Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Sitting in a local coffee shop at lunch today, enjoying a bowl of homemade soup, I realized that I was parked in the exact chair I was three months ago, whilst enjoying a pipping hot cup of coffee. The only difference was that today I was alone and not across from the certain someone that had kept me company on that cold winter day. As a result, I immediately felt the need to email them and tell them that I missed seeing their face. Before I could respond, my phone rang. I was elated to discover it was my very good buddy Glenner. He was calling from Grand Caymen Island. 

I suppose because we worked so closely for so long we immediately felt the need to make sure the other was on solid footing and moving forward in a positive and productive manner. Though pleased to report that both those things instantly got great big red check marks; a couple of red ticks didn't change the fact that I truly miss him. 

Between the two of us...We really do have the silliness figured out!
I've missed the intelligent Business conversations we use to have at his desk and I've missed the laughs we used to share (which were usually produced at my own expense). His contagious laughter fueled my need for humour, which always got us through the crap.

Yup, without a word of a lie, day in and day out, I was the gal responsible for cleaning up the multitude of unending shit at the circus. Yes-sir-ree, my wheelbarrow was endlessly filled by the white elephant I followed after every single day: the inheriting son!

Sharing aside, there truly is something cathartic about hearing a certain persons voice that immediately puts you at ease. Truth?

It felt like he was sitting across the table from me, rather than sitting at a Boardroom table, on a land line, in the sunny Caribbean.

He's a very good man... and I am a very fortunate that he is my friend.