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Editorial cartoon from the Toronto Star that is even more applicable in today's economy.
JANUARY 24th, 2016

After our roadtrip/beach house adventure to the Outer Banks with the pups last fall, I started grabbing US$'s from the Royal Bank ATM whenever I thought of it. 

You know, twenty bucks this week, forty bucks the next. Not because I want to be carrying a lot of cash around when travelling, but on our last trip I noticed the steep premium I was paying to use my credit card out of country. It was an eye opener that pushed the limits to the budget we had set because we used the card for everything.

So, when I selected Las Vegas as my next passport stamp, I knew cash would probably be the way to go, hence the Andrew Jackson currency hording that's been happening.

Then, when packing the weekend before takeoff, I said to my husband 'maybe we should save the cash, and use the card' (as we have an anniversary trip booked in June where American cash will be King). 

To explain my methodology, not using the card is kind of a double edge sword for us. We pay our credit card off every two weeks and use it for absolutely everything, including household bills. In turn, with the mountain of points we earn, we redeem them every quarter and it's like found money we apply to our balance.

Anyway, that thought quickly passed when he returned with our next couple of twenties for our piggy bank stash and I discovered we'd paid $1.40930 Canadian for a single American dollar. 

At $1.40930 for a buck, I only have one last comment. Thank goodness for the secure hotel safe. 

In their wee safe space, those twenty dollar bills will blanket our passports better than us fattening the already fat fee fellas at credit card company hands down!

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