Friday, April 15, 2022


As I have written here before it takes more effort to frown than smile. 

Ya Gotta Laugh About It
Christmas morning fun - seven years ago. Look how little my beautiful Annie is?
TAKEN: DECEMBER 25th, 2014

Like a lot of people I know, I have previously struggled with depression. It first appeared and was identified post-partum after Jukebox was born but as the years went on and I conquered the worst of it, I am always aware it could be lurking around the corner.

As a result, I have always been very open in our home about the importance of personal mental health, and as my children entered adulthood and real-life struggles appeared, I was always asking if they wanted to speak to someone outside our core.

I believe advocacy is critical because I had about a year and a half of extensive psychotherapy when the children were small, and during that time, my Psychotherapist armed me with a toolbox of solutions that I still use today. As a result, to this day I am forever grateful to her.

I know in society today that medications usually win as a solution over root cause analysis, but for me, I wanted to understand why I didn’t feel like myself so I took a deep dive and have never been on any type of medication except Advil since leaving her sessions almost twenty years ago.

So, when I was aptly reminded that Dickens wrote that 'Christmas was the season of hospitality, merriment and open-heartedness.' I instantly knew that this was the photo I wanted to share for this letter.

Photographic proof that we truly are all aboard the mental health MERRIMENT train. 

It's just how we love to roll!!

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