Saturday, July 6, 2013

3 Bills & A Bilge Pump To Boot!

Bessie Bowrider arriving at her new home...
Taken: June 21,2013
I am kinda proud that I’ve never been a "stuff" person. I have never been in the habit of buying “stuff” I don’t need. However, in this instance, I am totally guilty of doing just that. What can I say? When it comes to my pups I spare no expense!

I should start by sharing that we have a boat. A waterski boat with 135hp Merc on the back. It’s far too much boat and motor for our lake and the Muskoka river infrastructure that accompanies it; but it too was a great deal, and purchased for my two legged children, not my furry four legged ones. 

Dottie & Bessie getting acquainted.
Taken: July 29th, 2013
This past winter, one of my blog mentors posted on Facebook that they had a small bowrider boat for sale: boat, motor, trailer and all fixings for three hundred bucks! She posted pics of her and her family enjoying old Bessie and I immediately bought her sight unseen.

Last weekend Tony and I took Bessie Bowrider to the Spa. Scrubbed her down and gave her a head to toe makeover. Pressure washed the covers, and placed her in the water for all to see.

She looks great for a mature woman and she runs like a well-oiled machine. Bottom line is we’re really lucky to have her.

I love our cottage. We have several kilometres of boating we enjoy. We have the ability to boat really fast around the lake, as well as putt along the river peacefully enjoying it's natural beauty. We have it all ten minutes from our home without a gigantic tax bill. Over the years people have had distinct opinions when they hear where our cottage is located, but their opinions are exactly that - theirs!

Bessie putting Puddin' to sleep!
Taken: July 1,2013
Honestly? Nine times out of ten I look at their legal site address and I bite my tongue. Not out of envy, but because I am dying to ask the multi million dollar question.

Is it paid for?

Just like Bessie Bowrider... The Peacock's Nest has three golden words in common with her.