Saturday, April 20, 2024


Jukebox showing off the very first car he owned!

It seems lately, my husband and I are having more conversations with friends and family about financially helping our grown children in the here and now, rather than them having to wait to inherit the little bit that may be left after we pass.

I have written here before that as a young couple that transitioned into a young family, my father never gave us money. Instead, he would come across the street and say, "I bought six bags of milk today and only need two." Then proceed to put the other four into our fridge. His style of tithing is one we have whole heartedly adopted.

We prepare freezer meals all winter and deliver them to their homes, I buy sundries on sale (TP, paper towel, dryer sheets, laundry soap etc.) and keep them in storage at the house. In turn, I ask about once a month what they are in need of. I know our gestures are truly appreciated, just as my dad's were.

In fact, being long past the need to exchange gifts at Christmas, we spent a thousand dollars in grocery store gift cards for the boys. Because as well all know, right now in Canada, the most expensive vehicle to drive is a grocery cart - and we figured it would help them through the winter.

All of the above are reminders of the need to help at home first.

I wish that wasn't the case but in this post pandemic financial climate - it seems to be the very harsh reality.

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