Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm Just Tickled P!nk

As Monday March 11th approaches; September 24th, 2012 seems like forever ago. 

I remember I arrived at work that morning and reminded everyone in our start up meeting that I was not to be disturbed until at least 10:10 am. It wasn't because I had a scheduled appointment or a conference call, it was far bigger than that. Concert tickets were going on sale for P!nk's Truth About Love Tour at precisely 10:00 am and I was gearing up. Needless to say, I logged on and hit the MOTHERLOAD!

I'm not in the 2nd row.
I am in seat 38 in the Pit directly able to touch the heart shaped Stage!
Taken the day my ticket arrived via Canada Post: October 4, 2012

Finding it odd that it's a single ticket? I generally go alone. Goob joined me for Prince and Staccs is heading to see Rihanna with me, but I truly enjoy going alone. Believe it or not, when you pay this kind of money for a ticket, everyone around you always has the same passion and enthusiasm. It's absolutely contagious. Plus, a really kick ass single ticket is far easier to land than multiples are. 

Closest I have been to an artist I admire? I could have touched Sheryl Crow on stage - she actually made eye contact. Worst seats I have paid money for? Farthest point possible from the stage at the CNE for The WHO. Best show I've ever seen?  Second row for Don Henley's solo tour.  Biggest ticket purchase surprise? Bryan Adams last year. I liked his show so much I wanted to jump a plane to Winnipeg two weeks later just to take that ride again.

On every single level, music is a passion for me. It's definitely part of who I am as a person. I know it's probably hard to fathom my spending this kind of money for an overnight adventure for myself. (It isn't for the faint of heart that's for sure.) I don't over think it; I love how it makes me feel, and I love that I am disciplined enough to save my money. By budgeting, I can take in three or four experiences a year. What can I say, some women like shoes.

True story; I was having lunch with our installers a week or so ago. I mentioned my travel plans for the next couple of months. They were genuinely excited for me. (They do tease me about my age but they know I like to have fun.)

In mentioning that I was heading into the city to see Rihanna exactly one week after P!nk, Lance jokingly chimed in... "You're going to see Rihanna? HECK, you'll be the oldest person there!" Without missing a beat Brad added; "No she won't... I'm sure someone will bring their grandmother!!

Oh, to be in my twenties again. Who am I kidding. I am loving this stage of my 40's just fine!

Sitting separately Staci's Gate ticket is probably better than my Floor ticket.
Have to wait and see...
Taken: October 2012