Monday, April 1, 2024


Today marks the start of my eleventh April A-Z Challenge. 

Whether you're a regular reader or not, I can assure you that this month in particular always turns into a bit of a roller coaster ride for me. You know, a real writing adventure per se!

My buddy Dusty and I having a sunny winter snowbank adventure of our own.
TAKEN: EARLY 1980's (photo credit to my late mom)

From a very young age, I have always embraced writing. As I look back, I believe that part of me feels it was understanding the stages of the creative process itself that had me smitten from the start. 

The thought preparation, development, cultivation, the editing, and finally the implementation. With my implementation now being when I hit my website publish button - not flipping the page of my lined scratch pad.

That said, as a mature twenty nine year old, the public school systems back in my day differ from how they function today. Like cursive writing, creative writing was something that was both taught and encouraged. As a matter of fact, the best submitted efforts appeared regularly in our small town weekly newspaper.

For the record, I was first 'published' in said paper grade four. It was a poem, and I still that clipping my scrapbook that mother saved from our community rag. Public school poems evolved into the effort to write songs in high school. Once I left for post secondary school, the only writing I needed to have a stamp attached and the envelope get dropped off at the post office.

Then, when my kids left the nest, on that fateful night in October 2011, I registered for Blogger and the rest is history.

Writing for me is like the game of golf. Just because I like doing it, doesn't mean I am any good at it.

I read somewhere that adventure starts by standing still. In my case, for the last ten Aprils, adventure has always started with a blank page and the letter A.

Wish me luck - I am going to need it!!


  1. Looking forward to continuing to follow along, added you to my blog reader!