Thursday, April 18, 2024



In the Yukon, doing what he loved to do most.
I will miss you always xoxo

It has been a painful week for me, as yesterday was the second anniversary of the unexpected death of my closet friend and confidant; Brian 'Smartie' Smart.

I can't believe it has been two whole years since I have heard his voice. 

I swear he crosses my mind every single Thursday afternoon when my phone doesn't ring. As my eyes fill with tears as I type, I can attest that our friendship was one that neither of us ever took for granted.

Being his friend was always a constant reminder of what unconditional support looked and sounded like. So much so that we never missed an opportunity to say 'I love you', and have the other automatically reciprocate with an genuine, 'I love you too...' 

So much so, that I believe the void of him leaving me will never be filled, as I don't believe I will have another friendship like ours in this lifetime.

I miss you Smartie. No matter the pain, I am grateful every single day we had together. 

The laughs, the love, the razor shape wit, even the fears and tears that were both shared and shed.

Until we meet again.... 

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