Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Only 53 More Sleeps & We'll Be There!

Yesterday I approved the final payment on the vacation home my sister and I rented (in South Carolina) for a much needed getaway. I know that she's always been an island hopper in the past, yet because of my commitments at work, I wasn't able to travel any sooner. In chatting last night, she offered to keep an open mind about our trip, which is pretty much all I can ask.

She came to town to celebrate my birthday. 
Because of our age difference & circumstance...
We really do have very few pictures together.
Taken: April 1984
With February virtually a thing of the past, I am pleased to report that (in all areas of my life) I'm in a really amazing place. 

That said, as our vacation draws near, I fear my sister is not in as amazing a place. 


She has made some big changes in her life lately. Though she knows I unconditionally support her, I still worry.

I know she'll be fine. I guess I may worry because I am an hour away and we lead extremely different lives. Similarities and/or differences, we've always been able to find our way to the guts of it all, which is that life is short!

We both have things in life we wish we would have handled differently, and we both have hope for the future. You have no idea how much I love that "we have hope". Truthfully, I have more  hope today than I ever expected. Right now, I'm like a kid in a candy store and I am loving life.By taking her on this trip, it's like I am sharing the Magic Carpet Ride I'm on.

Guess my personal goal is that by the time she arrives back home she loves the magic carpet I fly (regularly outta air traffic control at YYZ) as much as I do.

CHEERS to hope Peeps...Cheers to HOPE!