Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Very Strategic Tan Lines!

The afternoon that I left on my vacation, I threw my Boss a hug and said “if the plane’s gonna crash, let’s hope it’s on the way home. What? Gotta get every pennies worth!”

We all laughed but believe it or not, uttering those very words stayed in the back of my mind until we climbed into bed safe and sound last night. In hindsight, I can't help but wonder why I would have given the moment a second thought.

I guess at the end of the day every adventure presents risk. The crux of it is that though I truly have a vivid imagination,  I've never ventured very far from my comfort zone. I suppose there are a handful of times I've truly wanted to - but in the end of it all I have discovered that I was meant to be - ME.

Speaking of 'being me', what a week away. As I stepped on the scale this morning I once again discovered that my roller coaster journey with food the last couple of years had resonated diddle-y squat. Yup, I'm weak. When presented with great food, I have no idea what 'portion control' really is. Staring at the digits in the scale I smiled.

The weather was great & the food even better!!
Taken: March 1, 2014
What can I say? I'm happy.

Not because I had a great week away... I'm happy because I personally choose to be exactly that.

Happy. Happy. Happy.

Hell, I wore a two piece bathing suit and I wasn't on my dock!

Truth? Being happy isn't the only thing that really made me smile. The fact that I have a really dark tan line where my boobs meet my belly is not only a hard reality, I think it's downright sexy.

When I stepped out of the shower this morn and looked at myself in the full length mirror I grinned from ear to ear, then started to laugh.

I know I need to lose the fret. I know first hand that life's too short to worry. So think about it... If that stinkin' plane would have crashed, that would be it. You would have never known about that crazy, cheeky, sexy Jamaican sun, that produced my very strategic tan lines... that I am totally bragging about.

PEEPS... Life's too short to let that glass half empty win!