Tuesday, April 5, 2022


To think I only went into the grocery store for a loaf of bread!

I read somewhere that a dog truly only has one fault, which is that their life is too short. A simple yet powerful statement that I happen to agree with 1000%.

Don’t get me wrong, in all of our years owning pups, several shoes, random clothing, expensive furniture, as well as dinner thawing on the kitchen counter have all fallen prey. All chewed and ultimately enjoyed the good old fashion canine way.

One might think that the above list would be enough fuel to encourage yours truly to get a bird; but not this cat (no pun intended).

This is the second time we've transitioned a new pup into our pack as we prepare for her beautiful senior leader to wind down. Though it's a lot of personal investment that first year, it is truly worth it. 

In our situation today, our newest pup has had the benefit of some great training her matriarch never absorbed no matter how hard we tried. From the day my beloved Puddin' arrived home more than a decade ago, she has always marched to the tune of a different drummer.

Truth is we had to build her a run to keep her in check. We use to have to tie her as she simply would not listen. We have our theories as to why, and we are the first to acknowledge that we are in no way dog whispers. Again, we highlight we are just struggling parents with an audience that now have four legs rather than two.

That said, as we age and so does our pack. We hear others say "We do not want, nor will have another dog in retirement. We want to travel."

Knowing we have no desire to spend capital outside of Canada, we too want to go south in the depths of the Canadian winter months. Should all things align, we will head south, and our pups will come with. I think the key is something called 'square footage'

Meaning our mobile DOGHOUSE will need to be much bigger than the back of our Mazda CX5 as shown in my photo!

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