Saturday, April 18, 2015


Staccs is moving back to Ontario next week. Not for a visit but to generally start anew. 

Though she's shed a tsunami of tears in the last couple of weeks, the one thing she can’t deny, is that her inner circle have rallied around her and unconditionally assured her that she’s doing the right thing.

Saying her PEEPS are 'all that' is an understatement. As selfish as this may read, I am glad the advice she received to regroup came from them and not me.

I love my shot of TEAM PINK. Brat Pack... Black & White.

Wearing those “bat shit crazy bitch mother, that stood in the way of true love” pair of shoes have to be the most unfashionable & uncomfortable pieces a gal will ever wear.

The ugliest outfit that goes with those f-ugly shoes? Letting your children experience life lessons when you know that you're ultimately the heavy. There is no handbook for parenting, yet today proved that I have learned to truly listen.

To my daughters PEEPS....  You are all such amazing Men. 

Never lose sight of that!