Monday, February 11, 2013

My Journey Started At YYZ...

In preparing for David to move home, I rearranged the spare bedroom this weekend. When organizing the extra room, it reminded me just how much I truly love to read.

Though most of my books are either at the cottage or tucked away on a need to read basis; my very favourite duplicates have somehow been assigned to the spare bedroom night stand, where I have been known to curl up at a moments notice and enjoy.

I really do consider all of these books my friends. I've purchased each and every one in the spare bedroom in a pinch to 'read something wonderfully familiar'. Sadly because they're duplicates, I only read parts and pieces, every now and again. Some I have never touched since their impulse purchase.

Anyway, in moving them all this weekend, I came across an extra copy of my very favourite book. How crazy is it that I'd forgotten I'd purchased it/her for the fourth time?

This business trip totally changed my life....
Taken February 10th, 2013

When I picked up my close friend I froze. Not because of who she was, but because of the bookmark I had left in her. I was shocked to find an airline ticket from a business trip I'd taken in March 2011 to Minneapolis. 

I had purchased my BFF (at the very last minute at YYZ) in an effort to embrace a trip that I had no desire to take. She offered me the comfort I expected that flight. Finding the ticket reminded me in real time, that the trip I was dreading to take, completely changed my life.

It's true. When I landed at MSP I was only going through the motions. By the time my plane took off back to Canada, I knew the experience had changed me. I arrived home with the personal goal to get fit and find the real me that had been missing since my father passed in my arms in 2005.

I've been second guessing myself a little lately but finding my plane ticket bookmark reinforces just how far I have truly traveled.

Three word sentence?  Meant to be!