Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lights Camera Action!

Puddin' checking out some cottage movie options...
Taken: January 6th,2013
Believe it or not, I am an "extreme" movie buff. I love to watch and collect movies but most of all I love to talk movies with a like minded addict.

That's a strong statement but I think I come by my obsession honestly. All these years later I can still remember my first movie experience. My mother took me to see Disney's The AristoCats. I was five. 

From a very young age my mother had me well versed in the different movie genres, so I guess it's  only fitting that I received my very first kiss in the Norwood Theatre.

To be clear, those were the days when the Norwood was a "classic movie theatre." You know, the fact that you could hear the film rolling in the projector, combined with the obvious, which is it wasn't three individual bowling alleys!

Anyway, when my Dad accepted a job in Muskoka in 1972, we had the Norwood and a grand total of two and a half channels on the television set for movie entertainment

When more television channels eventually followed, TVO (TV Ontario) was by far my mothers favourite. Elwy Yost & Saturday Night at The Movies, immediately became "our thing". I still remember seeing North By Northwest & Roman Holiday for the very first time, and as a result to this day I can never resist watching a black and white film.

I have no problem admitting that no matter how old I get, I will always love to curl up in bed and watch certain movies.  My favourite flicks just seem to comfortably wrap their arms around me and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They always have... and I know they always will.

How do I reward the unconditional love my flicks give me? Gifting! Be it a movie ticket, a video tape, a DVD or a download; Santa, the Easter Bunny, as well as birthday parties have always had my children tarred to the same walking stick I carry. They are movie buffs.

I find it interesting that and just like their mother, and my mother before me, we all get hooked on (and sucked into) a really great story!