Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rhondi & David's Excellent Adventure

Well, the text came in late morning. The Seven Sisters Islands were supposedly still frozen; if I wanted/had to get over there, air boat was my only option. I called my quirky sidekick (on this mission) Dave, and together we hatched a plan. 

Photo Cred totally goes to Dave Kaye and his extra long reach!
Taken: January 13th, 2013
Neither of us had ever travelled by air boat so I was quite comfortable admitting that I was a bit nervous. 

Nerves may have been the case at the pier but they totally disappeared once I was comfortably tucked in and we pulled into open water.

Two words? VERY COOL!

Because the sound of the engine's so loud we had to wear headsets. I am sure they are meant to double as hearing protection, because you could instantly hear and feel the power of this yellow machine.

Once we were moving I was trying to listen to the guys talk about the mechanics of this neat thingamayjiggy I was moving in; it's unique versatility (giving Chris and his wife the ability to live on an island year round in Muskoka) but I was preoccupied. The breathtaking view surrounding me had my undivided attention.

I love fog, and heading toward the Seven Sisters could have been a scene from a movie. It wasn't only the amazing view that made today memorable. It's the fact that I would never take the experience for granted. Hell, I never take any experience I have for granted... but today was a very personal mission as well as a rewarding one.

With our mission accomplished (and my guided tour complete) it dawned on me that this area of the lake has been David's home his entire life. That said, as the leader for the next generation of his family business, I knew our limo ride had him curious. When walking together across the front lawn, I him heard yell to our chauffeur... "Do you make a lot of these trips?"

Thanks Chris Hoag. You're the BEST!
Taken: January 13th, 2013
To which I instantly interjected “Not really... He only does it for very desperate women that beg him really late on Friday afternoons!” 

Seriously, if I had to pay a dime for every man I ever had to beg? I’d owe at least $1,765.90 from last Friday alone and one other other dime.

Ya curious? All I am going to say is that I know I’ll never see him again. That, and the fact that in this instance my glass is more than half full.

Why? Because the lads loss is obvious. I'm keeping his dime!