Monday, April 15, 2024


Just LOOK at these friends of mine...
TAKEN: AUGUST 11th, 2024

Last August, I posted an Instagram/Facebook story that had me sitting in the front seat of our car and my pups in the back. In my one hand was a large McDonald’s french fry container, in my other, my phone set to video. My husband in the drivers seat, rolling his eyes.

When I hit record, I began by talking in a proud and convincing voice, stating: “I’d like to challenge each and everyone of you, that believe I don’t have any friends…. Just look at these friends of myyyne!”

Now, I realize that it's hard to get the gist of a video clip from a still photograph, but check out the focus on the faces of my co-pilots. Not a worry in the world, except the desire for me to share the remaining excess sodium clad yummies in the big red box with the big yellow M.

I will admit that in the last four plus years, the only thing my husband and I drive thru at this establishment for is a cup of their freshly brewed coffee. That said, because fast food is no longer an item we bring into our home, on the odd occasion I may have gone rogue.

As I have shared here many times, I am an emotional eater. The higher my level of stress, the larger my need to self indulge (with not good food choices) gets.  Now a days, the first thing stopping me, is the number on the scale. That, and the astronomical dollar value they want to charge when I get up to the window. 

the combination of both of those major factors is why in the last year, popsicles became my guilty pleasure of choice. I simply buy those suckers on sale, pop them into the freezer, then I'm good to go.

Truth?  For the record, my pups look exactly as they do above, when they hear me opening the wrapper of a grape one coming fresh out of the box.

Like I said.... Just look at these lovely three mates of mine!