Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jamaica? No Problem!

Well, today marks the official halfway point of my winter vacation. I overdid it in the sun a little yesterday but nothing that a floppy hat and extra strength sunscreen can’t remedy today. That, and a constant slow drip of Jamaican rum!

I did return to the room early yesterday with the intention to post, yet, when I hammered out my thoughts, I ended up posting them to my draft folder;  which is where they will stay, with the almost hundred other posts too personal to share.

Proof that we arrived safe & sound
Taken: February 26th, 2014
On a more entertaining note, the American friends we've traveled with have already started to tease me about my three cameras and my picture taking fetish.

Last trip, Brian waited until the second last day to give me his two gun salute. I am pleased to report that yesterday morning I was given the official nod as both his middle fingers made his thoughts perfectly clear.

Ah…The comfort of a great friendship. It's all in the sarcasm and laughter and there has been plenty of both.

Always one for adventure, I am leaving my buddy Omar at the swim up bar for a day of lounging in salt and sun. I am embarrassed to admit that I paid ten dollars for a dollar store floatie. I am pleased to report that they originally wanted eighteen dollars so I’ll justify my spending as an exercise in great negotiation rather than the sheer stupidity it was.

As I sit here listening to the morning birds and sip a cup of coffee I feel at peace. I was afraid to return to the island but my worry has turned out to be for nothing. I’m staying at a much larger resort this time around but there is one very common thread; the sun, sounds, food and fun. Two years ago, as a couple, we l literally struggled with every single one of those elements.

This year? I say “Welcome to Jamaica mon… “

No problem!