Thursday, April 9, 2015


My husband and I have been together since we were 21 years old. For those of you that don’t know me personally, I’m not turning 29 this week, which means that he and I have spent more of our lives together than apart. To paint an even more detailed picture, we've known each other since being in the same Grade 1 class in Public School.

When I returned home in the mid '80's to care for my mother in an in home Hospice situation, we began dating. From our very first date he made me laugh. Even yesterday by the pool, I could hear him entertaining other Canadians while I quietly read my book. He’s really quite shy but like most, once he becomes comfortable with you, he’s extremely outgoing and the introversion disappears.

Struggling with my internet connection here yesterday, I had to go to the lobby to post my letter G.  For whatever reason my text wouldn't upload, so the only thing that appeared was my picture. After about an hour, he came to fetch me and walk me back to the pool.

When we arrived at my chaise, I was panicked. I anxiously told him that I had left my sunglasses on the desk in the Club lounge. He totally hopped on board with helping me figure out what we should do. Was I going to go back? Did I need him to come with me? After what felt like a couple of minutes, he stopped talking and simply smiled and pointed at me. 

What? What? What? He was confusing me. Were my boobs hanging out? Did I have a booger on my face? I was at a loss by his gesture.

TAKEN: APRIL 6th, 2015
Then, with no emotion what so ever he said “Rhondi, they’re on your face!”

Followed by: “It's only fair you post your own stupidity to your Blog there Baby!!”

So here you have it.

Let’s face it, after all these years there’s one thing neither can ever deny….

Turnabout is  most definitely fair play.