Saturday, April 2, 2022


 The urban dictionary defines the word bromance as the combination of two words, "brother" and "romance"It describes the unique male bonding found between "brothers from another mother"

Though both Goob and Jukebox do have friendships with ‘brothers from another mother,’ their bond with each other has been equally as strong their entire lives.

That's Goob in blue and Jukebox in stripes.
The four of us enjoying Father's Day golf with the pre-surgery Poppa Bear.
TAKEN: JUNE 20th, 2021

As a matter a fact, I can recall my serving lunch to my three littlun’s at their wee yellow and orange Little Tykes picnic table. The twins were about four and Jukebox about six years of age. 

As they dined on their amazing culinary offering of PB&J, Goob looked at his brother, called him by name and proudly stated ‘...I love you’As his sentiments were returned by his brother, their sister grabbed both of their plastic plates and threw their lunch to the dogs. 

True story, I swear. I still chuckle to myself whenever I think about it.

They have always shared life experiences. From taking diving lessons together when they were really young to junior golf memberships as teens, then onto mutual high school and work friendships. They have truly spent their formative years as a team, which remain their bond today.

That said, we are not a family that has not been without struggles and we've suffered growing pains like most. As parents of grown children, we’ve always been impressed that if we took issue with any behaviours or attitudes, these two never weighed in against the other.  

I can think of several instances over the years where the best medicine for all of us was some distance rather than unproductive dialogue. As a family, those have been, and always will be the most challenging and trying memories;  but once resolved, our family strength was regained.

As you know, there's no handbook for being the 'best parent on the face of the earth' because we were told last summer by our daughter matter-of-factly that we weren't. Just like other rents we know, we've hurt, been hurt, and ultimately healed. 

Then I look at these two with their Dad. It warms my heart to know that through all of our own short comings as parents, as grown children they know we've done our best with individual circumstances at the time.

Oh, the fact that we started golfing as a crew on Sunday again? 

Just one of the many small added bonuses!

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