Friday, April 11, 2014


For the second day in a row, I got to eat my lunch out in the sun. Hell, the UV rays were so spot on, that at high noon, when I opened our front door and sat on the sill, the aluminum was heated enough that my butt got very roasty n' toasty. 

I kid you not… I truly had one hot piece of ass at lunch today!

In keeping with that thought process, I find it hard to believe that we returned from Jamaica a little over a month ago. It feels like it's been a little over a year. Yet, instead of complaining, I’ll just count my blessings. I’m pretty sure I would have jumped off the bridge downtown by now had I not gotten on a plane this past winter.

Ah.... the memories. Jamaica is always a great idea!
As I start to fill up my empty piggy bank for February 2015, Jamaica is on my mind.

I know it’s more expensive than a lot of other destinations in the Caribbean but once you arrive it truly is amazing.

We were there in 2012 and again this past winter and from the time we climbed into bed that very first night, we talked about returning a third time.

I love their culture and that the country (in general) love Canadians. There's no language barrier and for a very picky eater there's lots of flavours I truly enjoy. But, the one thing I love most about Jamaica is their attention to safe drinking water. The bottled water you drink comes from a Jamaican filtration plant and you can drink the water right out of the tap with confidence.

Seeing as I won't have a moments peace until our 2015 jaunt (out of the harsh Canadian winter) is booked, I have to ask. What's best winter holiday you've ever taken? 

I promise I'll report back. Because together, we'll leave no great Expedia deal unturned!!