Thursday, April 30, 2015


Well, I made it!

I survived my 3rd AtoZ April Blogging Challenge and my hyphenated words reflect the stored ounces of energy I have left to create even one more post. To say it's been a very long and emotional month, would be an understatement.

As expected (& as I do every year) I've gained readers, while others fell by the wayside. I was sad to see my buddy Gary go during the writing process this month. He quit reading at PEEPS; which was fitting I suppose.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't thank each and every one of you for reading my silly thoughts until the end. With this, my 506th post under my belt, this years challenge has once again proved to be a very personal journey... Of both reflection, as well as of self-discovery.

Cheers ~ Rhondi

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hanging on for dear life (yet embracing the Samana moment).... YOWZA!
Taken: APRIL 9th, 2015
There are a handful of people in my life that can make me laugh so hard; that when I'm done, my face truly hurts.

Because they're so important to me, I wanted to choose a Y word that I thought was at least a tad bit deserving.

So I chose a sexy, urban dictionary word, that easily defined some of the emotion they tend to evoke in me... YOWZA!

All I'll say is that after receiving a hilarious message from an electronic friend yesterday, I damn near needed to change my pants because I'd laughed so hard I nearly piddled.  When I asked why they shared their specific joke with me, their answer was sincere.

"Because... LIFE is short!"

Yes-Sir-Ree-Bob-A-Roonie was my quick 'n very simple reply.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015


My only regret is carrying crappy "taker" baggage for far too long!
Three years ago last November, I was the girl with the balloons. 

My nest had emptied and I was embarking on a personal journey that I knew would change me to my very core. 

Suffice is to say that I made some much needed and very big life moves. Then, to compliment my new outlook, I started this silly little Blog. As stupid as this reads, yesterday proved to me that the woman of more than three years ago, has officially morphed into a space where she knew she needed to be.

How so? As I looked down at my phone yesterday, I rolled my eyes, injected applicable sound effect, and said only one word. Pffft....WHATEVER!

You see, for the last leg of my journey, I decided that 2015 was going to be dedicated to the "Death of The Taker!” You know the type, they'll only call you when they're in a jam, need something and/or are looking for an ego boost. The even bigger trait of a taker is that they are conspicuously absent whenever you’re in need of them. 

Why is it that people think they can re-enter your life without penalty for treating you poorly? Could it be that they have no clue that they truly have? 

WHATEVER… Nuf said!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


My 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. The good news is that have I met and connected with the most Bloggers in the three years I have participated. Not only that, previous electronic friends have reconnected with me thanks to some of the topics I have blogged about. Which tells me my struggle for words was worth it?!

Anyway, in an effort to let readers get to know me a little better, I decided to pick a V word that best describes me. Though a few quickly came to mind, it was a conversation at lunch yesterday that made me choose the one I did. The comment was about how comfortable I am leading people. We talked about my level of personal confidence, which led me to my word of the day... I truly do greet each new day!

May your day be as VIBRANT as my disposition.
Just look at my pup. I’m sure it’s the tone of my voice  & my words that had her in such a euphoric state. 

Then again, it could be that the person taking my picture was telling me to turn the volume down on my snow pants and Dottie is just helping them with their plight.

Either way, I vividly remember this day, which was one for the record books. 

Not only were my pants as loud as our laughter but my positive energy was taken to the next level by a solid dose of Vitamin D. 

Not to mention that I was spending the day with the ones that I love.

Friday, April 24, 2015


After my lunch meeting today... I once again feel I truly am.
Peeps... Here’s the skinny...!

Though I am busier than a one armed paper hanger, when a very important last minute lunch invite came my way, I simply couldn't refuse.

As a result, I am pleased to report that I let my guard down MORE today than I have in well over a year. Simply put, my dining partner made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh... So much so, that when I got home, I honestly felt like my lackluster smile of self doubt had officially been rejuvenated. I kid you not, THAT is the true brilliance of unconditionality in a friendship.

He knew exactly what I needed, which in turn erased any of my self-doubt. It got rid of all of those questionable shitty cob webs, that'll in turn help me topple any future naysayers. I had a blast. I am extremely grateful for his friendship and he's the perfect ally in any storm.

Our friendship?

Most certainly... UNCONDITIONAL.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


As my daughter returned home to us today, I thought the quote below fitting when trying to understand the timing in ones life. I know for a fact that these very wise words will resonate with so many in my life: both past and present, near and far. May my timing find each and every one of you healthy & happy. ~ Your friend, Rhondi

“Sometimes the best and worst times of your life can coincide. It is a talent of the soul to discover the joy in pain - thinking of moments you long for, and knowing you’ll never have them again. The beautiful ghosts of our past haunt us, and yet we still can’t decide if the pain they caused us outweighs the tender moments when they touched our soul. This is the irony of love.”           
                                                                                                                         ~ Shannon L. Alder

My Sweetie and me... Never to focus on the past. It's not the direction we're going.
TAKEN: MARCH 11th, 2012

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Thanks for the post idea Becca!
Well, here it is. My very first selfie. How goofy is it that I vividly remember the night I took this bad boy?

Crux of the story is, Facebook was the new and in thing, and I wanted to change my profile pic for the upcoming season. Admiring the festive lights in the livingroom,  I hatched a plan. 

Seeing that the days of holding up ones phone was years from hitting the mainstream, my pic was staged using a 35mm digital camera and a mirror. Even today, I still find the look of it intriguing.

Everyone knows that each and every aspect of social media and online optimization is a part of what I do. I guess you could say that I’m one of the lucky ones that get to do “IT” for both business & pleasure. As I reflect, I have to admit that it's been an extremely interesting journey, that started with a Myspace account so many moons ago. From there, I just followed the technology, invested my time, and got lucky. Most probably wonder why I stay with Blogger and haven't headed over to Wordpress, the answer is a no-brainer.

I don't write for a living, I simply enjoy to write: I'm comfortable here.

This Blog wasn't created to generate revenue, just some interesting thoughts and a personal peace of mind. As I officially wind it down, it feels good to know that I have accomplished exactly that.

Silly ...geeky... selfies...  et all!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that I’ve been talking to my Dad these last few days. I know you’ll probably not be surprised to read that he isn't answering back; yet there’s an inner peace in knowing that he’ll always be there to listen when need be.

I miss my Dad. I miss him every single day. I miss the lifetime of guidance he gave me and I am grateful that I was with him when he passed. The last six weeks he was alive it was like every day was an adventure. We looked at pictures, he told me stories, and together we searched for his one true love. We never did find her before he passed but she has found me since and we remain in contact to this very day.

10 years since he left me... My dad is still my closest confidant.
 (Photo ©
Just look at us!

It’s hard to believe I was a babe when this photo was taken. I had my own apartment and was dating the third of my four T’s. (I’m not sure if I've ever shared that I only ever had four serious boyfriends & that their names all started with the letter T. Weird eh?)

That said, my number three T drove a Corvette and was as arrogant as they get. Boy, he may have been easy on my eyes but there was no conceit in his family, because he had it all. YUP, my cousins Nan & Jan just totally rolled their eyes! 

Oh, young love. There really isn’t a formula. So, I guess as I reminisce, if there’s one spark of wisdom I have for my daughter it’s that she shouldn't fret. She's not the only gal that ever hooked up and invested in an asshole, her mother did too.

All I can say to her, all these years later, is... Thank goodness Tom has always remained in my very valuable “lessons learned” file!

Ya Gotta Laugh About It!!

Monday, April 20, 2015


I’m the first person to put my hands up and admit that I’m not the sharpest tack in the box. That said, I suppose I am grateful that Sharp Tack Quality Control Department let me slip into their proverbial box for being 'just sharp enough'. Hell, I'm no rocket scientist, so I’ll accept whatever grades those white coat quality peeps are handin' out!!

What do I know?
My fur babies don't even listen to me!
TAKEN: MARCH 31, 2015
Giggles aside, for the first time since I started this electronic journal, the one thing I have refused to discuss, have been the months of painfully questionable distance placed between my daughter and myself. All I will say is that based on difficult choices, hard lines were drawn & maintained.

It's only recently that she has made the personal choice (outside of us) to come home. It's only now, that I can tearfully admit that it was my husband and my sons that carried me though all those very difficult months.

Truth? I wasn't silent because I wanted to be,  I was silent because I needed to be. For her: so she could go to the next level in her life without my noise. My heart knew she needed to have this specific life experience, no matter what the outcome.

I'm not gonna lie. The evolution of the relationship I have with my children isn't unlike what I have discovered works within my marriage, which is probably why I have learned to compartmentalize so well. Simply put, I came to the realization that a breath saved, makes the world of difference... in the long run.

Could that be why I write? So that I will always have a voice that is truly my own?


Saturday, April 18, 2015


Staccs is moving back to Ontario next week. Not for a visit but to generally start anew. 

Though she's shed a tsunami of tears in the last couple of weeks, the one thing she can’t deny, is that her inner circle have rallied around her and unconditionally assured her that she’s doing the right thing.

Saying her PEEPS are 'all that' is an understatement. As selfish as this may read, I am glad the advice she received to regroup came from them and not me.

I love my shot of TEAM PINK. Brat Pack... Black & White.

Wearing those “bat shit crazy bitch mother, that stood in the way of true love” pair of shoes have to be the most unfashionable & uncomfortable pieces a gal will ever wear.

The ugliest outfit that goes with those f-ugly shoes? Letting your children experience life lessons when you know that you're ultimately the heavy. There is no handbook for parenting, yet today proved that I have learned to truly listen.

To my daughters PEEPS....  You are all such amazing Men. 

Never lose sight of that!

Friday, April 17, 2015


When I posted my letter “N” yesterday, I quickly got a message from my buddy Tim saying he wasn't sure if my post was lame or profound. I quickly picked up the phone and called him. After a couple of chuckles, I immediately admitted the obvious. “Marketing 101: If I have to explain the concept, it’s not working!”

One of these things is not like the others!
Though I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as a bad idea, the truth was yesterday I didn’t have one. So, instead of looking to others to spark a post idea, I tossed a photo into my graphic design software and created something that was my own. Whether lame or profound, it was mine!

Yup, my blog might not be funny & at times encroach on lame; BUT at least I can (more often than not) satisfy myself with a BIG O for ORIGINALITY!

That is all. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Why is it lately I feel like everyone is screwing me and no one is buying me a drink first?

Seriously... Old friends, new friends (assholes, that think they’re my friend) even the odd Facebook "friend". In keeping with that theme, I have to go on the record that no one has screwed me longer and harder than Hydro One!!

I know I’ve ranted about this before but I can completely understand how some Canadian households don’t know if they should feed their family or keep them warm. Though my situation may not be as grave, it doesn't leave me any less disgruntled.

I guess my biggest complaint is what Hydro One wants... Hydro One gets. NO offering of foreplay, and most definitely, not even a finite drop of LUBE.

I can honestly tell you that after the last couple of winters, nothing will ever surprise me. The only preparation I have for getting screwed, are the actions I take before I open the bill: I tense up every muscle in my body and brace myself for what's coming!

All I’ll say is that after every one of our monthly encounters, I’m always left unsatisfied.

No big surprise there. I suspect the CEO has a teeny weeny…. BRAIN!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


My word choice today is about how I am feeling, not about a misplaced possession.

You see, last night I got a message asking me to call the Son in Law of our cottage neighbour in the City. Instantly, my heart dropped. I was home alone, so I replied that my husband would call when he returned from running his errand. Half an hour later, my biggest fear came to fruition. Our much loved neighbour Lois, had passed.

When we bought our cottage, not only had we been blessed with our own perfect little haven, we'd inherited the most amazing neighbours. As a young couple new to cottaging, Ken & Lois helped us any way they could. They were the brains of cottage life, and we were the brawn. (Meaning...They could fix anything, and we could pack up and carry anything.) In hindsight. it was a match made in heaven.

Rest In Peace Lois.... You'll be with us forever.
Though we lost Ken in 2011, we were still cheerfully blessed each summer with Lois’ company. She remained as spry as ever, and swan everyday no matter how cold the water was. I am going to miss her swimming over, climbing our dock ladder, and enjoying a whirl down our slide. Not only am I going to miss her company, I'm going to miss her very sincere smile. 

I suppose I chose this particular photo, because from now on, every time the sun peeks through the trees, I’ll instantly think of her watching over us.

Rest in Peace Lois; be sure to give Ken a hug and a kiss for me. 

We love & miss you both very much.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Well, I made it home; only to discover I left my laptop cord at the dang blasted Resort!

I didn’t panic, because I embarrassingly hoard any & all electronic accessories produced. Anyway, much to my dismay, not only did I quickly establish that I did NOT have a cord, it was instantly apparent that the boys had endured a week from hell. They say 'it happens in threes' and last night a skunk came a kockin'... and the pups gladly answered the stinking door! No pun intended.

Glass half full?

WOOT ... #7 Kyle Lowry
(My arms were too short to take the pic!)
TAKEN: APRIL 13th, 2015
When I eventually got a hold of myself, I delivered GOOB home, my JUKEBOX helped with the crisis at hand, and I got on the phone in search of answers. About a half hour later, I heard the front door close and it was GOOB with my belated Birthday gift that had gotten stuck in transit.

Check out my very sexy, #7, Kyle Lowry jersey!

For a number of reasons, his gift arrived at a perfect time. First and foremost, with Lowry healthy (he returned to the lineup for my Birthday) we'll both get to suit up and kick it up a notch when they play the Celtics tomorrow night. Yup, it's now official, from this day forward, T-MAC & K-LOW jerseys will be pumped & ready to go!

Oh, and just another quick thanks again to my boys for their help and support last week. It really was greatly appreciated. xo

PS: ...#WeTheNorth
PSS: Couldn't resist :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015


As someone that loves a great yard sale in the Spring, I can totally relate to the saying “one lads junk is another ones treasure.”  In the case of the shoreline and streets here, the volume of junk on display is almost unbearable.

I won’t belabour my point except to mention that I chose this destination for a couple of reasons and access to the four kilometer “Bridge To Nowhere” that’s attached to the resort was something I thought would complement my stay nicely. I was wrong. Strewn with garbage and the smell of skunk I turned around and never returned. 

I understand that the culture here is different than it is in Canada and I fully understand that this is a third work country... but for the sake of the marine ecosystem, clean up the freakin' junk!

Worse yet? I originally took this photo because I thought there may be a story as to how long it had been there as well as how the ship originally wrecked. There’s a story there alright. There’s someone living on it! 

CONDO FOR ONE... Samana style!
TAKEN: APRIL 9th, 2015

I couldn't believe my eyes. I wanted to suggest to him that he needed to find himself a Realtor and upgrade but I didn't want to get his hopes up. You see, his current home doesn't have much curb appeal. 

Maybe I should suggest a couple (50) dozen garbage bags and a gaggle of shovels to start?

Just sayin’!

Friday, April 10, 2015


Here’s the deal. I was born at ten thirty in the morning.  

How do I know that? Well, when I was little, my Dad use to tell me that he dropped my mother off at the hospital on his way to work and he got the call on his first coffee break that I had arrived.

You're only as old as you feel...!
TAKEN: APRIL 9th, 2015
That story was shared in the sun yesterday as I traveled with three other Canadian couples to Bacardi Island. We had met them on the first day and instantly bonded over the love of humour and six degrees of separation. Seriously, as our day unfurled yesterday, we realized that we had even more very mutual long term friends.

With an email arriving last night (asking ‘how my adventure was’) and no ability to return it, and as I began to write this morning, I struggled to pick my word. So many emotions kept going through my head. 

Just for fun, here's my short list!

Internet: The service here sucks better than a two dollar hooker with a turnstile!
Insane: In reference to the boat ride that almost killed us yesterday!
Incredible: The way the 8 of us laughed said boat ride off & enjoyed our day.
Inspiring: The new friendships you can nurture and completely embrace when you step out of your comfort zone.
Impossible: That at 10:30am this morning I officially turned 29!

Yes, without a doubt… I IS FOR IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


My husband and I have been together since we were 21 years old. For those of you that don’t know me personally, I’m not turning 29 this week, which means that he and I have spent more of our lives together than apart. To paint an even more detailed picture, we've known each other since being in the same Grade 1 class in Public School.

When I returned home in the mid '80's to care for my mother in an in home Hospice situation, we began dating. From our very first date he made me laugh. Even yesterday by the pool, I could hear him entertaining other Canadians while I quietly read my book. He’s really quite shy but like most, once he becomes comfortable with you, he’s extremely outgoing and the introversion disappears.

Struggling with my internet connection here yesterday, I had to go to the lobby to post my letter G.  For whatever reason my text wouldn't upload, so the only thing that appeared was my picture. After about an hour, he came to fetch me and walk me back to the pool.

When we arrived at my chaise, I was panicked. I anxiously told him that I had left my sunglasses on the desk in the Club lounge. He totally hopped on board with helping me figure out what we should do. Was I going to go back? Did I need him to come with me? After what felt like a couple of minutes, he stopped talking and simply smiled and pointed at me. 

What? What? What? He was confusing me. Were my boobs hanging out? Did I have a booger on my face? I was at a loss by his gesture.

TAKEN: APRIL 6th, 2015
Then, with no emotion what so ever he said “Rhondi, they’re on your face!”

Followed by: “It's only fair you post your own stupidity to your Blog there Baby!!”

So here you have it.

Let’s face it, after all these years there’s one thing neither can ever deny….

Turnabout is  most definitely fair play.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


My Birthday treat... Except it's not my Birthday!
TAKEN: APRIL 6th, 2015
When I returned from dinner last night I had a little surprise waiting for me in the room. It was a yummy treat accompanied by a birthday greeting. Funny thing was, it wasn't my Birthday.

I was joking with a couple of people before I left on my vaycay that my husband and I have been together all these years and he still hasn't a clue when my birthday is. True to form, he’ll broach his question like a fact finding mission every single year. It always starts... “I know your Birthday’s coming up, right?"

Truth? I was going through customs at YYZ on Sunday and a very attractive gentleman checked my passport and offered me an early Birthday greeting. That very tall dark & handsome drink of water and I shared good a laugh about who paid for my trip, only to have my husband remark afterward. 

"I’m pretty sure it’s his job to know when your Birthday is.  Afterall, it's right there on your Passport, and he has to check it..." he said.

Still laughing, I couldn't resist. “When is it?” I asked.

“You’ll see!” he said.

With the arrival of my yummy treat last night... I guess he really showed him!

Good thing that other lad had access to my Passport to confirm.

Ya Gotta Laugh About It!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Well, for the first time in my life I did it.  When my Birthday went unmentioned again last year, I knew if I wanted something special for my twenty-ninth celebration this week, I was going to have to plan it for myself: so I did.

As a result, yesterday morning at 11:15 am, I landed in Samama; a quaint fishing village that doubles as a tourist destination in the Dominican Republic. Truth of the matter is that I immediately put my flip-flops on at YYZ, because I knew when I arrived I'd want to hit the ground running. Yes-sir-eee, yesterday I was bat shit crazy excited for what I was about to experience!

Kinda hard NOT to experience THIS!
TAKEN: APRIL 5th, 2014
My personal philosophy is simple… Anything I chose to do, I love getting the most out of it. 

I guess my point is, if you want me to do something half-assed, I’m not the girl for you. Doesn't matter if it's employment, customer, sexual, or a travel experience, I always position myself to get the most out of it.

Speaking of any sexual experience, THAT's something I really love to stay on top of and throw my back into!

 Seriously? Did you think I’d set myself up like that and not hit it the hell out of the park?

RELAX! Could have been worse. Today's post could have been for the letter O!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Part of my creative process is having a picture accompany my posts. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because my mother was a shutterbug too. The only sad notable was she always positioned herself behind the camera, so when she passed, there was no evidence of a family photo to be found.

As a result, my children have always been comfortable in the presence of a camera; taking pictures has always been a part of what we do as a family. My daughter, like my mother and myself, gravitates to the process as does my oldest son. 

Staccs & I rockin' Toronto Harbourfront with her new iPhone!
TAKEN: AUGUST 3rd, 2012
Because of my word choice today, I had the glorious task of searching through a bazillion Kodak moments to accompany my just as many of my passing thoughts. I chose this particular pic because it was a first for me personally. 

Staccs and I were in the City for the long weekend visiting her twin when she asked to take our picture. I had my Fugi digital but she had her fancy new Iphone. 

The photo I am sharing is the very first picture she took of us using a reverse function camera so we could see ourselves on the screen. A fun little ditty that will forever reminds us both of a memorable summer staycation.

I personally have no interest in getting an IPhone. As a die hard Blackberry girl, I'm totally giddy that the new Classic Blackberry has brought back the rollerball. I'll take that function over a 'switch camera' function any day. What can I say, all of my camera's may be digital but my thumbs most definitely rock ALL of my buttons.

....On my phone silly!!

Friday, April 3, 2015


When I was participating in the April A-Z in 2013, smack dab in the middle of the annual challenge, I left on a two week girlz road trip to South Carolina. I'd tried to put together a matrix of words prior but those words never seemed to fit my mood nor my spirit on that particular day. So, when we'd stop and take a hotel, I was always panicked to post before midnight.

With another vacation on my horizon next week, it was the night we spent in Gettysburg back in 2012, that helped me chose my word today. Frazzled because my internet connection was a big hunk of poo, I dropped an F bomb and said, "why the hell am I so worried about a silly little blog post?" 

My sister rather nonchalantly responded, "because it's a competition Rhondi!"

Me keeping score in Runaway Bay!
Now, we all know that this isn't a competition in the true sense of the word; but by all means I feel I am competing against myself. Just like I do with my golf clubs, as well as my kayak, I treat this challenge the same way. I can't help it, it's how I'm hardwired.

My husband is the most comfortable to instantly point out my behaviour and call me out on it. The funniest moment that comes to mind was a trip we took with friends to Runaway Bay, Jamaica. On about the third day, we were lounging by ocean and I verbalized a simple observation.

"Holy Cow", I said.

"LOOK at how dark you are getting!"

To which he replied those familiar five words.

"It's NOT a competition Rhondi!!"

Dang bang blast it... Does he know me or what?

Thursday, April 2, 2015


When on holiday in the Dominican Republic last November, a friend posted the cutest picture on her Facebook of a litter of puppies she was giving away. Six months later, what I now consider to be a lapse of temporary insanity, I sent her a personal message asking for details. Less than a week after landing back in Canada, the stork delivered Annie.

Annie watching Pudd & Dot run the golf course.
TAKEN: MARCH 15th, 2014
I'm not kidding, since I started writing this post, I've had to stop and tell her to get the hell out of mischief 3 times. Each time, I've mumbled to word BRAT under my breath. 

Having said that, I'm not sure if it's because she's had the other pups to mentor her but she has been the least destructive puppy we've ever raised. No shoes have seen their death, and our furniture has remained completely in tact this time around. The added bonus is that for being a bitch, she knows to play nicely with other dogs.  Other than her intense curiosity for mischief, she really is a very good girl. 

Hey... Who the heck else does that remind you of?!  

Maybe my letter B should have simply been for BUSTED!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I'm not alone... Holton's Heroes have my back!
Off the top of my head, I can’t remember the last time I had my attendance taken. Wait, that’s a lie.

There was this total ditz that worked for my former employer that insisted I file a bi-weekly time sheet even though I was salaried. All I’ll say is that her previous employer was the Government; so suffice is to say that 99% of what she did made no sense whatsoever!

Well, it’s time for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge again and true to form the letter A presented challenges for me right out of the gate. Then, at five o'clock this morning, I realized that since starting my blog in 2011, the two writers that inspired me to start writing, no longer blog nor participate. They've stopped blogging and I'm still here. 

Yes-sir-ree, I'm still here with really shiny bells on. My thesaurus is ready and my keyboard is sharpened just like the pencils I no longer require. For bloggers starting out, all I'll say is that over the years, I have met so many amazing electronic friends via this forum that it's heartwarming. People that I would've normally never met, have let me into their thoughts and lives via their blogs. I really do feel truly blessed.

Hold that thought... B may have to be for BLESSED if I get blocked again tomorrow!