Thursday, April 14, 2022


 I truly believe that if I threw my life problems into a heap with everyone else’s that I’d quickly scramble to get mine back. 

Not because I wouldn't have preferred to get rid of them, but I feel that being surrounded by the mound of everyone else's, mine would seem pretty insignificant.

The point of my post?

Much happier times on a Mommy/Daughter trip to New Orleans.
TAKEN: June 2019

Life is forever full and evolving of lessons. You either learn from them, or you don’t.

I understand that everyone is different and what may seem like a boulder in front of some (stopping you from moving forward) may only feel like a simple pebble in someone else’s shoe. 

For me, I always try and draw on life experiences and understand what I have learned. I try to use those lessons to help me push through the noise and crap and keep moving forward.

That last bit of advice is based on personal experience. Though it may seem simple, life in general is tricky. Some lessons offer relief, as if you've only scraped your knees. Some feel as though they've truly broken your heart and spirit; while others, bring and offer wonderful opportunity.

I'm a simple gal, that was lucky to marry a man that makes me laugh. As we look toward retirement, we know one thing to be true. We have raised our three children to the best of our ability and wish all of them the nothing but the best. Truly hoping they all find happiness.

So you can understand that it just breaks my heart that almost seven years to the day, history repeated itself. Personal choices were made and once again we were blamed.

With regards to the latter instance,  I have resigned myself to the fact that the current situation is just LIFE!

Sad, yet completely and totally acceptable from where I type... and absolutely fine with the second round of estrangement.

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