Saturday, January 5, 2013

Somethings In Life Will Never Add Up...

Have you ever been in a room full of people and felt really alone? You know, where certain things are happening around you and it’s feels like déjà vu? You think you’ve been in the scene and heard the dialogue before; yet hoped it was only a bad dream? You just really wanted to stop the ride and get the hell off? Well that was me last night and it was awful.

Because let's face it
No matter how many times
you try to do the math...
somethings will never add up
the way you think they should!
I absolutely hate when my day turns on a dime. You know, when a really great day changes instantly to a “ya gotta be f*ching kidding me" evening! 

I am honestly sitting here, fourteen hours later, and I’m still shaking my head and rolling my eyes. 

With my marbles clanging around my cranium; I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what you do, and how hard you try, you can’t please all the people in our life, all of the time. 

I get that it's human nature to want to but trust me you can't. I’ve done the math. Long version. Yup, after over two years of calculation, I know firsthand that it’s completely and utterly impossible. 

With this big storm cloud over my head I guess the one big question this morning is why is it that after all these "life lessons" I boast about learning that I still can’t comprehend why certain situations (and people for that matter) bring out the worst in me? I guess the even bigger question for me personally is... Do I care?

Glass half full? I'm not going to dwell. I am going to dig out my showshoes and head over to the golf course. I'll go alone. I'm not afraid to be alone. Two years ago I could have never fathomed the thought of that. Whatever, guess it just blows that at the end of the day, one word describes my mood best this morning. 

It starts with F and ends in UCK. Trust me peeps it’s not firetruck!