Tuesday, April 11, 2023


When the kids were growing up, there was never an abundance of extra cash lying around for me to get to celebrate my birthday. So, when the nest finally emptied, I decided that every year I would take a birthday trip.

The first couple were week long jaunts but then I discovered I could have a higher end experience for less if I crammed everything into a long weekend. 

Below is a neat snapshot and snippet of the my born day adventures since 2015.

2015: A quaint cliff top resort in Samana, Dominican Republic

This Gran Bahia was an amazing experience but not a resort meant for those with mobility issues. 

One of the main reason I selected it was to walk (daily) the "Bridge to Nowhere" seen below...as taken from my poolside deck chair. 

Great food, Salsa dancing at night, and loved experiencing the beautiful Barcardi Island with friends.

Great shot of the 4 km Bridge to Nowhere 
2016: Wanting to learn to surf in Sayulita, Mexica

Sayulita is a village on the Pacific coast backed by the Sierra Madre mountains, known for its beaches and strong surf. 

For this bornday trip, we rented a house with an infinity pool and were joined by friends as well as Jukebox. To this day, my husband says it is still his favourite spot. I snapped this pic in the morning after hiking to Playa de Los Muertos.

In all of my adventures, this is the most time I spent in the ocean. Almost all day everyday. My son was the only one that really got the hand of surfing. I traded my surf board in for a boogie board mid week, 

A great time was had by all!

Heading back from Playa des Los Muertos.
What a view!
2017: French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana

This was the first of the 'long weekend' celebrations. With Architect friends living in New Orleans, one if the French Quarter, they thought I would really enjoy the festival, and I did.

Landing Thursday, flying home Monday, I got to experience a weekend of music in the French Quarter with seven hundred and fifty thousand of my closest friends. Stages set up everywhere with all genres of music imaginable.

My buddy Darin took me out for my birthday with all of his coworkers at his firm, and though he only joined in the festival festivities Saturday afternoon, we got to spend a lot of quality time together. 

If you've never been GO. The pic I am sharing I took at the big band stage. On the plane ride home, I met the trumpet player for the band Chicago, which began my quest to see them perform live.

... But that's another post!

Darin, my hubby and I enjoying a bevie at the Big Band Stage.
One of my favourites for the entire weekend.

2018: The NBA, South Beach, and Burgers - Miami, Florida

This trip was planned with the intent of seeing the last regular season Toronto Raptors game (so grateful we went, because Demar DeRozan was traded to Houston that summer). 

The photo I am sharing is a storm moving in on game night, and I said to my husband, "something is coming though South Beach." He is laughing because I continued with "we both know it's the Toronto Raptors headed in for the Miami Heat tonight!"

In the days we were there, we walked the beach for miles, and I headed into the art deco district on my birthday to celebrate. I chose to have the best burger in South Beach. 

Burger and a Mojito, $125 USD is not for the faint of heart.

Out on our balcony, we were joking that there was a storm coming. 
I said, 'it was the Toronto Raptors landing!'

2019: We did so much that I had to rest from my vacation in New York City, New York.

What a whirlwind birthday vacation. Landed in Newark NJ and took the train in Thursday afteroon.

1. Headed to Brooklyn Thursday night to see the Nets vs the Heat. Dwayne Wades last game before he retired. LeBron was there. What a night.

2. Live with Ryan and Kelly at ABC Studios in the morning, Central Park in the afternoon, Book of Mormon on Broadway Friday night.

3. Statue of Liberty, Wall Street Bull, 911 Memorial all day they I headed solo to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden Saturday night.

4. Slept the next two weeks to recover!

Jukebox taking in the eerie surroundings of the fallen twin towers.

2020: Lockdown had me having coffee for my birthday at home in Muskoka, Ontario

A photo to capture the exact morning birthday moment in a global pandemic

2021: Still unable to travel, I bought myself a dog for my birthday ~ in Muskoka Ontario

Born April 9th (seen here at 4 weeks of age) I named her Miya.
Because she was Miya Birthday Present!

2022: Roadtrip to the Southernmost point of the USA - Key West, Florida

The price of the post pandemic Air Canada flight was so good we decided to land in Miami and drive the Florida Keys. 

What we didn't know is how expensive the birthday weekend would be. For starters, our hotel room at the Almond Tree Inn was just shy of $1,000 CDN.

A great experience all around but something I have no desire to do again.

Me standing on the retaining wall at the Southern most point.
Too impatient to wait a couple of hours in line!

2023: Per my letter D. D is for DECISION. We did Las Vegas Baby!

Thousands and thousands of steps later, we did the Strip, Freemont Street, and drove to Red Rock Canyon, walked the Pat Tilman Bridge, and toured the Hoover Dam. 

NEVER going back. 

We work to hard for our money to gamble it away... and that is primarily all that people did.

By 6pm we had walked well over 24,000 steps.
Highly recommend staying at Paris. We received 5 star service.
Thanks Air Canada!


  1. Those sound like great trips. I agree about Vegas. I have to go back every few years for conferences or else Id never go back

  2. The only time I've ever planned a birthday trip (2020), it got cancelled due to the onset of a global pandemic. So I'm slightly envious of your successful birthday travel record!