Saturday, October 31, 2015


It truly is the simple things.
....Like drinkin' an ice cold coke outta the bottle!
TAKEN: Barcardi Island ~ APRIL 2015
I was emailing back and forth with my buddy Marcus all week. He’s always been an amazing sounding board and as expected, he's encouraged me NOT to curl up in a ball in the hall closet, rather keep dealing with my SAD (seasonal affective disorder) head on. 

As I try to cope with the dastardly time change that hits tomorrow morning, I am focusing on staying in a good mind space until I leave on my November trip. Sitting here typing, I can't help but reflect on how therapeutic getting away this time last year really was for me.

Reinvigorated with vitamin D from that trip, I rolled right into a perfect green Christmas at the cottage, which sparked the decision to wait until my birthday to travel for my next burst of sunlight. The sad part about making that decision, was that in those months that lapsed, so many things in my life changed.

That said, I  refuse to blame those things on why my Birthday trip went south; but I will admit that I believe it was one of bazillion contributing factors. So, in the spirit of good blogging, last weekend (yet again) I went through the hundreds of pics I took last April.

Just like they have every other time, I feel they tell my story. It was a terrible trip for me.

Glass half full? If there’s one thing that I’ve learned since I started this electronic journey in 2011... it's to never say never. I embrace every inch of the good and push through every bit of the bad. I guess you can say that also apply that philosophy to my travel experiences.

After a really rough first trip to Negril Jamaica in 2012 (with regards to my mid-life crisis, NOT the destination) I swore I’d never return to the island. Why is that the perfect example? Because 24 months later I had a great experience in Runaway Bay; and at this point in time, it's looking like she’s shortlisted for a three-peat visit winter of 2016!

So, as I sit here illuminated by my happy light this morn, I will just write and go on record that I’ll never say that I’ll never to a return to Samana DR. What I will say, is that if/when I return, I'll think I'd like to stay on the luxury Gran Bahia resort located directly on Bacardi Island.

Not just because I like to sip a rum and coke (and it's named after my favourite brand of spirits) but because my thought process is why only visit an amazing place for a day... When you can stay a week basking in the brightest travel experience you have stored in your memory bank, from a not so stellar vacation...


Monday, October 26, 2015


Okay, so as you know, I blogged last night about my all day junk food marathon this past Saturday and the fact that I definitely paid for that sin yesterday. Well, it seems that not enough penance had been paid forward, because 'big fat hairy bitch Rhondi' boiled over the sides of that thar cauldron and seeped out of my pores yet again today.

My private backyard 'screening' yesterday.....
TAKEN: OCTOBER 25th, 2015
Relax, I wasn't unbearable or rude; simply a just a tad cheerful and extremely quiet. I was so bitchy today that even a bright spark of light (as captured through my my screen door yesterday) didn't help my disposition this eve.

The hard truth is that I knew last night what kind of a day I was going to have today based on a brief conversation I had late yesterday afternoon. That shitty conversation, combined with our blinding full moon last night's, turned me into a totally bitchy bitchin' blogger!

Trust me, I hate feeling this way more than you reading about it; but I seem to be stuck.

As a result, I am feeling so friggin' miserable, that I fear that even if you tied pork chops around my ears, the dogs wouldn't play with me. Hell. I was so short with Twos this morn that I never heard back from him and I had to send an apology email this afternoon. Yup, I had to apologize to my BEB (best email buddy) because I hadn't emailed all weekend. I had to email and explain it was because I am a HUGE bitch and I'd been chewing on a large bag of spiral nails the last 48 hours.

His email response was perfect. "No wonder you had a bad weekend," he wrote

"Those nails didn't have enough bite to satisfy you. They clearly weren't galvanized!" 

Do I have the best friends or what?!

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Sometimes, the best laid plans never work out the way they're supposed to. As you can imagine, I’d had a couple of options for spending this past weekend but at the end of it all, I figured the right thing to do was to hunker down and close the cottage. Well, yesterday it poured rain here all day, so I ended up lounging in some very ugly jammies, eating junk food and watching the boob tube for 99.9% of the day.

I have no idea why I am making it sound like I am the least bit surprised. Every fall there’s always an adjustment when we move home from the cottage. Anyway, as I was curled up in my chair all day yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice how the “art of squirreling” has been refined at the house this fall. Adding another dog to the mix makes the anticipation of a visit and the actual act of being on high alert much more entertaining. As Dot winds down, it feels like Annie is working overtime to pick up the slack. It’s really very interesting to watch the family of three that we have living in our trees, tease three pups we keep living in our home. 

I realize that this is Dot’s last hurrah. Matter a fact, I am grateful that I snapped this pic of the three of them watching their squirrel friends on the trees right outside the window. As you can see, the timing of my picture was perfect.

Larry, Mo & Curly... I mean Dot, Annie & Puddin'
TAKEN: OCTOBER 24th, 2015

Why? Because the rest of the day, Puddin’ just sat there staring at me wondering when my four time an hour encore (every fifteen minutes like clockwork) of chips and dip would yet again appear. Sad part about that statement is that we took a big chunk out of a strawberry-rubarb pie and tub of vanilla ice cream too. Isn't it odd junk food gives us that false jolt from funk to fab?!

As the four of us girlz spent today bloated and cranky, I find it amazing how my funk/false fab yesterday was the perfect segue for my Facebook blog page post earlier today. It read: I put my scale in the bathroom corner today… and that’s where that bitch will stay until she apologizes!

What can I say...Yesterday, for the first time in a very long time, us four bitches definitely did NOT unconditionally choose a salad!

...Ya Gotta Laugh About It

Sunday, October 18, 2015


As you know, I’ve been clearing behind the cottage all summer (& into the fall) one pulled muscle at a time. As expected, it’s been a very long and physically daunting task but as of last night, I’ve officially gotten my project to a place I'm actually happy with.

The good news is that everything that was going to get cut this season was down and moved a couple of weeks ago. The bad news was that burning of all those remnants of brush, saw little end in sight. With the core goal of cleaning that mess in mind, I landed with the pups around noon with a plan. A plan to just keep my head down and the fire stoked until my last muscle was pulled and the great big clutter of crap was gone. Though it started to snow shortly after 1pm, it made not matter. In fact, the odd burst of white precipitation and radio blaring made for great company.

Pleased to report that it snowed for the first time this fall at exactly 1:12pm yesterday!
TAKEN: OCTOBER 17th, 2015

As I maneuvered around my fire yesterday there was lots of time to think. As a result, here’s today’s question… When you look inward at yourself, is there anything your grateful for? 

For example, I am proud at how I’ve raised my children, happy that I have made a comfortable living over the years; but most of all I am grateful that I’ve never been lazy. After all, the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

At the end of the season, I’m glad my little cottage project was something I decided to work away at on my own. I was telling my BEF (best electronic friend) this morning that I can see physical changes in my body from all my hard work but it’s more than that. As a goal oriented person, the results speak for themselves.

I guess the bottom line is that I had a vision and I knew it would take a hell of a lot of work to see it accomplished. The added bonus is that I am going to look really good in my bikini next month in Mexico.

A win, win, win, win, win, win for little ole me....Wouldn’t ya say?!

It may not look like much but it was a hell of a lot of hard work!
(...As I proudly blogged about my first phase in July.)
TAKEN: July 21st & October 18th, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015


What a weekend. Though I had the luxury of spending the majority of Saturday with my daughter, I definitely paid for it by trying to cram three days of cumbersome fall house chores into two. I have aches on top of aches and they aren’t what I consider a “good hurt”. I’m not sure if I remember the euphoric kind if pain I’m alluding to that usually follows really great sex; but trust me, these aches ain’t them.

Yesterday was spent inside, cleaning and purging. From moving furniture, to vacuuming the corners of ceilings, to sorting through a boat load of closet crap I no longer need. If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a pack rat. This time last year, I told myself that I would hang onto certain items of clothing until I hit a certain goal size. Well, I’ve hit that goal and all I could do was laugh as I crammed specific residual frocks into garbage bags for donation. Why? Because the I have no idea why I was holding onto the stuff. They was some dat mo-fo ugly kinda stuff!

Anyway, after a Jays win last night, I went to bed early and switched the focus to outside chores today. With my man working his list of things to do, I was really hoping that this would be the last time I'd have to mow the lawn this season but you never know. It’s 22C here today, so I just may need to pull out my bad boy Lawnboy one more time before my snow scoop replaces it and my closest yard work confidant.

I swear we're the only household on our street that doesn't have someone else do their yard work!
TAKEN: OCTOBER 12th, 2015

Speaking of my snow scoop. When I finished the mowing the main part of the lawn, I couldn’t help but notice that we were the only house that was suffering extreme foliage spillage onto the street, so I decided to rake. Though it was still raining leaves as I tackled the task, the good news is that I grabbed my snow scoop and shoveled the suckers into submission. Like I said, I’m spent.

As I sit here in a near comatose state, squinting at the screen, I have no desire to prepare dinner. With the twins engaged elsewhere for dinner and Jukebox working at his computer, I’m contemplating what to prepare. At this juncture, a bowl of Fruit Loops and an ice cream sandwich for dessert seem mighty inviting.

Then again, I’m not sure that I will be able to lift the cereal spoon to my mouth without wincing; so three ice cream sandwiches into the blender it is!

Uh-Oh, where's my straw? Come on.... Has anyone seen my straw?!

Sunday, October 11, 2015


As I sip my coffee in my jammies I find it hard to believe that it’s Thanksgiving weekend already. It seems like only a minute and a half ago I was frolicking with the pups in the snow to celebrate Family Day last February. Where the hell has the time gone? For a vast number of reasons, I feel like the 'walk of life' has become a slow jog and Dire Straits is nowhere to be found. Then again, I suppose that's how everyone reading feels about life in general.

A beautiful 2014 fall morning at the cottage.
TAKEN: OCTOBER 11th, 2014
As I looked through my photos this morn of where I was at this time last year, I realized that I was still living full-time at the cottage. Working hard and determine to stay put until at least Thanksgiving (which was a challenge but in the end it was accomplished).

As I admire this picture I snapped exactly one year ago today, like the leaves, I just can’t believe how many elements of my life have changed. All for the good, because for the first time in over a decade, I feel my life has a solid balance.

That may read like a big bag of hokcum but it's true. After my dad passed in 2005 the direction of my life slowly shifted and changed. Some areas for the good and some for the bad. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like I was frantically jumping from one side of the beamscale to the other in search of harmony. Almost like a decade long teeter totter ride enjoyed alone. Wait, enjoyed is the wrong word, because it's been a hell of a lot of hard work and a very long journey!

All of that said, I have so much and so many to be grateful for this year. As I head upstairs to change over my seasonal clothing to prepare for what Mother Nature is sending my way (and I scramble to find where I've hidden my tights, dress socks, mitts & muffs) I have to admit that I'm feeling truly blessed. Grateful for my health and appreciative for the love and friendships I am surrounded by every single day.

Just so we're clear. The turkey that's sitting in the sink upstairs aligns more on the acquaintance side of things per say. Not that having the odd acquaintance for dinner is a bad thing. An acquaintance just tends not to hang around as long as true friends or family. In this instance, the dude in the sink won't be hanging around for dessert!

From  my home to yours... Keep smiling and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Monday, October 5, 2015


My man & me enjoying my 29th Birthday trip.
As you know, I celebrated my 29th Birthday with a neat jaunt to Samana last April. I never bothered posting an album of the photos I took, because for varying reasons, it wasn’t a very memorable trip for me. Truth of the matter is that I only have myself to blame.

I did the leg work and I picked the destination. At the end of the day, I’m still disappointed that my overall experience was in line with a hot bag of poo landing on my front door step. That said, I know now that my opinion is thanks to outside stresses & my mindset at the time; NOT the destination.

With that personal diabolical misstep behind me, I am pleased to report that my husband was set to celebrate his 29th birthday last July, which presented me with a solid chance at travel redemption. We talked of doing something special but we had also agreed (before my birthday trip) to pull away all of my services from my largest client and start anew. The sad part of the story's that we mutually decided to drop that axe on that client less than 3 weeks before his milestone birthday.

Here’s where my story gets neat. Though I released my client services on a Monday afternoon, by that Thursday morning an amazing opportunity had presented itself. Once dialogue and team interviews were held, I was made a formal offer for my new position on a truly unforgettable day: my husband’s 29th birthday!!

As we cuddled in bed last Sunday morning, I grabbed my tablet and we started to run through places he’d had me previously earmark. Our deal was I’d supply the budget but he was to decide exactly where he wanted to celebrate his belated birthday.

About a half hour into our search, he asked me to go off grid and look at a spot he’s wanted to go the last couple of years. When I did, he discovered that his destination was coming in above our budget. He was disappointed. After confirming this was where he really wanted to go, I announced that I had saved more money than we’d originally discussed, so we went down to my home office and booked his trip together.

What's the first thing he did once we received our travel confirmation? He grabbed his smartphone and checked the weather there. Ya gotta laugh about it because I know he'll continue to do so (multiple times daily) until he has to turn the stinkin' thing off as the plane backs onto the tarmac next month!

Happy Belated 29th Birthday Baby... Cabo San Lucas, here we come!!