Tuesday, April 23, 2024



Celebrating Jukebox's birthday
and embracing the local Friday night music scene! 
(l-r: My Rockstar hubby, Goob, and Jukebox the birthday boy.)

I have always made a big deal about celebrating my children's birthdays. I suppose it is because my mother made no matter about mine. The truth is, by the time I was in high school, the annual day came and went without mention. My husband was raised the same.

So, once our family arrived, we embraced all birthday festivities neither my husband nor I got to celebrate when we were growing up.

Jukebox, as our only Aquarian, always gave everyone something to look forward to between New Years and Easter. And, this past year was no exception. 

The boys landed at the house after dinner and we left in search of somewhere to dine. Both he and Goob chose the Mexican restaurant, and it didn't disappoint. 

With both our guys heavily involved in the local music scene, a trip to The Griffin Pub and The Hall made for the perfect places for after dinner apƩritifs - as well as excellent entertainment.

Both venue played versions of songs by The Band as requested by our boys for their dad, and at The Hall, Jukebox jumped on stage to play for a packed house.

When I look at the photos I am sharing, they show how genuinely close we are as a family, and truly reflect how we've raised them... To embrace that great fun is NEVER overrated.

The tomfoolery started as soon as they landed at the house.
A great time was had by all!!

The next morning I posted the top photo of to my social media platforms.

It read:

What a night. Everything was perfect. 

I sang with my boys and danced with my man.

Who says living in a small town is boring? 

Never, ever, would any of us utter those words.

Happy belated birthday dinner celebration Jukebox.... Thanks for the memories. 

We love you both very much.

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