Thursday, February 5, 2015


In the early part of 2006, I was hired by a gentleman (that was branching out on his own) to do a Business Plan. Even now, the one thing I remember most, was the constant need of reinforcement. Each meeting, I would carefully remind him... 'clients don't want to know what you know, until they know that you care'. Suffice is to say, he went an entire year without ever being hired.

The complete and total opposite applies to the two gents I met with this week. I've blogged of them here before, as we all use to work for my former employer. As the then Sale Manager, I remember verbalizing to them both, that I would gladly add either to the Team in a heartbeat. They, unlike my 2006 bloke, have "IT"!

Since my leaving in 2013, they've partnered and gone into Business together. I am not exageratting when I say that they personify the perfect partnership. One is a micro thinker and the other has a more macro approach. Their work ethic is unstoppable and they are life-long friends. The added bonus is that they are fortunate that the necessary elements of communication and trust are naturally predominant. About a week ago, they called me and asked for a meeting.

I knew instantly they understood the difference between being in the Business and being the person that looks at their Business. I was impressed that when the hard questions were asked, they were answered very honestly. I'm excited for them as they have all the pieces to a really great puzzle. Like I said, 'these guys have IT'. There’s no pretension, no ego, no excuses; just some very solid and extremely respectable goals. 

That's Glenner on the end with his head down....
He's simply checking his phone to make sure his SALES are up!

As I sat across the table from them I realized that they represent the next generation of Business in Muskoka. That said, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I left our meeting a tad disappointed. I wished our buddy Glenner would have been sitting at the table and a part of this amazing dialogue. I know he's killing it in the Caribbean but I still miss him, not to mention my ability to brainstorm with him, when need be.

DIRR-PURR-DIRR Peeps.... DIR-PURR-DIRR. Which is code for absolutely nothing. I guess I will just always remember those words fondly. You see, it's how we use to greet each other.

Every... Single... Day.