Friday, January 11, 2013

I Am Blessed To Have A Doug!

Thank goodness this work week is over! I’m never one to wish my time away but this week was absolutely brutal. I had a big problem. Everywhere I turned I hit a roadblock. Every roadblock I faced I hit a dead end. If another week like this comes around before the next Halley’s Comet, it’ll be far too soon.

For every difficult person I have in my life...
I know I have a Doug!
I don’t think I am alone when I say that I have people in my work life that just grind the friggin’ crap right out of me. 

Not the “Oh my God, that's totally HOT” kinda grind; rather they tend to be the “totally unreasonable and I stopped listening to you at hello” kinda grind. Yup, the '80's Patrick Swayze vibe is definitely not the grind I feel when it comes to these folks!

Glass half full? I am elated how my work week ended and I am pleased to report that I can take something positive away from today. I am an extremely grateful gal.

Rhondi's Coles Note Version:

I have to get to a boathouse on an island this weekend. It's January. In Muskoka. The water is dangerously open and must be respected.

When I started to call in my markers, I made my obvious phone calls. So many people tried to help but I was shocked to find that the people I thought would unconditionally help did not. It was those that had no vested interest in my plight that moved mountains (or ice) for me today. Not because they had something to gain, but because they knew if the table were turned, I would do the very same for them.

Short story long? A perfect stranger came to my rescue today. Someone I have never met before, and they are transporting me with their Airboat this coming Sunday afternoon. The most amazing part of my story is that this stranger is an acquaintance (four layers removed) from the original call I made for help. 

Chris is helping me (not because I wasn't above begging but) because my original loop was created by a specific person within an unbelievable network. Seriously, because of that person, everyone just kept paying it forward to help him, which in turn was helping me. That statement right there honestly illustrates just how well respected my friend is.

With my eyes wide open (and a much better feel for the people I have surrounded myself with) I want to shout out a personal thank you. Thank you Doug. Thank you for being you. Most of all, thank you for being my friend.

I love ya Bud!