Sunday, January 30, 2022


This girl has never been anything but a pure joy to raise!
TAKEN: 2015 & 2019

 Our wee Annie was five weeks old when we brought her home. I believe she was the runt because she could pretty much fit in my hands and no ability to eat or lap water. We tended to her round the clock those first three days, which I believe saved her life.

I am a firm believer that no matter what their age, a dog knows when you save them. Instinctually, I am sure they understand you’re getting them though that darkness, which in turn blesses you with unconditional loyalty for as long as they live.

Annie isn't the first dog we rescued, she was just the youngest. One was five months old, one about a year and the third a year and a half. In all instances all were eternally grateful except one. We had to put Sally down for aggression and biting. 

We have always raised and rescued females and all were spayed to prevent any unexpected visits from the stork; actually, all but my Annie.

You see, I usually wait until after their first heat and she never had her first until she was three. Her second followed 24 months later. There was never an intention to breed her, and because she was so well behaved - after six years just never bothered as she's never left my side.

Well, when my husband and I were in the city this past December, our dog sitter had friend over with his male dog. I hadn't been concerned at the time because Annie hadn't been in heat - or so I thought.

This past week, we noticed a major change in her disposition. She was moody with the rest of her pack and very clingy to me. Clingy never surprises me, because she has never more than a couple of feet away from me at all times. This was almost obsessive neediness.

Well, after a bit of research we have discovered that Annie in going to be a momma in a couple of weeks.

We've never wanted to breed any dog and this doesn't change out opinion in this situation. That said, I am taking on this situation like I do most thing. 

With my glass half full, I will be simply treating it as another new adventure and promise to keep everyone posted!


Sunday, January 23, 2022


Over the recent 2021 holiday break, I watched a 7-part documentary offering on Netflix titled Pretend It’s A City, starring New York City author and 70’s icon Fran Lebowitz.

Though she made a ton of valid points about the Big Apple within the hours I watched, in one episode, she went on a rant on how she can’t believe people travel for the purpose of enjoyment. 

"When I’m in airports and I see that there are people going on vacations, I think… How horrible could your life be?” Then she continued with “Like, how bad is your regular life, that you need to escape it?!”

As you know, my husband and I have travelled quite a bit and we have a pretty great ‘regular life.’ So, as soon as she said it, I instantly did a double take and wish I would have had the laser sharp wit to say what I will say here today. 

"Yo, Franny...” (I'll call her that, because we quickly bonded during my very lengthy and indulgent binge watch in my jammies.) "Kiss my fat and colourful carryon caboose... and stick my boarding pass where the holiday sun don't shine!”

Overbearing travel opinions of one rich New Yorker aside, next month marks the 10th anniversary of the very first trip my hubby and I took without our kids. I had won a $5,000 travel voucher and we decided to travel in great style to a destination that we’d never typically be able to afford to go. Negril, Jamaica was where we landed.

On that trip, we met a couple that we have stayed in touch with ever since. As a matter a fact, we got along so well, that we met each other again in Runaway Bay two years later; and we were invited to their wedding in Montego Bay in April of 2018. (That's the amazing HMR on the right, photobombing my man.)

Winter work (in Muskoka) vs. Winter warmth (in Runaway Bay)
TAKEN: Today and February 2014

I totally miss travelling... Because for us it isn’t just about the time you spend together once you’ve arrived at your destination. We enjoy the planning, research, the anticipation, and of course the most exciting part for me - the sound of my passport getting stamped.

Which takes me back to my buddy Fran. How bad is my 'regular life' if I need to escape it? I say toss that Toonie into the air, because the other side of the proverbial coin question will be: How many narrow minded people do you know that have a thick passport?!”

Either way, I can say with confidence, that every single stamp we’ve gotten along the way will be only one of the many conversations we will always enjoy together for the rest of our lives.

So, there you have it Ms. Lebowitz.

 Point. Set. Match.... ME!

Sunday, January 16, 2022


Fun times on our last pre-lockdown vacation to Mazatlán Mexico.
Sad that (post op) travel will never be the same. BUT... We'll figure it out!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, my husband took a three-month work hiatus last fall which saw me booking a prearranged block of time off with him. 

His time was for personal health reasons. Mine was to be his 'beck and call' girl, ensuring we got to keep him around with us for many more years to come.

I began my work break the day before my husband entered the hospital, and we mutually decided on day five after his surgery, that I would not be returning to my then place of employment.

That said, not to throw baby out with bathwater, I requested to take an addition three weeks of vacation time once we got home. You know, in hopes my boss wouldn’t turn out to be the greedy turd my hubby warned me he was.

Alas, when the time ran out, I lost in my true wager of hope. He won the lackluster coin toss fair and square, and as we expected I officially left the job the Friday night before I was set to return the first Monday in November.

Though you may be sensing this is going to be a dark rant about a bad boss - it isn’t.  He’s in the past and not the direction I’m going. This electronic journal post is a good news story about my husband and me.

A good news story on how we spent three life changing months, in very close proximity, essentially only in each other’s company and we didn’t kill each other… Signifying will be a successful team in retirement!

Now, for those of you that know my husband, certain phrases will always come to mind. “Great guy, amazing friend, gets along with everyone” top the list, and the list is long. The one thing I will say, is that none of those people live with him.

Just as I’m sure people that know yours truly, wonder how my hubby puts up with me, I will caution once again… you don’t live with us. I believe we work well because we have found a great balance.

At the end of the day, we have always worked hard on good communication as well as our overall friendship with each other. We married young and started our family younger than most. Yet, we were lucky to have found a rhythm that truly bonds the both of us. 

Most importantly, the rough patches are things we still discuss openly, they aren’t tucked away. As we both recognize, those times are all a part of how we have arrived at today.

Suffice to say, because of our looming circumstance over the last year, we’ve discussed our plans for retirement and what that may look like. I guess I can say that after the last three months, now we're just excited about how that eventual transition will happen. 

Which brings me to my long story/short point:

How do you know it’s your time to retire? It’s when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it!

Stay tuned. After a year, I am finally writing again... and I promise to report back on what we decide!!