Sunday, April 28, 2024

Y is for YYZ

Waiting to board my sexy ride to Bahamas!
TAKEN: APRIL 10th, 2024

I don't know about you, but we have no apprehension about air travel. In fact, because we fly as much as we do, we have our routine down pat.

Check in on the app the night before, then land at the Park n' Fly when we know the Valet bus is ready to leave for the appropriate YYZ terminal. We always carry on so to fly through security, then book it on foot to the appropriate gate. On average it is usually about a 5,000 step undertaking in any direction.

Though we never settle in at our gate immediately (we tend to wander), I always check to see how full the plane will be by those that have arrived. Then, I head to the windows facing the runway to check out our ride. 

Rain or shine, night or day, take-off or transferring, I always snap a picture of the plane we'll be boarding. 

I know this may read silly, but there is something really beautiful about an airplane.

Though I believe Air Canada have issued us the most travel points to date, I really enjoy the overall West Jet experience. 

That said, I hear on the radio and in the news that Air Canada has the worst customer service rating, which has never been our experience. We've only been stranded once, in Fort Worth Texas overnight, but United Airlines won that prize.

I may be biased, but in all the airports I have been in YYZ, by far, is the nicest. Clean, and very efficiently run. It honestly makes me proud to be Canadian.

My number two would have to be ATL (Atlanta), followed by IAH (Houston).

You may think I would vote CCC (Cuba) as my worst experience, but in fact it was (LGA) LaGuardia in New York.

As to my reason why.... that is for another post.

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