Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Right after returning from my holiday and just before Christmas, I made a couple of pretty significant adjustments. Knowing it was going to be a long winter, I made the effort to reflect on what was working for me and what was not. You see, I had finally decided to purge the biggest bullshit items from my life; realigning my positive energy and kicking the negative garbage to the curb. 

The process that followed wasn't unlike cleaning out your garage. Hard decisions had to be made with regards to what was going to be entitled to stay and what definitely had to go. Envision yourself standing among a bunch of generally cherished clutter, having to make hard choices. Do you select your favourite rubber boots that now have holes in the soles or your favourite tennis rackets (which no longer has strings, not to mention you no longer play the sport). That said, once I had resigned myself to my choices I felt relief. That was more than two months ago.

Well, low and behold, night before last, I get a text message from the oldest and most comfortable pair of rubber boots that I'd kicked to the curb. Suffice is to say, all of those hurt feelings came rushing back, only to have the ones telling me that I had made the right decision take charge. Suffice is to say, I don't believe our paths will cross ever again. Sad but true, I have no desire to feed that expired parking meter; and Lord knows they'll never make the effort.

Quirky sent me a tobogganing video...
Holy Snow in NASHVILLE Batman!
Just like those once new pair of boots, over the years, I have been fortunate enough to meet people across the country and into the US. They easily found a window into my life but change in circumstance usually represented a change to our 'frenergy'.

Then, there's my Quirky Sidekick. He and I have created something (that I believe) few could ever replicate. What is the key? We feel the other is worth the effort. 

Let's face it, maintaining a true friendship as your life evolves and you change as a person is really hard work. I've tried to hold together certain friendships but it seems it's only the quirkest one of all that has truly made it.

I suppose it is because it's natural, truly unforced and most certainly... unconditional.

It's as simple as that!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Like I do every Sunday, I loaded up the car and went and spent my standard hour and a half with my buddy Rod. As he handed me the bottle of water I’d asked for, I noticed an old newspaper article faded in its frame. Though I struggled to read the fine print, I could see the headline. It read... “The Hardest Working Man in Bracebridge.”

My personal motto? Work hard & PLAY harder
TAKEN: FEBRUARY 22nd, 2015
When I read it aloud and then commented that I’d never noticed it before, he very casually said “that was written when I was nineteen”. To give that some perspective, we are the very same age... 29!

As we chatted about our busy week, I couldn't help but think of the sign I had at home that Goob had given me this past Christmas (that's it on the right, keeping my snowshoes warm).

It's conversations like the one I had today, that remind how differently we've raised our children in comparison to how we were raised.

I will admit that I know I work too much. Yet, I will also admit that I don't know how to live any other way. I'm not entirely sure how it's been construed that I work so much that I don't have a life, because that's simply not true. I have a life. Exactly the life I want. One with a solid balance. One that is fulfilling and always evolving. One that is constantly ushering out the old and welcoming in the new. One that proves I'll never stop pushing and I'll never stop learning.

Afterall, life is all about finding a proper balance... right?

Okay, so who wants have lunch & play hooky with me next Friday? You're frickin' ON!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

♫♪♫ DOCTOR, MY EYES... ♪♫♪

Today was a very enjoyable hump day for me. Pleased to report that I toddled in and brainstormed with Pete, then SJ landed and took it to the next level. I semi-worked a lot and sang aloud a little. Guess I am just simply elated that today has rated as something other than a deeply frozen February day!

Aside from my good humour, when I was hunkered down first thing this morning, it produced an official “AH-HA” moment for me. Today it became undeniably apparent that I have to get prescription spectacles. I don’t want to, yet I know it’s time. Being unable to read my laptop screen this morning made me realize that my hours in front of the computer have taken a toll and it's time to pay the piper!

(...to listen to one of my very favorite Jackson Browne songs)
TAKEN: FEBRUARY 18th, 2015
Vanity aside, I have a 27” computer screen at home and it probably sits closer to my face than it should. Glass half full? I never have to use my Dollar Store magnifying glasses (pictured left) when I am working in front of it.

That said, today when I was trying to work from my laptop, it was like trying to read the fine print on a small tube of hemorrhoid cream. The inability, simply offered zero relief to the pain in my ass!

Anyway, I think I'm so conditioned to pushing myself through challenges that I never stop & wonder how much easier it might be with a little help. Why so? Who the hell knows... All I know is that I am squinting like at bandit trying to finish this post (and if it weren't for my happy light and my eyelashes creating shadows, I wouldn't be able to read what I am typing).

After such a great day, all I can say is here's hoping that I don't have to wear the bottom of a couple of pop bottles, welded to a set of heavy duty wire rim fence frames.

Pfft.... Whatever. At least I have half a chance in making those suckers seem fashionable!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I got up this morn and was at my desk by six.  For the second night in a row, I didn’t sleep very well, so I just got up and at 'em. About an hour in, I checked my email to be greeted by a friendly hello and a “Happy Valentines Day”. Though I instantly greeted them back, I didn’t have the energy to explain why the annual Hallmark frenzy's something I have never really acknowledged.

Around nine, doing my very best bad hair/fuzzy slipper shuffle, I wandered into the kitchen and announced to my husband that I felt the need to Blog about my Mom today; then added, “I guess I should wish you a Happy Valentines Day”. My husband simply hugged me, kissed me on the forehead and no other words were spoken. For us, today has never been anything other than an  In Memory of My Mama Day.

I was four years old when this photo was taken.
Photo is  © yagottalaughaboutit.com
It’s hard to believe that it’s been twenty eight years today since my Mother passed. As I was daydreaming over my coffee before dawn, I remember it was shortly after midnight when my Dad woke and discovered she was gone.

After all of her suffering, my immediate thought (all those years ago) was that it was meant to be.

You see, she was just that stubborn.

If she knew she didn't want to take her journey on Friday the 13th, she'd of dug into her depths and simply refused to let go. That was my Mama. Always in control, never doing anything she didn’t want to!

At my ripe old age of 29, I have come to realize that we are all just a genetic discombobulation of both of our parents. Good traits, bad habits, even mannerisms all relate back to how we are hard wired. That said, not a day goes by that I don't thank my Mother for giving me her Business sense and her gam's. She had the most amazing mind, that was complimented nicely with a great pair of legs and beautiful smile.

Thanks Mom. Today I remember you.... I love and miss you very much.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Knowing I had a big day today, I was in bed early last night and was up before dawn this morning. After a two and a half hour conference call, by mid afternoon I’d had about enough multi-tasking one could handle and decided to throw on a coat and head outside with the dogs.

You know what they say... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
TAKEN: FEBRUARY 10th, 2015

This aft the UV rays were so intense and temperature so mild, it felt like the only thing missing was my Fairy Godmother walking down the drive offering me three wishes. It felt wonderful!

As I walked around the dog trails, throwing sticks and basking in the sun, I found myself at the bottom of the snow covered steps to the fire pit (admiring our rickety old trellis). In awe, I just stood there.

My old friend was surrounded by a perfect blanket of snow, with a crisp pristine blue sky to offer the perfect backdrop; absolutely beautiful, solid and stoic. To a girl that hadn't been out of the house since last Saturday afternoon, it offered a very welcome visual euphoria.

Alone in the moment I couldn't help daydreaming, about my trellis and the simple thought that if I headed up that hill... Caught my snowshoe and twisted both my ankles and called 911... A really hot fireman would come role play my fantasy. (Knowing that ain't ever gonna ever happen, I went back into the house and got back to work.)

I AM pleased to report that my husband called minutes later to surprised me with the fact that he'd stopped and bought me four new pair of my very favourite fuzzy socks. That right there had me shave my legs, put on my best bonnet, and wait for him to get home to me with bells on.

What can I say? The only person responsible for making your day memorable is YOU!

Friday, February 6, 2015


♫♪♫ Happy Birthday Dear Jukebox... Happy Birthday To Youuuu ♫♪♫
TAKEN: DECEMBER 25th, 2014
Well, my baby is celebrating the anniversary of his birth today!

As I look forward to cookin’ him a kickass dinner and sharing a glass of wine with him, I can’t help but reminisce about the day he was born. All these years later, that welcome day still remains one of the happiest of my life.

Funny Story: The night before he was born, my husband had a basketball game. I never missed attending because I use to time and score all of his games. At the Half, on that fateful February 5th, I felt myself going into labour. Scared, I remember approaching my husband with my news, only to have him say “OK… But you’re gonna be able to finish scoring the game right?” I can still see the look on his face. It wasn't that he was going to be a Dad, it’s that they were winning and he desperately wanted the stat!

Well, suffice is to say, that I held on and finished the game. We arrived at the hospital shortly after midnight; but my future personal Jukebox wasn't nearly ready to greet the world. He didn’t arrive until the following day at 4:29pm. He was perfect. My husband immediately named him in the operating room and we began our life long journey as a family.

Which brings us to today. I know what you're thinking. He's awfully tall for a toddler, right?. Well, first of all, he gets his height from his father and secondly... his mother will never be any older than twenty nine, so deal with it!

Joking aside, join me is wishing this amazingly talented man a very Happy Birthday. 

For the first time in 365 days I'll be the one singing to him tonight...Instead of vice-versa!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


In the early part of 2006, I was hired by a gentleman (that was branching out on his own) to do a Business Plan. Even now, the one thing I remember most, was the constant need of reinforcement. Each meeting, I would carefully remind him... 'clients don't want to know what you know, until they know that you care'. Suffice is to say, he went an entire year without ever being hired.

The complete and total opposite applies to the two gents I met with this week. I've blogged of them here before, as we all use to work for my former employer. As the then Sale Manager, I remember verbalizing to them both, that I would gladly add either to the Team in a heartbeat. They, unlike my 2006 bloke, have "IT"!

Since my leaving in 2013, they've partnered and gone into Business together. I am not exageratting when I say that they personify the perfect partnership. One is a micro thinker and the other has a more macro approach. Their work ethic is unstoppable and they are life-long friends. The added bonus is that they are fortunate that the necessary elements of communication and trust are naturally predominant. About a week ago, they called me and asked for a meeting.

I knew instantly they understood the difference between being in the Business and being the person that looks at their Business. I was impressed that when the hard questions were asked, they were answered very honestly. I'm excited for them as they have all the pieces to a really great puzzle. Like I said, 'these guys have IT'. There’s no pretension, no ego, no excuses; just some very solid and extremely respectable goals. 

That's Glenner on the end with his head down....
He's simply checking his phone to make sure his SALES are up!

As I sat across the table from them I realized that they represent the next generation of Business in Muskoka. That said, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I left our meeting a tad disappointed. I wished our buddy Glenner would have been sitting at the table and a part of this amazing dialogue. I know he's killing it in the Caribbean but I still miss him, not to mention my ability to brainstorm with him, when need be.

DIRR-PURR-DIRR Peeps.... DIR-PURR-DIRR. Which is code for absolutely nothing. I guess I will just always remember those words fondly. You see, it's how we use to greet each other.

Every... Single... Day.

Monday, February 2, 2015


I remember one holiday season, when I was probably about twelve, the childless couple across the street gifted each other a new refrigerator for Christmas. I also remember it being one of the most memorable Christmas holidays for the kids that lived on our street. You see, when Barb put the box at the end of their driveway on garbage day, I knocked on the door and asked if we could have it. Once opened and flattened, it was the best kickass toboggan (that easily seated twelve) EVER!

My point has nothing to do with the silly dialogue happening around the Province about the banning of tobogganing, rather it’s more about the one Christmas vacation when all the kids on our street played more with the box at the end of the drive instead of the toys gifted. Coincidentally, expected behaviour vs. reality at hand is something I am currently going though on the canine front.

Annie arrived to us in a very unconventional and unexpected sense. Because this wasn't going to be my first dog rodeo, she settled nicely into everything she may possibly need. Early on, she began to show symptoms of a mild case of OCD. At any given moment I would find a half dozen shoes at my feet. She wouldn't chew them, just carry them around and eventually deliver them. Then, she became obsessed with the toilet brush in the downstairs bathroom, that just happens to be adjacent to my home office.

Annie's a cute as a button. (With a splash of OCD for entertainment purposes!)
TAKEN: JANUARY 29th, 2015
Over and over again she’d bring it to me, I’d return it. She’d bring it, I’d take it and return it to it's proper place. 

Finally, after two days of being a tad exasperated, I went the The Dollar Store and fetched her a brush she could call her own. Six weeks later, for hours at a time, she carries that thing around like it’s her pride a joy. Just like my cardboard 'frigerator box all those years ago, she’s found an unexpected, albeit simple source of entertainment. 

Those that know me. know that I really do have a bit of a potty mouth. Good news is that I no longer need to carry around a brush and a bar of soap to keep things clean! 

Effective immediately... That's officially Annie's job!!