we’re clear...

I’m not talking about the kind of ambition it takes to get the hell outta bed the morning after you and your best girl friend decided to solve World Peace until the break of dawn on the cottage dock. I'm talking about the internal drive that literally comes from within.

You know, the passion and desire to always keep growing, which in turn has you moving forward and never giving up. The kind of ambition that's really easy to talk about and extremely hard to replicate.

Just look at my dog Dot...

Not even remotely a hope in hell of catching the snowball that she's set her sights on but never once did she not try her very best. I guess you can say she trusted the process to reward her, which in her case, (with my shares in Purina Milk-Bone) it always has. 

I am ambitious like Dot: yet she and I differ. I am more an analyst and somewhat a tactician. I'm sure it's because I am goal oriented but most of all, I am certain it's because I truly enjoy working toward something great.

What can I say? One post down and twenty six to go. Thank you so very much for having the ambition to finish reading my very first of this challenge.

Dot and I (and the next twenty five letters of the alphabet) are truly grateful!!