Friday, April 26, 2024


Miya Maria and Katie Lulu
My famous Facebook wanderers.
(Photo copyright Meta via Muskoka Bulletin Board)

Because I am fortunate enough to work from home and run a doggie daycare hand in hand, I will confess that I steer a tight ship and an even tighter daily schedule. 

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but in all fairness, what I am about to share is really quite comical.

I will start by disclosing that we do NOT let our dogs wander willy-nilly. We have a large yard, yet once in a blue moon they make a break for it. Kind of like George Clooney in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

On this particular morn, break arrives and out the door they go. Annie heads into the gully and the other two follow. I call immediately from the back deck and only one of three return. I continued to call but no furbabies appeared. On go the Crocs, and to the top of the hill I go.

I immediately see them at the bottom of the hill and my tone changes; no reaction. They are literally 100 feet away at the bottom of the hill near the railway tracks. 

It wasn’t until I invited Annie to 'go to the Wal-Mart,'  that the wandering duo book it up the hill home. Less than ten minutes from me putting on my Crocs, we are all back in my home office and back on schedule. 

Minutes after we settle, my phone begins to blow up with messages. Goob even calls from work. It appears, in all their enthusiasm, they tracked (no pun intended) something into neighbours yard directly behind us. 

What I didn’t expect was that the post would go viral locally. Over a hundred shares, cross posted to multiple, to get these poor pup’s home. Seems there was a black and yellow missing in town, hence the post.

But, seriously, just look at the expression on Blondie’s face. I burst out laughing when I saw it. Instinctively she knew that she had ventured to the wrong side of the tracks. Those railroad tracks that is.

Hmm.... Perhaps Andy Warhol was right. With the whole '15 minutes of fame' theory. 


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