Saturday, March 24, 2012

When One Door Closes? Be Smart and Climb in a Window!

So my “four alarm fire” week finally ended. It ended with me playing hooky from work yesterday afternoon for some much needed ME time. Yup, what started out as a simple errand, ended up as an RTFR (road trip for Rhondi)!

Spring always has me restless but this year even more so. In my line of work, opening the lakes in Muskoka signifies that every single flood gate in my day to day life  open and open fast. My job will require me to work from sunrise, pretty much until sunset, six days a week, for more than six months. 

I’m not complaining; as I have blogged before, I am a leader and I’ve dressed for the job I want and have. 

It’s just that with my stressful week behind me I know now for certain that the lakes have opened a month early this year. So, as I head to the Spring Cottage Life Show next week I have to wonder, does this mean I will officially burn out and require a bib before the Asian tour buses arrive and the leaves change in the fall?

A very wise person gave me some great advice recently. They looked me in the eye and firmly stated “stop over thinking everything… you over analyze everything to death… !” Funny how when someone states the obvious it helps one understand the reality.

Yes-sir-reeee! Yesterday was the first time in a long time I didn’t over think and it felt really good. When was the last time I had as much fun as I had yesterday afternoon? Haven’t a clue, but I do know one thing for sure, it’s not going to be THAT long until I don’t over think ever again.

PSST…My boss is in Florida so no one tell him. He’d kill me for playing hooky when the lakes are open!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

... Please Pose For Me Mr. Fireman!

Why is it lately I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back? 

My day started productively. My desk cleared itself nicely, had an office visit from two of my favorite clients, and spent my lunch hour in the sun. Definitely great, one step forward!

Missing in action mid afternoon, a friend text asking “…You there?” My response, “I have a four alarm fire!" My next text is something I have been asking myself for quite sometime. “Why is there never a good looking firefighter around when I need one?"  

In an effort to keep my post light, allow me to remind everyone that firefighters (as observed daily on my $20 calendar) truly have great skill. This afternoon, I could have embraced two of their very specific talents, which may have helped me personally in my time of need:
  1. Their ability to instinctively assist and support with my situation at hand (trust me there were flames everywhere).
  2. Their ability to perform a “real time” calendar pose right in the middle of the warehouse (which would have been followed by me asking if I could 'tap that ass' to relieve some extremely elevated levels of tension).  
Suffice is to say, neither rescue occurred….

TRUTH: I wish that I could take one day, hang out and observe, how certain folk would "walk a mile in my shoes".

Scratch that. Not an option. I’m sure they’d just complain. I know them. 

My shoes would not only be the wrong size but the wrong style. Hardest part for me to watch? How they’d take them off after 5 minutes because they would never be able to mange how quickly they move, in several directions, at the same time, to benefit everyone else. Hence my two steps back.

Legal Disclaimer: No firemen were harmed in the creation of this post

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Peacock’s Nest is Getting Ready to OPEN!

In all the years we have owned Orillia Lake; never has the ice been out this early, the snow disappeared so quickly, nor our red steel roof shed its winter coat and melted before the first day of Spring.

March Break for us has always been (as a family) when we would officially open the cottage. In the early years we’d take time off with the kids, snowshoe in, clear the decks and have our first stay of the new season.

In the last few years, due to part time jobs and graduation, family visits became fewer and farther between. What use to be our family haven became that place we played board games (yawn), listened to Super Hits Saturday Night (ick) and (God forbid) didn't have an internet connection! 

So many things changed last year. The weather was so poor we never opened for business until Canada Day weekend - and I spent most of my time there alone as both Tony and the kids seemed to have had enough.

This year my plan is to open early and spend as much time there as possible.

Not because I don’t love the house in town (and my standing Friday night tee time) but because I won’t entertain selling the spot until I have made an honest effort of enjoying it without the kids being around. Am I nervous for what the 2012 season will bring? No way.

My plan is to soak up as much sun as possible, read books and more books, and if it rains I'll just stay in bed and watch one of my 200+ movies. If that doesn't float my boat I’ll buy a jet ski.

I am dead serious. If I get cabin fever, I can trailer that puppy onto the big lakes in a heart beat. Glass half full? Absolutely! Who's the smart chick that isn't paying a crippling tax bill?

That's right peeps... I'm always thinking!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Sunshine Always Makes Me Smile…

I woke up this morning, jumped in the shower, and I have to admit I have a skip in my step. 

For me, there is nothing better than a spring like winter day (especially when it just happens to arrive on a day that I don’t have to haul my sorry ass into work)!

True to form, my list is complete for the day. Indoor chores are few and outdoor chores are many. The fact that I’ll be able to wear a heavy sweater & gloves has me ecstatic. There’s always something in the air on a day like today that makes me smile. It’s like I am unstoppable or something.

For whatever reason I always end up in the back yard with a bonfire started. Not because I have something to burn (though I have been known to empty the garage of stuff without warning) but because it feels right. 

I am so jazzed for a really great day that I don’t even give a crap (no pun intended) that my first outdoor chore is to clean Daisy & Dots front yard powder room. Bring on the wheel barrel and my rubber boots – I’m on a mission!

Who says you have to be in Jamaica this time of year to tan? 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Regrets? I’ve Had a Few But Who Hasn’t?

When I was standing at the YYZ luggage carrousel (at 4am) yesterday morning I heard myself saying to a couple close by that “I regret agreeing to a late checkout/flight from Jamaica."

I have been thinking about regret a lot lately....

Now that I am rested, I really don't regret the late choice. In hindsight, I was simply disappointed that my plane was delayed, making me overtired and grumpy. 

Personally, my regrets are few. More often than not lately, I've had a string of brutal, almost devastating, disappointments. Safe to say (for me anyway) I eventually recover from disappointment but regret tends to linger.

Confused? Let me help.

I regret never telling my mother that I loved her before she died. I have regretted that since her death in 1987. “I love you” was an unspoken phrase in our home growing up so taking that step was a leap.

In hindsight, I often think of her (at the end), wondering if I would have said the words, maybe she would have said them back. Either way, I regret never having tried. I wanted to “go there” but I guess in the end I didn’t want to be disappointed.

The moral of my story?

Will I regret calling you an asshole if you are one? Nope… Will I be disappointed if we never speak again? Definitely. Especially if you aren't an asshole.