Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Knowing I was leaving on a jet plane and not wanting to fret about finding free time, I worked at pre-choosing certain words. So imagine my surprise when going through my external hard drive last week, I came across this beautiful image offering the perfect inspiration. 

April A-Z
One of our early ocean adventure with my lifelong friend (and guardian angel).

I apologize the resolution is so low, as I believe this is a picture of a picture taken many years ago. I also recall it was gifted to me the following Christmas after we took this trip in a frame. So, this image was truly what our generation considered to be 'a Kodak moment'. 

Auntie Andy (as our children refer to her) moved in across the street from my dad before I got married. We'd known who the other was from high school, yet never connected until we bought the house next door to her family duplex, making her our next door neighbour; we immediately became inseparable.

She was there when I told my husband I was pregnant with Jukebox, then in turned stayed with him while my husband was with me when the twins were being delivered. Until they passed, we considered her parents, whom had great impact on how we raised our children, as an extension of our own.

As I sit her and reflect, I can’t help but feel a tad emotional. There are so many people that pop and in out of your life, and very few that stand the unconditional test of time. Which I guess gets me to thinking.

I believe I read somewhere that most people are lucky enough to have five true friends in their lifetime – but I dare to wonder what defines a true friend?

Social media has me see people that were buddies in high school sharing all the love in the claiming they love the other ‘to the moon and back’, yet behind the others back, they do nothing but complain and bitch and moan about them.

Over the years I have had a lot great friendships. Several have come and gone, primarily due to a change in circumstance. Then there are those that rise to the top and you will be unconditionally connected until you die. 

That’s Andy and I…. 

Forever embracing a true and EVERLASTING friendship for the rest of our lives.

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