Friday, April 7, 2023


There are a lot of people that have opinions about social media. Some embrace it too freely, while others wear a tin foil hat to ward of the evil of it. I guess you could say that I fall somewhere in between.

Anyway, back in July 2007 I connected via Facebook with one of my oldest brothers' best friends. 

Though growing up I was nothing other than the annoying little sister, as adults, I was happy to find someone that effectively wrote for a purpose and shared their thoughts with the masses just as I do.

It didn't stop there, I loved experiencing the travelling he and his wife did together, and each year I looked forward to his annual Christmas countdown of song offerings on his saxophone. 

Once his countdown started, I found myself logging on from my desk at work to see if he'd posted yet. Such great fun.

Then, via Facebook, I saw he and his bride were heading to his old stomping ground (where I still live) for the weekend for our Fire and Ice Festival this past January. Trouble was my hubby and I were headed into the city for the concert in Toronto that Saturday night. 

After a quick exchange, I was excited to discover that they would be in town the night before and wanted to get together for drinks. I hadn't seen him face to face since my fathers funeral in 2005 (and only knew what his wife looked like via Facebook).

Anyway, that Friday, he kept me posted on their timing. They'd eat dinner with friends in the centre of town and we'd plan to meet at a local pub later in the evening. Goob lives just down the street, so I invited him to come meet his uncle J's childhood friend.  

My husband (in red) really didn't know what to think of this group of extroverts!
TAKEN: JANUARY 27th, 2023
Well, suffice it to say, we closed the place. Walked them to their hotel, then walked ourselves home.

In this instance, though social media reunited electronic friends and turned them into new friends. Our evening confirmed that face to face friendships are the best ones to appreciate. 


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