Friday, April 18, 2014


Closing up the Cottage... as well as a Chapter
In the summer of 2005, I was leading the Marketing efforts for a large land development on the Lake of Bays. 

As the bulldozers began to tear down the old resort, I asked if I could buy one of the 5-Seat Pedal boats they were anxious to get rid of. The entire lot were already well worn, yet I still made my difficult choice.

Though a real beauty in my eyes, my girl was anything but attractive. She’d been tattooed with silly goofy stickers all over her ass end but I didn’t care. She needed a home and her asking price was right. I don’t know about you, but for me, FREE, made us a perfect long term match!

From the get go she never steered very well (which I suspect was her eyesight) and her innards made a terrible grinding noise as she moved forward (which I have to think may have been an intolerance to algae). Without a single complaint, she provided tons of hours and summers of fun!

As the kids moved on, the pups and I took her over. When I lived at the cottage the summer of 2012, I exercised her every single day. Sometimes at dawn, sometimes to catch the high noon sun, but mostly to watch the sunset. She experienced my tears, my anger, my laughter, not to mention some of my really terrible singing!

How crazy is it that I'll admit that the only two that really know how I survived my midlife crisis is my computer keyboard and this amazing pedal boat?

I may have to sneak Christian Grey in there as a close third... But that's another post!

Thanks for the memories GIRLFRIEND!!

TAKEN: 2005 - 2013