Tuesday, April 2, 2024


An interesting vantage point of the inseparable Oreo Gang!
Maya and Katie on the left and Annie riding solo on the right.
TAKEN (left) March 2024 and (right) June 2020

Like a lot of people my age, from Monday to Friday I eat a banana in the morning. 

Because I work from my home office everyday except Monday, as you can see in the photo on the left, the other four days I am expected to share my excellent source of potassium with my pups.

As any Labrador Retriever owner will attest, the breed pretty much eat anything and everything. Yet, for some reason my Annie (seen riding shotgun on the right) turns her nose up every morn at my standard offering. Blueberries, yet. Banana, not a stinking chance.

Now I'm no rocket scientist, but part of me wonders if it is her instincts kicking in as to why she turns up her nose. You see, as a small pup, she garnered the nicknames "Annie Bannanie and Nana Banana." 

Could it be that she just doesn't want to buy into others considering her a cannibal? You know, an animal that eats her own kind?

After all,  Edwardo Savarin was hilariously accused animal cruelty and chicken cannibalism in an article in the Harvard Crimson (as portrayed) in movie The Social Network.  If you'll, recall he fed chicken to a chicken while taking care of the animal for his initiation into the Phoenix Club.

Every time my girl turns up her nose, that exact tidbit scoots through my head. Then again, the other side of that proverbial coin could be that she simply doesn't like the texture.

Either way, I an 100% confident that one of my scenarios is the one that is actually correct!


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