Monday, July 22, 2013

Vacation Talks Have Officially Started

In mid February 2012 Tony and I ventured to an amazing resort in Negril Jamaica.  It was a well planned trip (that we both really looked forward to) but truth of the matter is it came at kind of an inopportune time.

Heading to meet Heidi & Brian for dinner.
Riu Tropical ~ Negril Jamaica
Taken: February 2012
Another day older and half a dollar wiser we have talked the last couple of weeks about how we would like to see next winter unfold.  I guess the ten million dollar question is, will our vacation time be pet free or pet friendly?

The hard reality is that I have to either book the beach house in South Carolina for Christmas or let it go. The more frustrating part is that if I don’t book personal vacation time now, I will once again end up working straight through. 

My intent tonight isn’t to whine about crappy vacations yet pull from the last three or four experiences and ask myself what I would I do differently? A few things come to mind.

I would suggest we not take a return night flight into YYZ ever again (it was exhausting). I would definitely confirm my daughter has her passport with her before trying to cross the border into the USA. But first and foremost, I would not take my Blackberry; it distracts me, literally alters my mindset, and Tony deserves better.

I am seriously embarrassed to admit my roaming charges in Jamaica were over $300. Last Xmas? Almost $200. And in April about $120 bucks (but that's only because I'd discovered remote WI-FI spots). NOT taking my Blackberry to the islands just upgraded our room or paid for Staci to dog sit for our week away.

WHAT?! Don't tell me you're going to bitch about the number of shoes I usually take? Whatever happened to three outta four ain’t bad? Hey there bucko ~ everyone knows that a girl's gotta accessorize her tan and her toes with really great shoes! It's right up there with thou shall always wear sunscreen... AND... I will not bring my Blackberry on vaycay!