Thursday, April 7, 2022


I have no issue being FIFTY-ISH. Just get a tad impatient when a plan goes off track
TAKEN: APRIL 7th, 2022 

Since my first, these bucket list birthday (long weekend) celebrations have always evolved. First, I would like to give Air Canada a big shoutout, because their excellent round trip air fare to Miami and killer flight times, made this adventure achievable.

That said, when sipping and lounging in the pool with some very friendly American ladies my age, they disclosed that since travel locked down happened, the prices in Key West have more than tripled. 

Not gonna lie, when we discovered a room for the night (in the perfect Duval Street location with parking) was a sneeze under $1,000 Canadian, we had to revamp my 'Born Day Bash' and only stay one night in Margaritaville. 

That said, no regrets on the choices made, as upper, lower and middle keys are all very expensive.  As our plans evolved, we realized that the money was saved for a reason. 

Ultimately that (after the last couple of years) we were both worth it. At the end of the day, this adventure wasn’t about spending our time in Key West, it was about experiencing the road trip and drive. 

So back to my long winded point...

The pic I am sharing was taken at the Southernmost point of the United States which is only 90 miles from Cuba. The sun was sweltering, and as you can tell by my hair and non-existing makeup, that the humidity was off the charts. 

Made no matter. As my man watched in shock, I stood up on the knee wall and happily snapped a selfie.

Why not pose with next to the monument like to people I cut out of my photo?

Because the line up for an official photo op was hundreds deep and this FIFTY-ISH, very task oriented gal, had places to go, pictures to take, sun to soak up, pools to float in, and a Duval Street pub crawl to prepare for.

Ya, with regards to the latter, we had an early dinner, watched the sunset at Mallory Square, walked in and out of six of seven places sipping the same drink, and were both in bed before 10pm.

Don't judge. At least our dinner wasn’t the 4pm blue plate Florida Special at the Ponderosa. 

Close, it was 6pm at El Meson de Pepe and the plates were red.

Proving we’ve still got a ton of game left in us!!!

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