Monday, April 27, 2015


My only regret is carrying crappy "taker" baggage for far too long!
Three years ago last November, I was the girl with the balloons. 

My nest had emptied and I was embarking on a personal journey that I knew would change me to my very core. 

Suffice is to say that I made some much needed and very big life moves. Then, to compliment my new outlook, I started this silly little Blog. As stupid as this reads, yesterday proved to me that the woman of more than three years ago, has officially morphed into a space where she knew she needed to be.

How so? As I looked down at my phone yesterday, I rolled my eyes, injected applicable sound effect, and said only one word. Pffft....WHATEVER!

You see, for the last leg of my journey, I decided that 2015 was going to be dedicated to the "Death of The Taker!” You know the type, they'll only call you when they're in a jam, need something and/or are looking for an ego boost. The even bigger trait of a taker is that they are conspicuously absent whenever you’re in need of them. 

Why is it that people think they can re-enter your life without penalty for treating you poorly? Could it be that they have no clue that they truly have? 

WHATEVER… Nuf said!