Sunday, March 29, 2015


You know the saying... "Weddings & Funerals"
It was a little more than a year ago that I stood at the base of this stairway and snapped this picture. When I posted it to my Facebook, my caption simply read, “It’s a beautiful day for a February wedding!”

Well, last Friday had me standing at the base of the stairway again. Except this time, I was faced with attending a Celebration of Life for the Mother of the Groom from that very memorable day.

Though the Priest tried to explain who she was & how loyal she was to her faith, I left the church feeling he'd not done her legacy the justice she had ultimately earned.

For instance, though he mentioned that she sang in the choir and was a member of the Woman’s League, he failed to mention was that when she was healthy, she walked up the hill from her home and never once missed Mass. She also attended every funeral, to pray for those that had passed and to pray for the grieving families in their time of need. What he didn't say, was this stairway was a very large part of who she was her entire life. 

Friday, the fourteen of my first cousins that flocked in attendance (three that had flown in) wept. You see, what he failed to mention was that she had affected all of us in a very positive and supportive manner during our formative years and beyond. Though I'm sure we all have different memories, I found her home, and my memories surrounding it, to be some of the most cherished for me. Why? Whenever I was there...She always made me feel that I was loved. 

I have to believe that with a heart as big as hers, St. Peter wasn't waiting for her to let her in; I'm positive that once she passed, he instantly arrived at her bedside and immediately gave her a personal escort to a place she'd envisioned her entire life. I have to believe, that my photo simply illustrates the memorable journey they took together, via her personal stairway to Heaven. 

Rest In Peace Auntie Phyllis. We all love you and will miss you very much.