Sunday, February 27, 2022


(l-r: Annie, Puddin' & wee Miya Maria)

When my husband was hospitalized in late September last year it was my eldest son, Jukebox, that moved into the house while I stayed in Downtown Toronto. 

As you can imagine, we checked in with each other several times a day and through that first week, he would report each morning that ‘all was A-OK with the Oreo Gang.' A witty and totally relevant nickname that has stayed with my trio ever since.

Let me backup....

When we came to the realization that our beloved Puddin’ was aging, we began communicating with a breeder because we worried if something happened to her, our Annie wouldn’t be able to soldier on alone. She was over six and had never been a lone pup. She had come to us at five weeks to join Dottie and Puddin’ as a third. 

Never considered a third wheel in the pack, infact, she turned into an excellent facilitator between the other two very early on. After Dot passed in July of 2019, Annie and Pud hit their stride – and I knew I never wanted to leave her on her own.

Enter wee Miya Maria. Born in April of 2021 and arriving home in June. Just look at the picture, the three of them are thick as thieves. Though full disclosure has me admit that I may have had a cookie in the air to get them to pose.

Short story long, I love my pups. So much so, that every year since our children left the nest, I have turned the Family Day holiday into Family Furbaby Day. From the time they get up in the morning until they fall asleep at night, everything revolves around them.

As you know, I have aptly labelled myself the ‘Crazy Dog Lady' but what you don’t know, is that my very favourite coffee mug reads: “MY GOAL IN LIFE IS TO BE THE PERSON MY DOGS ALREADY THINK I AM!”

How that for setting the bar high?!

She's right up there with me always keeping my glass AS WELL AS the treat jar half full instead of half empty.

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