Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Why is it lately I feel like everyone is screwing me and no one is buying me a drink first?

Seriously... Old friends, new friends (assholes, that think they’re my friend) even the odd Facebook "friend". In keeping with that theme, I have to go on the record that no one has screwed me longer and harder than Hydro One!!

I know I’ve ranted about this before but I can completely understand how some Canadian households don’t know if they should feed their family or keep them warm. Though my situation may not be as grave, it doesn't leave me any less disgruntled.

I guess my biggest complaint is what Hydro One wants... Hydro One gets. NO offering of foreplay, and most definitely, not even a finite drop of LUBE.

I can honestly tell you that after the last couple of winters, nothing will ever surprise me. The only preparation I have for getting screwed, are the actions I take before I open the bill: I tense up every muscle in my body and brace myself for what's coming!

All I’ll say is that after every one of our monthly encounters, I’m always left unsatisfied.

No big surprise there. I suspect the CEO has a teeny weeny…. BRAIN!!!