Monday, April 3, 2023


I have written here several times in the past about the simple fact that I love a great bonfire, as have all of our pups. 

From a very young age, we seriously train our dogs to respect the burning fire with a key word they grow up understanding, which is the word 'danger!'

The word is used in such a tone, when combined with their name, they return to my side immediately. 

So, as expected, we are well on our way to training our new addition; little Katie (who was born December 5th, 2022 - arriving to us January 31, 2023).

This little Blondie is as sharp as a tack and as loveable as a teddy bear.
TAKEN: MARCH 3, 2023

With winter breaking into spring, on the last Friday in March, when I finished work at 4pm then wandered outside and built a killer bonfire. 

Goob came over for dinner and to sip a bevie or two. We watched the sun go down outside and embraced the start of the weekend by listening to our favourite tunes, while basking by the glow of a bonfire.

With full bellies, a cold cooler and a warm fire, I ended up sharing with David that I expect to be working remotely 100% of the time once the lakes open. I told him that I figured I will move my home office out to the cottage as soon as we can put the water on. 

With Katie being born last December, she will be almost six months old when she discovers a couple of very important things about cottage life. 

That when enjoying a bonfire in the off season, there may not be any snow but there will be mosquitos. 

She will learn that just like the other pups, she will be provided her own lawn chair so that she doesn't have to sit on the damp ground at night but her belly will still get bitten.

Oh, and though cottage food may taste better than what is served at the house, the calamine lotion I will be putting on her belly to stop the 'skeeter itch' does not!!


  1. Hi Rhondi...working my up the AtoZ List and thought I'd see what you have to say about Letter B. Bonfire you say!!! Gotta say I'm a good bonfire builder, but my firefighter son is even a better one. What a sweetheart your Katie us a Blonde lab...have one, too. No snow here in Texas and hopefully no 'skitters' for awhile unless we get enough rain to end the drought. Caught up reading your letter goodness what a tragedy and loss.
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  2. Such a cute puppy! Good luck with the training :-)

    Ronel visiting for B:
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  3. Your puppy is a month younger than our Gilbert, and very pretty.

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